Sandra Finley

Oct 142021

A word document, copy of the article below,  you might be able to use for copying:

2021-09 A plan devised by the Canadian Military uses covid to hone propaganda skills

Military leaders saw pandemic as unique opportunity to test propaganda techniques
on Canadians, Forces report says. Ottawa Citizen

A plan devised by the Canadian Joint Operations Command relied on

propaganda techniques similar to those employed during the Afghanistan war.


David Pugliese  •  Ottawa Citizen

Sep 27, 2021

Canadian military leaders saw the pandemic as a unique opportunity to test out propaganda techniques on an unsuspecting public, a newly released Canadian Forces report concludes.


The federal government never asked for the so-called information operations campaign, nor did cabinet authorize the initiative developed during the COVID-19 pandemic by the Canadian Joint Operations Command, then headed by Lt.-Gen. Mike Rouleau.


But military commanders believed they didn’t need to get approval from higher authorities to develop and proceed with their plan, retired Maj.-Gen. Daniel Gosselin, who was brought in to investigate the scheme, concluded in his report.


The propaganda plan was developed and put in place in April 2020 even though the Canadian Forces had already acknowledged that “information operations and targeting policies and doctrines are aimed at adversaries and have a limited application in a domestic concept.”


A copy of the Dec. 2, 2020, Gosselin investigation, as well as other related documents, was obtained by this newspaper using the Access to Information law.


The plan devised by the Canadian Joint Operations Command, also known as CJOC, relied on propaganda techniques similar to those employed during the Afghanistan war. The campaign called for “shaping” and “exploiting” information. CJOC claimed the information operations scheme was needed to head off civil disobedience by Canadians during the coronavirus pandemic and to bolster government messages about the pandemic.


A separate initiative, not linked to the CJOC plan, but overseen by Canadian Forces intelligence officers, culled information from public social media accounts in Ontario. Data was also compiled on peaceful Black Lives Matter gatherings and BLM leaders. Senior military officers claimed that information was needed to ensure the success of Operation Laser, the Canadian Forces mission to help out in long-term care homes hit by COVID-19 and to aid in the distribution of vaccines in some northern communities.


BLM organizers have questioned why military officials gathered information on their initiative, pointing out they followed pandemic rules and did not hold any gatherings outside LTC homes.


Then chief of the defence Staff Gen. Jon Vance shut down the CJOC propaganda initiative after a number of his advisers questioned the legality and ethics behind the plan. Vance then brought in Gosselin to examine how CJOC was able to develop and launch the propaganda operation without approval.


Gosselin’s investigation discovered the plan wasn’t simply the idea of “passionate” military propaganda specialists, but support for the use of such information operations was “clearly a mindset that permeated the thinking at many levels of CJOC.” Those in the command saw the pandemic as a “unique opportunity” to test out such techniques on Canadians.


The views put forth by Rear Adm. Brian Santarpia, then CJOC’s chief of staff, summed up the command’s attitude, Gosselin noted in his report. “This is really a learning opportunity for all of us and a chance to start getting information operations into our (CAF-DND) routine,” the rear admiral stated.


The command saw the military’s pandemic response “as an opportunity to monitor and collect public information in order to enhance awareness for better command decision making,” Gosselin determined.


Gosselin also pointed out CJOC staff had a “palpable dismissive attitude” toward the advice and concerns raised by other military leaders.


The directive for the propaganda plan was issued by CJOC on April 8, 2020, but it took until May 2 of that year before Vance’s order to shut it down took effect.


Gosselin recommended a comprehensive review of Canadian Forces information operations policies and directives, particularly those that may impact any activities for domestic missions.


There is an ongoing debate inside national defence headquarters in Ottawa about the use of information operations techniques. Some public affairs officers, intelligence specialists and senior planners want to expand the scope of such methods in Canada to allow them to better control and shape government information that the public receives. Others inside headquarters worry that such operations could lead to abuses, including having military staff intentionally mislead the Canadian public or taking measures to target opposition MPs or those who criticize government or military policy.


Military propaganda training and initiatives within Canada over the last year have proved to be controversial.


The Canadian Forces had to launch an investigation after a September 2020 incident when military information operations staff forged a letter from the Nova Scotia government warning about wolves on the loose in a particular region of the province. The letter was inadvertently distributed to residents, prompting panicked calls to Nova Scotia officials who were unaware the military was behind the deception. The investigation determined the reservists conducting the operation lacked formal training and policies governing the use of propaganda techniques were not well understood by the soldiers.


