May 082022

With thanks to Reclaim the Net: The Public Health Agency of Canada (PHAC) tracked people’s movements during the pandemic without their knowledge, including trips to pharmacies and liquor stores. BlueDot, an intelligence analysis company, prepared movement reports for PHAC using anonymized data acquired from mobile devices. The reports helped the public health agency […]

Jan 202022

INFORMATION NEEDED – CAN YOU HELP?  (are you on Instagram?) The little “comments” button to the right takes you to Comments at bottom. You will see where Luc from the Province of Quebec is asking for help to find a copy of the court decision in the Corduroy Restaurant case.   I had committed to posting […]

Jan 112022

  Reiner Fuellmich Gives An Update On What’s Happening With The Nuremberg 2.0 Trial Watch NOTE:  Nearing the end, the Interviewer presses Fuellmich – – HOW will the perpetrators of the covid plandemic be brought to justice? Fuellmich describes the forces assembled to bring about justice.   An  “International Court” is convening in a couple of […]

Jan 052022
2022-01-23  Defeat the Mandates. World-wide protests.  Beginning weekend of January 22-23, 2022

. . I first heard about “Defeat the Mandates” in the interview of Dr. Malone, the doctor who helped create mRNA starting 30 years ago  (Vaccinology).  The interview was by Joe Rogan.  The link to it is on the above website, scroll down to “the Media” sectionn   On Facebook: United we stand, […]

Dec 192021

Please forward this to anyone with an interest in the Court Cases underway in Canada & the U.S. regarding the legality of covid mandates.   Thank-you.  /Sandra Date:  December 19, 2021.   With thanks to Ray for content. Sent to:  Brian Peckford   (minor edits)   From the U.S., two things: Yesterday (Dec 18) following on:  Biden’s mandates, […]

Dec 172021
2021-12-17 Growing Number of Companies and Organizations Are Walking Back Vaccination Requirements.  Plus Boeing Has Suspended Its Vaccine Mandate.

by Jack Phillips, Epoch Times More and more businesses in recent days have walked back previous rules mandating COVID-19 vaccine sas a condition for employment in a bid to keep workers. Earlier this week, Amtrak—a quasi-public corporation—became the latest to rescind its vaccine requirement amid concerns about staff shortages and cut service in January. In […]

Dec 122021

Listen up! Jim Bronskill,  Canadian Press If only Canadians would read the article, and take it seriously!  /Sandra   The federal privacy watchdog is warning Canadians about the growing threat of surveillance capitalism — the use of personal information by large corporations. In his annual report tabled Thursday in Parliament, privacy commissioner Daniel Therrien said state […]

Nov 152021
2021-11-15  US coverup of Syria massacre shows the danger of the Assange precedent.

My Gosh.  The New York Times actually did the investigative journalism that brings this Syrian story to light.   Good on them. Many thanks to  Caitlin Johnstone, journalist, for placing it in context.  US coverup of Syria massacre shows the danger of the Assange precedent 15.11.21 – Melbourne, Australia – Caitlin Johnstone Julian Assange remains locked […]