Oct 292018
2018-01-10    ALuminum as an adjuvant in vaccines.

https://worldmercuryproject.org/news/a-lone-fda-scientist-could-end-the-autism-epidemic/ A Lone FDA Scientist Could End the Autism Epidemic By J.B. Handley, Co-Founder, Generation Rescue and Board Member, Children’s Health Defense   In a brand new published study, the only science vouching for the “safety” of injected aluminum adjuvant has come under extreme criticism by heavyweight scientists. Dr. Robert J. Mitkus — author of the misleading […]

Oct 282018

ARISING FROM: 2018-10-23    Vaccinations, Autism: Action Alert. Request USA Dept of Justice to investigate the allegations of fraud & obstruction of justice.   —–Original Message—– From:  Alicia Sent: October 23, 2018   7:56 PM Subject: Re: Vaccinations & Autism, a break-through moment? There have been numerous studies on immunization and autism. You seem to see a […]

Oct 282018
2017-11-28   High Aluminum Found in Autism Brain Tissue,  Children's Health Defense   (Vaccinations)

November 28, 2017 High Aluminum Found in Autism Brain Tissue New Study Indicates that Widespread Exposure to Aluminum Is Setting the Stage for Catastrophic Neurological Damage Robert F. Kennedy Note: Dr. Christopher Exley’s study is on aluminum in the brains of 10 donors who had autism. They contained some of the highest levels of aluminum ever […]

Oct 282018
2018-09-23   How to End the Autism Epidemic, by J.B. Handley

With thanks to the blog  https://www.jeffereyjaxen.com/ A Book Every Parent In America Is Reading Note  (Sandra speaking); I believe the book “How to End the Autism Epidemic”   was sent to:  the Inspector General for the  American Dept of Justice  the Senate Committee on the Dept of Justice  the House Committee on the Dept of Justice […]

Oct 252018
2016-10-19   the CDC Whistleblower, Dr. William Thompson (Vaccinations and Autism),  Related to:  Request for Investigation into U.S. Dept of Justice lawyers

World Mercury Project Oct. 19, 2016 CDC Blocks Testimony by Vaccine Whistleblower in Medical Malpractice Case Thomas Frieden, the director of the Center for Disease Control (CDC), has blocked CDC whistleblower, Dr. William Thompson, from testifying on scientific fraud and destruction of evidence by senior CDC officials in critical vaccine safety studies regarding the causative […]

Oct 232018

In response to    2018-10-23   Vaccinations, Autism: Action Alert. I phoned and then sent the following: From: Sandra Finley Sent: October 23, 2018 12:46 PM To: opr.complaints   AT   usdoj.gov Subject: Investigation of fraud, obstruction of justice, DOJ & HHS   TO:   Corey Amundson, Director Office of Professional Responsibility (OPR) Dept of Justice,  USA opr.complaints@usdoj.gov;  202-514-3365   […]

Oct 232018

  This is a break-through moment,  in my estimation.  If there’s enough pressure and public awareness to force an investigation, to keep an investigation “clean” and transparent,  we should be able to arrest and reverse the continuous upward trend-line in children with autism. NOTE:  some of the links show as invalid.   I checked them – […]

Oct 022018

Website,  http://childrenshealthdefense.org/ Video – – it’s  at the top, opposite the title “Children’s Health Defense”,  RFK Jr,  begins with “I can remember the days . . .” That’s the video to be shared! – – – – – – – From: Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. Sent: September 12, 2018 2:01 AM Dear World Mercury Project […]

Sep 022018

Kids starting back to school.   Time for vaccinations. I do not envy parents of youngsters, having to make a decision:  to vaccinate for HPV, or not vaccinate. I looked for current news re Gardasil (HPV). April 24, 2018  re Court Case:    https://worldmercuryproject.org/news/merck-accused-of-fraud-deceit-and-negligence-in-us-gardasil-case/  EXCERPT: . . .    court case alleging blatant corruption. There has been […]

Mar 292018

Also regarding Hotez: 2018-03-03   How the anti-vaccine lobby is influencing the Texas state primaries, CBC Day 6. Worst “journalism” I’ve heard on CBC. 2017-05-11   Refusal to Vaccinate Should Be a Hanging Offense? from the Vaccine Reaction Published March 26, 2018 | Best in Video Click on: http://www.thevaccinereaction.org/2018/03/baylors-doc-hotez-bullies-parents-of-vaccine-injured-children-barbara-loe-fisher/ Many years ago when I was having a […]