Yet another review centred on the Canadian Forces public affairs branch and its activities. Last year, the branch launched a controversial plan that would have allowed military public affairs officers to use propaganda to change attitudes and behaviours of Canadians as well as to collect and analyze information from public social media accounts.


The plan would have seen staff move from traditional government methods of communicating with the public to a more aggressive strategy of using information warfare and influence tactics on Canadians. Included among those tactics was the use of friendly defence analysts and retired generals to push military PR messages and to criticize on social media those who raised questions about military spending and accountability.


The Canadian Forces also spent more than $1 million to train public affairs officers on behaviour modification techniques of the same sort used by the parent firm of Cambridge Analytica, the company implicated in a 2016 data-mining scandal to help Donald Trump’s U.S. presidential election campaign.


The initiative to change military public affairs strategy was abruptly shut down in November after this newspaper revealed details about the plan. A military investigation determined what the Canadian Forces public affairs leadership was doing was “incompatible with Government of Canada Communications Policy (and the) mission and principles of Public Affairs.” None of the public affairs leadership was disciplined for their actions.


Several months ago, Acting Chief of the Defence Staff Gen. Wayne Eyre and DND deputy minister Jody Thomas acknowledged in an internal document that the various propaganda initiatives had gotten out of control. “Errors conducted during domestic operations and training, and sometimes insular mindsets at various echelons, have eroded public confidence in the institution,” noted a June 9, 2021, message signed by Eyre and Thomas. “This included the conduct of IO (Information Operations) on a domestic operation without explicit CDS/DM direction or authority to do so, as well as the unsanctioned production of reports that appeared to be aimed at monitoring the activities of Canadians.”



Oct 132021

In October of last year, Health Canada announced that it would be raising the fees it charges to drug manufacturers for new medicines introduced into the market. Historically, Health Canada has used these fees to fund 50% of its operating costs in regulating prescription medication, but plans to raise this to 90% with the coming fee increase. It also plans to provide a 24% rebate if it fails to review new drug applications within the accepted time frame.

Before user fees were introduced in 1994, Health Canada was entirely funded by tax dollars. Now, with the majority of its funding arising directly from the pharmaceutical industry, questions have been raised about whether or not the goal of drug companies to sell their products in vast quantities poses a conflict of interest with Health Canada’s responsibility to provide safe and effective drugs to Canadians.

While many argue that a faster process to review drugs allows the public earlier access to new medicines, there is no evidence that this pressurized approach benefits public health. In fact, most drugs newly approved in Canada are no safer or more effective than those already on the market; between 2010-2016, only 10.6% of newly patented drugs were identified as a substantial improvement or breakthrough when compared to what was already available to consumers.

In addition, faster review times for new drugs can impact the safety of the product. Typically, drugs reviewed within 300 days have a 20% chance of requiring new safety warnings, while this percentage rises to 33% when the review period is shortened to 180 days.

Additionally, instituting rigid review timelines for the sake of speed can impact public safety. In the USA, products approved within the FDA’s sixty day deadline are five times more likely to be withdrawn from the market due to safety concerns, and four times more likely to include serious safety warnings.

As pressure grows to meet regulation board deadlines, reviewers can miss or overlook safety concerns, which poses a great concern to critics of Health Canada’s decision to fund the majority of its regulation operating cost through the private pharmaceutical sector.


Oct 122021

Jan writes:

Please watch!

RFK is addressing those he spoke to in Berlin in August  last year.

Not too long.

He’s calling for civil disobedience.

Lawyers don’t often do that…..

& we know RFK is a very fact-based, science-driven kind of a guy who does not go off on weird tangents or anything like that.

Always a very measured approach with him….,-Jr.—-One-Year-After-the-Historic-Rally-in-Berlin—It%E2%80%99s-Time-for-(Peaceful)-Civil-Disobedience!:6

Oct 112021

DRAFT    Feel free to use as a template.

Resolution: NO to mandatory staff vaccinations within (name) School Division

If you can get to your School Division BEFORE a Resolution is passed to force inoculation of staff, the Board will be more likely able to hear and process the information rationally.   After a Policy is announced, it’s difficult to reverse.  There’s too much ego involved.

A valuable supporting document:  Lawyer Jeffrey Rath, letter to College of Physicians and Surgeons demanding resignations over mandated vaccines

= = = = = =  = = = = = = = =


Draft Resolution: NO to mandatory staff vaccinations

 within (name of the) School Division

(- – – -) will be used as a short form for (name) School Division (number) of Saskatchewan Canada in the remainder of this resolution


Whereas, (- – – -) staff have entered into an employment agreement with (- – – -) School Division without mention of any obligation to share medical information of this nature.

