Oct 242015

I highly recommend:    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y-a6jzU0YgQ     (1:08:49) John Perkins is essentially another whistleblower.   His stories are from his own employment as an “economic hitman” for the U.S.. HOWEVER,  he has much more to say (listen to the end).   We are not in rebellion, overthrowing the scoundrels.   He believes that around the globe we are crafting a new way of […]

Nov 202011

Leo writes:  The first of this movie is more or less new to me. The last half is something most of us guessed was the problem, but it is so well explained and illustrated, be sure to watch all of it. Sandra speaking:   The movie is 2 hours.   Click on the icon in the bottom-right […]