May 202022
2022-05-19  Louisiana Governor Reverses ‘Insane Mandate’ Requiring COVID Vaccines for Students, CHD

Louisiana’s Democratic Governor, John Bel Edwards, Wednesday reversed the state’s vaccine mandate requiring students to be fully vaccinated beginning the 2022-23 school year. By  The Defender Staff Miss a day, miss a lot. Subscribe to The Defender’s Top News of the Day. It’s free. Children and students attending daycare, K-12 programs and college in Louisiana, […]

May 052022

I have an interview of Bashaw which is worth listening to.   If I find it,  I’ll post it here. A win on one side of the 49th parallel  is a win for people on the other side.  And the strategies to be learned from court decisions  are valuable regardless of where you live. New (forgotten?!) […]

May 042022

God!  I like good news! You might not be familiar with PERK?  I watched an interview of the woman at the helm, Amy Bohn.   She is excellent.  I see the interview on their home page   – – – – – – – – California Scores Two Big Wins Against Public School Vaccine Mandates   Children’s […]

Apr 052022

RECOMMEND:   the interview of Amy Bohn is most important. If you have time for more,  listen to other parts of   Episode 261:   ——- Original Message ——- On Monday, April 4th, 2022 at 9:07 PM, The HighWire <> wrote:     THE HIGHWIRE INSIDERS REPORT    FULL LENGTH EPISODE EPISODE 261: CALIFORNIA SCREAMIN’ California’s 10 […]

Feb 252022

The previous “For your selection” emailed was   For your selection, February 09.  Stoked Groupings:  THE RULE OF LAW 2022-02-25     Why we’re still suing the Trudeau government over its use of the Emergencies Act, . . .  National Post  Trudeau invoked the Act and revoked it days later 2022-02-17 Canadian Constitution Foundation announces legal challenge […]

Feb 252022
2021-12-`17    Minister Freeland fueling an inflation fire in a house that is burning down

by Chris George December 17, 2021  |   5 min read The Trudeau government’s lack of fiscal discipline, spurred on in no small part by Minister of Finance Chrystia Freeland (pictured), contributed to the OECD’s recent projection that Canada will be the worst performing economy of its 38 members through the next three decades. Photo […]

Feb 252022
2013-09-23  Newfoundland’s (then-Premier Brian Peckford's) Contribution to the Patriation of the Constitution, Stephen Azzi, from the Canadian Encyclopedia

from The Canadian Encyclopedia re  Canada:  Constitution Act, 1982 Editorial: Newfoundland’s Contribution to the Patriation of the Constitution NOTE:  2022 Freedom Convoy, Constitutional Law.  Brian Peckford is the Article by Stephen Azzi Updated by Andrew McIntosh Published Online September 23, 2013 Last Edited May 4, 2020 In the decades since 1982, politicians and the media […]

Feb 252022

The declaration of a public order emergency will be seen as a grave mistake that should never be repeated Author of the article: Christine Van Geyn, Sujit Choudhry and Janani Shanmuganathan,  Special to National Post Publishing date: Feb 25, 2022  •  6 hours ago  •  4 minute read  • 952 Comments Prime Minister Justin Trudeau attends […]

Feb 222022
2022-02-22  Freedom Convoy,  Protesters Sue For Government Files,  Blacklock's Reporter

Protesters Sue For Gov’t Files A band of Freedom Convoy protesters is in Federal Court demanding cabinet disclose documents justifying Emergencies Act police powers. The crackdown including the freezing of trucking companies’ bank accounts was politically motivated, lawyers wrote the Court: “There is no national emergency.”