Whereas, recruitment is already in danger of sacrificing program delivery in our schools

Whereas, we see the potential liability from the following acts, laws, constitution and charter as a wide open liability to both our division and individual school board members, if we should enact of our own free will, a mandatory staff vaccination policy

RSO 1990 c. F31 – Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act

RSO 1990 c. 0.1 – Occupational Health & Safety Act

SO 1996 c.2 – The Health Care Consent Act

SO 2004 c.3 – Personal Health Information Protection Act

C 44 – Canadian Bill of Rights 1960

The Canadian Constitution 1867

The Canadian Charter of Rights & Freedoms – The Constitution Act 1982

RSO 1990 ch 19 – Human Rights Code

The Canadian Immunization Act 1997

Bill S-201 – Genetic Non-Discrimination Act – 2017

The Canadian Criminal Code – S. 265 (1) Assault, S. 264 (1) Uttering Threats, S. 269 (1) Unlawfully Causing Bodily Harm, S 269 1 (1) Torture (definition: any act or omission by which severe pain or suffering, whether physical or mental, is intentionally inflicted upon a person), S. 346 (1) Extortion, S. 423 (1) Intimidation S. 318 (1) Inciting Hate Propaganda (genocide)

The Nuremberg Code 1947 – informed voluntary consent, ingredients list, animal testing, risks involved, length of experiment, expected outcomes

Sc 2005, c 20 – The Quarantine Act (S. 14(1), (2), S 32

Whereas, a government mandate is not compulsory nor a law that has passed through house and senate, and shifts all burden of above liability onto the school division and individual school board members

Whereas, there is no legal precedent or direction established yet of who is liable, criminally negligent, etc in which future criminal and civil suits will favour

Whereas, we are a school division that is both supportive of our competent teachers who excel in both academic excellence and providing a safe learning environment for our children.

Whereas, we are proud and supportive of all of our (- – – -)   staff and teachers

Whereas, we value community and reason above division and segregation

Whereas, we have already proved during this pandemic, that we can respect individual rights of medical privacy as well as keep a safe effective learning environment for our children.


Be it resolved, that the (- – – -)    board members DO NOT act in a way that may expose our schools, our board, and organization to liability and criminal negligence.

Be it resolved, that the (- – – -)   board members VOTE NO to mandatory vaccination of all and any (- – – -)   staff, teachers, and support staff with the experimental gene therapy drug known as “covid 19 vaccine”.


This resolution is brought forward this (date) day of October 2021 by the following (- – – -)   parents with a call for prudence, due diligence and forethought on behalf of all (- – – -)   parents.

Oct 092021

This is a two-part posting:

  1.    Template, EMPLOYEE to his employer  (happens to be a Credit Union)

Part 1 of 2:   (appears Below)

2.  Template, customer/client (me) to the Business (a different Credit Union in this case)

Part 2 of 2: go to  Customer letter to a Business:  forced inoculation of employees is too fascist/nazi-ist for me.

A valuable supporting document:  Lawyer Jeffrey Rath, letter to College of Physicians and Surgeons demanding resignations over mandated vaccines


The employee created an opportunity.  We went into immediate action.  And now invite you to join the party!

A younger fellow with a family – – both he and his wife are worried that they are about to lose their jobs because of forced inoculation in the workplace.


PREFACE,   the employee writes:

I sent this to the GM/CEO yesterday (October 4, 2021).  I heard that another credit union in this area is mandating so I expect mine to follow.

I hope to find a bank/credit union that doesn’t mandate because I will be taking my funds and business there.





Word it however you like.

I am told that you intend to implement a policy that employees must have a specific medical treatment (a covid 19 inoculation) in order to maintain their employment.

I urge you not to implement such a policy.

This medical treatment is in direct contradiction to my religious beliefs and my creed. Both are explicitly protected by Canada’s Charter of Rights and Freedoms and other principles and laws that are fundamental to the functioning of a free society.

In addition, an unwanted injection is the equivalent of a physical assault, an assault on my body, which is a criminal act.

Mandatory inoculations are an affront! There are other creatures in this world that are unwillingly injected with man-made substances. These creatures are mostly livestock and experimental testing animals. Which category are you trying to put me in? Man was made in God’s image, not a cow’s image, not a pig’s image, not a mouse’s image and not a rhesus monkey’s image.

The mandatory inoculation of a man/woman reduces them to the level of an animal (or a slave if you prefer, or even a prisoner at Auschwitz if we’re looking at recent history. Nuremberg included doctors trials and convictions out of which came medical codes of ethics. People have sovereignty over their own bodies.)

