Apr 222005

Jacobs addresses, among other things, the decline in representative government. I often draw on Jane Jacobs’ work,  especially –    Systems of Survival, A Dialogue on the Moral Foundations of Commerce and Politics and –   The Nature of Economies.   (I was privileged to have some correspondence with Jane Jacobs regarding Economies.) Jane Jacobs, deceased April 2006, wrote  several […]

Feb 162005

TO:  AUDITOR GENERAL, SHEILA FRASER ALL MEMBERS OF THE HOUSE OF COMMONS On Tuesday, February 15th in the House of Commons Prime Minister Paul Martin responded to Auditor General Sheila Fraser’s charge that the establishment of “foundations” makes it impossible to account for Government spending.  Martin made vociferous defence. The Auditor General’s Report, Chapter 4, “Accountability […]

Nov 282004

There IS something that can be done.  This email is only part of it.   From letter to Chief Medical Health Officer: “… it is claimed that high salaries are necessary in order to attract the right people.  But the right people are those who will assume responsibility and carry out the action which common […]

Nov 022004

Galbraith’s book “The Economics of Innocent Fraud” ( 2004-09-13)  further reinforces the message behind   Joel Bakan’s “The Corporation” and “The Insider“. (1)  THE INSIDER, movie, 1999, available on video I just saw “The Insider“.  It’s excellent – stay with it past the introductory portion which is at first confusing.  It’s about the Tobacco Industry.  Parallels […]