Apr 032003

. . .   influence-peddling, The problem is the political system and it CAN be fixed!   RELATED: 2003-03-29   Great Sand Hills (o&g): Whose influence will be peddled at Energy Conference?   Yours?!   2016-11-01    Saskatchewan Party received millions in donations from Alberta companies (Oil and Gas in particular). CBC   Premise:  a well-designed system has built-in […]

Mar 292003

RELATED:   2003-04-03   Great Sand Hills (o&g): Sask Party Role. Political Contributions.   From earlier email you will recall the coming Energy Conference, April 2nd in Regina.   Many of the names are the same as in the GSH (Great Sand Hills) debacle:  Clayton Woitas, Profico Energy was at the press conference (last summer) with Ron […]