Oct 122022

The video of the hearing (Oct 11, 2022) is lengthy.    Dr.  Nass nails the Board and the Prosecutor (the Assistant-Attorney-General for Maine).  The hearing continued on Oct 12th;  I haven’t been able to find the continuation online. With thanks to:  Children’s Health Defense (CHD)  – – and of course to Dr. Meryl Nass.   She […]

Oct 072022

1 hour 50 minutes.   Stella Moris (wife of Julian Assange) is pretty amazing.    Jordan Peterson does a good job of the interview – – and he mentions parallels to the taking away of rights in Canada under the Covid guise. https://utm.io/ueSXh   = = = = = = = = = = = = […]

Oct 042022

2022 – Sept 28 video I ignored Jordan Peterson after assessing a number of his videos a few years ago.  He made some good points, but there were (are?) elements of an unhealthy anger he used (uses?) that I associate with sophisticated levels of manipulative behavior.   Later, I came across this 2018 video by a […]

Oct 022022

This is for a younger person who was commenting on the current surveillance in Canada and the U.S. Edward Snowden.   Snowden’s  incredible feat goes back 10 years.   “The kids” who are 20 years old today may know nothing about it.   The second link below has some info. 2009-07-01  NSA to Build $1.6 Billion Storage Facility […]

Oct 012022

John Ralston Saul is president emeritus of PEN International and PEN Canada. His 14 books include The Collapse of Globalism and The Unconscious Civilization. This piece was adapted from opening remarks made at a Sept. 27 reading of Salman Rushdie’s work, organized by the Toronto International Festival of Authors, Penguin Random House Canada, the Writers […]

Sep 242022

By Felicity Bradstock for Oilprice.com   For years, the energy sector, and almost every other sector, has taken water for granted, viewing it as an abundant resource. But as we move into a new era of renewable energy, the vast amounts of water required to power green energy operations may not be so easy to […]

Sep 092022

Dr. Obomsawin does an interesting walk that includes some ancient history. From ‘The Conservative Woman” Until recently, I remained firm in the belief that despite some failures, vaccines are a wonder of modern medicine. Had they not eliminated smallpox and polio?  The Covid crisis encouraged me to look at data offering a more challenging perspective, […]

Sep 022022

I was holding my breath on this one!   A critical vote.  There will be wild partying among the people, the winners! (Except – – THERE WASN’T  A VOTE!  The legislation was withdrawn to avoid the PUBLICITY of defeat, BEFORE a vote could take place .   All thanks to the mobilizations!) BACKGROUND     2022-04-04 California Screamin’ […]