Covid-19 turned out not to be especially fatal to Canadians. The initial predictions were of a fatality rate of around 3.5%. Maybe it would have been worse here if we were malnourished, polluted or otherwise unhealthy but that is not the reality.

An internet search reports that 27,921 Canadians have died with covid so far but that is of a population of around 38,000,000. That is only 0.073% of the population or about 1/50th of the 3.5% prediction.

Upon learning of the covid threat my household took steps to look after our health and when we contracted covid in mid-December of 2020 we were not especially affected other than feeling poorly for a couple days. We isolated over Christmas (of our own free will and responsibility) and lost our sense of smell until well into 2021.

Because I have had covid, I am now blessed with a natural resistance to covid that is superior to what an inoculation can provide.

The covid inoculations are not risk free. Bodily harm, including death, can and does result from these inoculations. This is under-reported in Canadian media, although for example, the myocarditis and thrombosis (heart) associated with the inoculations was on some TV News in the last few days.

To be coerced or forced into a medical procedure against my desires is not different to me than a physical or sexual assault and may actually be more damaging since the perpetrator is supposed to be someone who can be trusted.

I do not believe that God wants me to deal with unrepentant evil murdering criminals and nor do I want to. Most of the manufacturers of the covid inoculations are convicted felons who have paid unfathomable (to me) fines for the pain and suffering they have knowingly caused with their products.

They have no liability for any harm and suffering their covid inoculations cause. In no way, shape or form do I wish to support, financially or otherwise, such people! I have no reason to believe the ones who have not been convicted yet are any different and I reserve my trust until it is legitimately earned. Traditionally, most inoculations take 10-15 years to develop and test, so this trust cannot be earned before the year 2031.

I have responsibilities to my spouse, my children, my family and my employer. These responsibilities include staying healthy and not wittingly becoming a burden to them. According to U.S. government tracking, these inoculations are the most dangerous inoculations since records were kept starting in the 1980’s. I should not take an action against my will that can turn me into a burden on others.

I urge you to re-consider any policy to make covid inoculation a condition of employment.

Thank-you for your consideration.

Oct 092021

This is a two-part posting:


    1. Template, EMPLOYEE to his employer

Part 1 of 2:   An opportunity: communicate with your employer re forced inoculation as a condition of employment    

2.  Template, customer/client (me) to the Business

Part 2 of 2:  (appears Below)

A valuable supporting document:  Lawyer Jeffrey Rath, letter to College of Physicians and Surgeons demanding resignations over mandated vaccines


The employee created an opportunity.  We went into immediate action.  And now invite you to join the party!

A younger fellow with a family – – both he and his wife are worried that they are about to lose their jobs because of forced inoculation in the workplace.

2.   forced inoculation of employees is too fascist/nazi-ist for me.

Start with a bit of STRATEGY:

Subject: RE: Action re Credit Unions that haven’t yet set Policy: employees inoculate

. . .    An alternate strategy.   Instead of ASKING:  think this

The staff at the Credit Union might be conflicted themselves.  And it takes time to ~~~ yah dah yah da, respond to you.

I just hit the send on a communication to the Manager of a Credit Union  (copy below)

He (could be she) doesn’t have to reply to me (saves them time).  (UPDATE:  they replied.)   And they might be freer to actually DO SOMETHING.  Have a private phone conversation with someone, whatever.)

I WANT THEM to send the word up the hill to Credit Union Central.  They will have more impact there, than me.

(INSERT:  that didn’t happen, but it’s okay. The particular Credit Union is not going to mandate employees be vaccinated – not because of my email.  That’s okay, too.  I have a better sense of what’s going on.)

From: (Credit Union Manager)
Sent: October 5, 2021
Subject: RE: RE; forced vaccination of employees

Thank you for your email Sandra.  Our Credit Union does not have a policy that requires employees to be vaccinated. As this is such a polarizing topic and I know we have many of our members with competing views, I will respectfully stay out of the rest of the discussion.

– – – – – – – – –


(Ach!  I don’t think this works as a template.  You are welcome to anything that’s useful.  Copy and paste.  /S)

From: Sandra Finley
Sent: October 5, 2021
To: (The Credit Union)

Subject: RE forced inoculation of employees

TO:  (name) General Manager, (name) Credit Union

Dear (name),

Before implementation of a Policy to require that employees be vaccinated,  if that is a possibility,  I urge you to read the submission appended, from a CU employee, to his CU.

