Jun 052024
2024-05-27   Police Detective Penalized for Investigating Vaccine Status of 9 Sudden Infant Deaths  (Helen Grus story continued)

Police Detective Penalized for Investigating Vaccine Status of 9 Sudden Infant Deaths Biased Justice in Canada Ottawa police detective Helen Grus, accused of discreditable conduct allegations for allegedly investigating, the vaccination status of the parents, for 9 infants who had suddenly died during the pandemic. Despite the fact; that investigations are mandated by law for […]

Jun 052024
2024-06-05  Rand Paul Rips Fauci Testimony: NIH ‘More Secretive than the CIA’,  by Michael Nevradakis, CHD

(Note the interview of Rand Paul – – scroll down to the bottom.) In an appearance on The Hill’s “Rising,” Sen. Rand Paul took aim at Dr. Anthony Fauci’s testimony before the U.S. House of Representatives Select Subcommittee on the Coronavirus Pandemic Monday, suggesting Fauci contradicted known facts about how the NIH responded to the […]

Jun 042024

Sandra:  to me, there is a reticence among the people interviewed to speak fully.   What does “held accountable” mean?  To me,  it means that perpetrators pay large fines AND they go to jail.  They get criminal records; they lose their status in society.   Maybe we will have a list of the covid crimes, criteria […]

Jun 022024

I want to be an ostrich on this one.  Cover my eyes and plug my ears.  But it affects Canada, too. Ho hum,  a few trillion dollars went missing (U.S.). Jim Thorp and his wife (doctor and lawyer) used FOIA to try and find where it went. The alternative COVID therapy, Ivermectin, was mocked by […]

May 312024

Slobodian provides details of the allegations made in the court documents.   Damning. Linda Slobodian Millions of taxpayer dollars were spent on a relentless barrage of pro-COVID-19 vaccine campaigns and messages devised to build a “relationship of trust” between governments and a “vulnerable and afraid” public facing a global pandemic. The vaccines are safe and effective. […]

May 312024

NOTE: The newscast below contains an excerpt from this testimony to the NCI. Which is great, but you might like to know the source. IF you do want to see it (much longer than the excerpt)  it is better viewed from the NCI Website,  https://rumble.com/v3qtrom-lt.-col.-david-redman-apr-27-2023-red-deer-alberta.html): 2023-04-27   NCI: Lt. Col. David Redman, testimony. Retired Colonel […]

May 302024

(APPENDED:  some “NASS” postings from my blog.  The woman is an intrepid powerhouse./Sandra) https://x.com/NassMeryl/status/1795151440182218878 https://apps.who.int/gb/ebwha/pdf_files/WHA77/A77_9-en.pdf MERYL NASS, MD     @NassMeryl MERYL WRITES:  The WHO’s Pandemic Preparedness Plan is OVER!!! The entire pandemic preparedness project has been rolled out through lies and stealth. Globalists created legal documents that are replete with euphemisms and flowery language, […]

May 302024

NOTE:  in the article,  the Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedoms (JCCF)  filed an abuse of process application on behalf of the churches, in response to  the ongoing prosecution.  12 days of proceedings are set aside in provincial court (for June). = = = = = = = = = = = = https://www.rebelnews.com/why_is_bc_still_prosecuting_christian_churches_for_worshipping_during_covid Drea Humphrey […]

May 242024

“The Crown”  must in a conspiracy against Itself?  How else can these actions be explained? = = =  = =  = = = = Photo credit: Valmedia OTTAWA, ON: The Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedoms announces that a hearing date for Evan Blackman’s summary conviction appeal has been set for June 19, 2024. The hearing […]

May 222024
2024-05-21   Do you trust the WHO? Your prime minister sure does.  Western Standard, opinion by Hannaford

The WHO got a lot wrong during the COVID and is now playing for more authority and control Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, Director-General of the World Health Organization. The WHO got a lot wrong during the COVID and is now playing for more authority and control.file photo Nigel Hannaford As you read this, the Trudeau Liberals […]