Jan 072022
2022-01-07  What I Got Wrong About Julian Assange, Consortium News

Those who revealed un-redacted cables have never been prosecuted nor requested to remove them from the internet, writes Dean Yates. By Dean Yates in Tasmania, Australia I wrote a piece for Australian online publisher Crikey just before Julian Assange’s extradition hearings resumed in September 2020 in which I regurgitated a slur that has done enormous […]

Dec 162021

  https://www.realclearpolitics.com/video/2021/12/14/julian_assanges_brother_the_biden_administration_has_criminalized_knowing_classified_information.html   Julian Assange’s brother Gabriel Shipton joined ‘Tucker Carlson Tonight‘ on Monday as the WikiLeaks founder appears set to be extradited to the U.S. from the U.K.. The public has “been able to ignore this case for a while,” he said. “They’re making an example out of Julian.” “The people who run our […]

Dec 122021
2021-11-02   Justice For Julian Assange Is Justice For All: John Pilger

While Julian Assange endures an endless prison sentence for revealing atrocities perpetrated on innocents during the West’s endless wars, John Pilger turns his gaze to some of the officials, journalists and media outlets who have aided and abetted one of modern history’s greatest and most public episodes of torture. When I first saw Julian Assange […]

Nov 152021
2021-11-15  US coverup of Syria massacre shows the danger of the Assange precedent.

My Gosh.  The New York Times actually did the investigative journalism that brings this Syrian story to light.   Good on them. Many thanks to  Caitlin Johnstone, journalist, for placing it in context.  US coverup of Syria massacre shows the danger of the Assange precedent 15.11.21 – Melbourne, Australia – Caitlin Johnstone Julian Assange remains locked […]

Oct 312021

This video makes clear a most important element of the CONTEXT within which FORCED INOCULATION is occuring.   The presentations are outstanding.  Edward Snowden, just one, never disappoints. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E_xxGWAxlGc  Just after the bombshell revelations about the CIA plot to kidnap and assassinate WikiLeaks publisher Julian Assange while he sought political asylum in the Ecuadorian Embassy in […]

Oct 122021

Jan writes: Please watch! RFK is addressing those he spoke to in Berlin in August  last year. Not too long. He’s calling for civil disobedience. Lawyers don’t often do that….. & we know RFK is a very fact-based, science-driven kind of a guy who does not go off on weird tangents or anything like that. […]

Sep 292021

A plot by the CIA to eliminate Julian Assange.   The dirty deed is almost accomplished (not a “plot” in that sense).  Death by different means – – death over 11 years.  No charges against Assange, still no charges.   It ain’t no democracy that gets away with that.  Could we please start calling ourselves what we […]

Sep 192021

Subject: Thousands at Toronto Rally yesterday. Report from friend on yesterday’s rally in Toronto FABULOUS rally & speeches & march in Toronto yesterday. Best ever!!! Rocco Galati spoke. Byram Bridle. Police officers. Nurses. An MD (or 2). Great crowd – tons of information being shared, eg. by Take Action Canada & Vaccine Choice Canada. Great […]

Apr 202021

by Stefania Maurizi In an in-depth interview with Il Fatto Quotidiano, Nils Melzer discusses his investigation on the WikiLeaks founder, which has made him speak out as a whistleblower and raise an alarm on this case and its implications: “We have already created a parallel world of secret services that controls everything”. Melzer is right […]

Jun 142020

‘Shameful’ Collateral Murder footage shows Apache helicopter mowing down 11 civilians – including two Reuters journalists – in Baghdad by Paul Daley,  @ppdaley   (Photo)   A still from Collateral Murder, the WikiLeaks video showing an Apache helicopter gunning down a group of Iraqi civilians. US prosecutors have failed to mention the shocking footage in their […]