Further to that, I think there is a chance the CU’s will be caught off-guard in their response to covid, because of the level of propaganda being pumped out.

I do not know if you saw this news re propaganda around covid:  it’s from the Ottawa Citizen.  David Pugliese is one of the few (or only) Canadian journalists that covers the Military.  His work is reliable and strong.

2021-09-27 Military leaders saw pandemic as unique opportunity to test propaganda techniques on Canadians, Forces report says  Ottawa Citizen

The news of the Military involvement is just the icing on the propaganda cake.

Every generation is a little further away from understanding how it happened that Germany fell into the clutches of Hitler.

You are a bit closer to, but distanced by geography from what happened, for example in Hungary under the Communists.

You may not fully understand the power of propaganda.  I don’t know your family history (European?).  But you might have a degree in Business Administration.  Students of Bus Admin will have received some instruction on “marketing”, or whatever it’s called today.  Advertising is a form of propaganda, not necessarily bad.   As with everything, it depends on “in whose hands” and “for what purpose”.  Severed from the ethical, it can be insidious.

Because of the Nuremberg Code (I do not know if, through your schooling or interests, you know the Nuremberg Trials),  I expect you will find yourself on the wrong side of the Law if you mandate employees to be inoculated.   I say that, not as a threat, but because I think you would want to know, if you don’t.

You may know that there are court challenges in Canada over forced inoculation.  It unfortunately takes a long while for the challenges to work their way through the Court system.

The Credit Unions, in general,  should know the potential for vaccine mandate Policies to cause a loss of business.  . . .   Because of the rampant propaganda  (demonization) of other views, I think the broader public does not understand the extent of the resistance.

If the resistance was understood,  there would be no surprise that the PPC (People’s Party of Canada) was the major beneficiary of the Election, in terms of percentage vote increase.   I dismiss the party leader, Maxime Bernier.  But I know of at least one good PPC candidate.   I believe he stepped up to run for one reason only – – “single plank politics”  – – forced inoculation is a serious threat to democracy.  There are likely other PPC candidates like him.

I was surprised.  The analysis of election results by the pundits (ones I happened to hear) did not ascribe ANY of the surge in votes for the PPC to that central plank.  It was so obvious – – All the other parties succumbed to the fear campaign over covid.  The PPC was alone in resistance to forced inoculation.  No surprise they attracted adherents; no place else to park their votes, if they felt strongly about the single plank issue – – forced inoculation.

A specific purpose of propaganda is to inflate perceived successes, and diss every detractor.  Use the tendency to stereotype to create enemies.  Stereotyping is easy for us all – – but you risk not understanding the picture, if you don’t at least listen a little.  A successful propaganda campaign divorces people from reality;  use stereotyping, it’s easy.

I wish you well.  Please read on – – the letter submitted by an employee to his CU employer follows.

Yours truly.   – – –

Template letter by employee to his employer)

Part 1 of 2:   An opportunity: communicate with your employer re forced inoculation as a condition of employment    

Oct 082021

Looks like conspiracy stuff.

I think it’s actually a consequence of the ATTITUDE of The Big Boys

(who are really Very Little, Impoverished Boys)

The name of a blog or website has to be registered, in order for traffic to be directed to it.  An annual fee is paid to a Domain Name company.  It’s a small amount in my case.   But it’s crucual – – if my blog gets de-registered I lose years of work that I’m not ready to dispose of!

My blog/website/URL is

My attempt JUST TO PAY THIS YEAR’S BILL is appended.  Don’t bother reading – – it’s my record.

It would be easy to see it as part of a conspiracy to take down my blog.

I don’t think that’s the case.   I think it’s the consequence of a SYSTEM OF GOVERNANCE, THE POLITICAL ECONOMY GONE BADLY AWRY.  Things done with no foresight.

OR      It’s that the Big Little Control Boys are just going to force us onto the iCloud in amounts expanding by leaps without bounds,  whether it’s desirable or not.  (I have not heard any public debates about the costs/benefits of the dramatic increases in the amount of electricity needed.)  They know where it’s going to come from.  The serfs stand by with blank faces.

As it happens I have had a difficult time just getting my domain name annual bill paid, as mentioned.  It’s critical – – I lose everything on the blog, and the blog,  if the payment doesn’t go through.  I get “de-activated”!

There may be no connection whatsoever, but I looked into the 4 Principals who set up DomainPeople to try and get a handle on what’s going on with the company.


  • Emil Sayegh – Chief Executive Officer and President
  • Bart De Maertelaere – Chief Operating Officer and Senior Vice President
  • Steven Armond – Chief Financial Officer, Executive Vice President, and Treasurer
  • Johan Cho – Vice President, Legal and Corporate Secretary

I think there’s systemic/values problems?  These 4 Tech guys, 1999, set up this domain name registry,  make millions on it and other tech enterprises.  The money rolls in.  They switch enterprises, they switch who they’re working with in various enterprises, and when the technology they’re using is getting out-of-date in the rapidly changing tech world,  they just dump the company?  Is that what happens?  No infusions of cash to keep the company healthy.   So there are more and more problems.  A lot of bull shit for answers.  And I have to move my domain registration elsewhere BEFORE they are completely dysfunctional.

OR.  Are they in the process of closing you out, if you don’t want to go on the Cloud, where they’re taking DomainPeople?

It looks like conspiracy stuff – – I don’t think it is.   I think the conditions have been created – – it’s the throw away society.  Everything has to be “new” and “progressive”.  Especially when you’re making ridiculous amounts of  money.  That you can take to Heaven, of course.  They must believe in purgatory and are expecting to pay huge bribes to get through the Pearly Gates.

God forbid that the merits of what we’re doing be discussed and decided.   The Brave New World – – Huxley predicted technology would take us to these places.   ANd people like me would commit suicide in the end!   Ha ha!!

– – – – – – – – – – – 

Dear Pitt K. (DomainPeople Help Center),

For the sake of The Gods  (and me!),

please send this to someone in DomainPeople with problem-solving capability,  AND THE AUTHORITY to implement real solutions.

You obviously require capital expenditures to renovate or replace aging systems.  It’s not too hard to see.

The Boys at the Top (I checked – – they are all men who love money, money, money, and more of it) . . .

Typically, their kind make money, take money IN THE SHORT TERM.  In the case of DomainPeople, it’s been since 1999 when the company was formed.

It is typical for Such Boys (not the common word for them) to JUMP SHIP before it becomes TOO obvious that without an infusion of capital, the company is in the process of crumbling.  The systems are getting too old;  the fault lines are visible.

Ummm,  oh!  I get it.   Instead of wasting my time documenting the problems for DomainPeople (AS I DID BELOW – – stupid me),  it’s time for this client to jump ship BEFORE the ship hits the rocks.   I would be REALLY frustrated when that happens . . .  “up-the-creek”, so to speak.

But please send me a postal address to which I can mail my payment (a cheque).  . . .  continue reading.  3 different error messages prevent me from paying on-line, as I used to do.  God knows how long it will take to get my Domain Name transferred to someone else.

2021,  October 10

I want to pay my bill – – that’s all.

I have been trying for about 3 weeks, repeatedly although not every day.

I documented the FURTHER PROBLEMS below (error messages)  to “Ticket Solved: #2997278: Access to my account”.

REQUEST:  Kindly send me a postal address to which I can mail a cheque.

My time is being wasted in very large quantities, trying to pay by using My Account on your website.

(1-877-831-2562 customer support – – “it’s not business hours”.  And there isn’t an address on your website.) 


Sandra Finley


I have had an account with you for 11 years.

I know how to pay bills.

I have learned in the last few years to expect problems with the simple task of paying my annual DomainPeople bill.

It is usual that the password doesn’t work;  it’s hard to pay my bill if I can’t access My Account.  In fact,  I’m not sure it can be done any other way.

The process of setting up a new password is fraught, never without hassles.

2021:    This is the worst yet. 

September 07, 2021

Received my annual (SUBJECT):  Domain Renewal Notice,

Deactivation Notice as it has been called for the last two years, at least.

The “Account Expiration” and concurrent “Deactivation Date”  (due date) is

December 06, 2021

Thank goodness I have 3 months in which to try and pay you.

That said,  there are more important things in my life to waste my time on.  And we are 1/3 of the way into the 3 months.  Do you suppose I can get the bill paid within 2 months?  Is that overly optimistic?

October 10th – – finally, after standing on my head  – –  Ticket Solved: #2997278: Access to my account.  Which is the second such ticket Solved.

I did have access briefly, but it reverted again to “invalid”.

Oct 10, 2021

What will work:  the instructions say  “Use email address, or username, or account number+  your password.   Which has to be reset, of course, if it doesn’t work.

RESULTS,  Accessing My Account

(I have not changed anything since last year.   So, what worked last year should work this year.  Unless the company tells me that I have to change my password every year.)


(email address#2) + (password #1):            DOES NOT WORK

So,  use account number or username instead of email address:

(account number) + (password #1):          DOES NOT WORK

(username) + (password #1):                      DOES NOT WORK

WELL THEN:   change the password

(email address#2) + (password #2):           DOES NOT WORK

So,  use account number or username instead of email address:

(account number) + (password #2):           DOES NOT WORK

(username) + (password #2):                       DOES NOT WORK


I went to (password #3, and password #4).

COULD IT BE THAT SOMEHOW MY OLD EMAIL ADDRESS IS STILL IN THE MIX?  CAN’T IMAGINE THAT’S THE CASE,  BUT GIVE IT A TRY.  Went through the permutations.   No, it doesn’t work, as expected.

Finally a combination worked.  I had it recorded.  Relief.   I logged out.

When I went back to login and pay,  I could not get into My Account, once again.

I submitted to Technical Support:
Maybe I should have used a completely new password?  I re-set the same one I tried (unsuccessfully) to set yesterday.”

Okay,  so I now have access to My Account, and it’s holding.







New and special for this year.

(Remember – – I’ve been working on this, on and off since the second week of September.  All I want to do is pay my bill.)


I’m in!  I go to Orders and Billing.

Actual Balance $ 0.00
(this amount reflects all processed payments) Pay Now

Click on Pay Now  it says:

Unspecified Error  

Error Number: 5961-2944-2021-10-10

There was an error on the server, that prevented this page element from displaying correctly. Our developers have been notified. We apologize for the inconvenience. Please contact our support department and provide the error number for further assistance. 


Okay, I just need to confirm the amount to pay, and I can pay it.

So I go to Statement.     It says (a different error number):

Unspecified Error

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There was an error on the server, that prevented this page element from displaying correctly. Our developers have been notified. We apologize for the inconvenience. Please contact our support department and provide the error number for further assistance.


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REQUEST:  Kindly send me a postal address to which I can mail a cheque.

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Thank-you sincerely, Pitt K

You will be secure in knowing that it isn’t because you aren’t doing your job.

It’s because The Boys are screwing everyone around??   Maybe most people there don’t like their jobs?  If that’s the case,  it makes me feel sad.  Life should not be that way.  There’s no need for that.

Best wishes,


Oct 082021

Dear Editor,

If you ever feel useless, remember

It took 20 years, trillions of dollars

And four U.S. presidents to replace

The Taliban with the Taliban.

In Canada, it took around two months, and

$600 million in the middle of a pandemic to replace

A deceitful and corrupt government with

A deceitful and corrupt government.

Oct 062021
  1. Part 1 of 2:  An opportunity: communicate with your employer re forced inoculation as a condition of employment  


2. Part 2 of 2: Customer letter to a Business: forced inoculation of employees is too fascist/nazi-ist for me. 



3.  2021-10-04 Geez. Look> they are doing a propaganda number on you! 

4.  2021-10-05 Julius Ruechel again: Covid19 – Analysis of all-cause mortality by week in Canada    Note: statistics below under HEALTH OFFICIALS SAY , Item #11.  Important.

5.  2021-10-03 (not normal) Normalized. Canadian Military’s propaganda scheme.  

6. (previously circulated)     2021-09-27 LA School District video de-constructed by a hypnotist. Plus Aldous Huxley interview & narration of Brave New World  

7.   2021-06-09 Calling Bullshit: The Art of Skepticism in a Data-Driven World (the firehose strategy)

8. (previously circulated)    2021-09-27 Military leaders saw pandemic as unique opportunity to test propaganda techniques on Canadians, Forces report says. Ottawa Citizen  



9. 2021-10-04 Ontario doctor resigns over forced vaccines, says 80% of ER patients with mysterious issues had both shots  

10. (previously circulated)  2021-09-22 The submissions of now TWO ALBERTA PEDIATRICIANS challenge the mandated covid vaccination

11. (previously circulated)   2021-09-14 Vaccines: From Okanagan Health Professionals, B.C. Canada: Open Letter to Dr. Bonnie Henry, Adrian Dix, and Premier John Horgan 

Something is seriously wrong when professionals are afraid to converse openly.
Voices Of Silenced Okanagan Health Professionals
A concerned group of health professionals who choose to remain anonymous due to threats of discipline and termination, by our own various professional governing bodies, for all who dare to question the B.C. government narrative on COVID-19 policies.


12. 2021-10-02 Covid is a predator. Opportunistic.  


13. 2021-10-01 . .I doubt I can ever agree with forced, or coerced vaccination, because of the Nuremberg Code. (And too many variations in the human condition to dictate one and same for everyone)  

14. Previously circulated    2007-09-14 Col Bob Bowman’s Open Letter To US Military Officers re Bush “The Nuremburg Principles say …”  

15. 2021-09-26 Alarming, reported, CIA plot against Julian Assange exposed. Reporters without Borders   



16. 2016-08-15 Interview, 105-years-old. One of 5 in secretarial pool to Joseph Goebbels: ‘No one believes me now, but I knew nothing’. In contrast to Sophie Scholl.   

17. (previously circulated)    2011-01-03 “All our Cowardice and Servility” from the Museum of Non-violent Resistance housed in the former Checkpoint Charlie, Berlin   

 18.  On the right hand sidebar of this blog, under “Categories” (alphabetical order),  in the “F”s,  is the “For your selection” listings.  I got behind, and just put these September Selections in one list.  I use it occasionally; I don’t know if anyone else does. 

For your selection, September 14, 19, 23 and 29th 2021 (most postings related to Forced covid inoculation and propaganda)

Oct 062021

An earlier Julius Ruechel article is at:

2021-09-09   Julius Ruechel:   Forcing Employers to Put Their Fingerprints on Tyranny (an update on Constable Adrienne Gilvesy’s fight against mandatory vaccination)


Now this:  it is related to the unraveling of Propaganda:

Analysis of all-cause mortality by week in Canada 2010-2021, by province, age and sex:

There’s a lot of people who will not want to know the Results.  And a lot who will be threatened by the Results of Analysis.

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = 

Subject: C19 – Analysis of all-cause mortality by week in Canada



Julius Ruechel 🙂

This is what comes up when you search the WHO’s global vaccine adverse events monitoring database for “Covid-19 vaccines”.

And here’s the link to the database

Special note regarding COVID-19 vaccine data  To see VigiBase data on COVID-19 vaccines, search for “covid-19 vaccine”. Please note that VigiAccess, as a result of the terminology used to structure the information, will group the data for vaccines by disease (for example, “Measles vaccine”, “Mumps vaccine”). This means that even searches for exact tradenames, such as “Comirnaty” or “Covishield”, will result in the total number of cases reported for all COVID-19 vaccines. It is not possible in VigiAccess to separate the numbers for specific vaccines.



Analysis of all-cause mortality by week in Canada 2010-2021, by province, age and sex: There was no COVID-19 pandemic, and there is strong evidence of response-caused deaths in the most elderly and in young males

by Denis G. Rancourt, Marine Baudin, Jérémie Mercie



The Plandemic: How the Government Manipulates COVID- 19  

A Special Interview With David Martin, Ph.D. By Dr. Joseph Mercola

Who is Dr. Joseph Mercola? Over the last decade one of the most reliable sources of medical information until he was targeted and had to take his extensive library of articles offline.   Who is David E Martin? A polymath – one of the world’s greatest investigators specialising in unearthing complex financial fraud

Were There Excess Deaths Due to COVID-19?  
We’ve been told COVID-19 caused excess deaths in 2020.
One way to double-check that is to look at the number of LIFE INSURANCE policies PAID.
In 2020, there were actually fewer life insurance policies paid out than normal. “Whose numbers are you going to believe? Are you going to believe the CDC who’s trying to pump and dump this terror campaign of people dying, and therefore you need to have your mask on, you need to socially distance, you need to vaccinate? Or are you going to believe the numbers from the people who actually pay claims when real human life ends? It turns out that if you look at the AUDITED FINANCIAL statements of the world’s largest LIFE INSURANCE companies, we can find NO excess death evidence. Is COVID so smart that it only kills the uninsured?
Is that what we’re supposed to believe?”
Dr David Martin



Donald Welsh, Professor of Vascular Biology, Western University

This tweet exemplifies why Ontario’s, and by default Canada’s C19 response is so dangerously off the rails. We are incapable of acknowledging real world experience and a mountain of scientific evidence. Have we become the flat earthers of North America?

Don Welsh




Perspectives Of A NYC ER Nurse

In this episode, we receive some amazing insights and perspectives on COVID from an ER nurse in NYC who’s worked through the entire pandemic. While working in the heart of the so-called epicenter, what did she witness on the ground? How did it line up with the media and government’s perspectives? What has she seen regarding vaccines? Why have 70,000 healthcare workers in NY decided that it would be worth losing their job to decline this shot?

HFfH Podcast – Perspectives of a NYC ER Nurse



Toronto Sun

College of Nurses investigating RNAO boss over social media post

by Anthony Furey



New Brunswick is just about 90% vaxxed (1 dose) and 81% with 2 doses. They have never seen cases and hospitalizations this high. How can anyone look at this and not wonder wtf is going on?!