Dec 122011

 Many thanks to Dianne Rhodes for collecting, assessing and donating –  excellent material for understanding today’s world.   The “library” is at my place;  half of it is lent out.    Most of the items are available at your local Library, too.   Get a video, invite 4 friends to come over and watch it with you!    Len is adding a couple […]

Nov 052011

 The Green Party of Saskatchewan is opposed to all new nuclear development in the province.  It regards government funding of Hitachi’s “small reactor” programme and of a “Canadian Centre for Nuclear Innovation” as a dangerous and irresponsible waste of taxpayers’ money.86% opposition to nuclear waste disposal and storage, only 12% support Deputy Leader Mark Bigland-Pritchard […]

Oct 302011

Note:  This interview with Paul Martin is not directly about Paul Hawken’s book “Natural Capitalism” (Hawken who also wrote “Blessed Unrest”). .  Paul Martin on Natural Capital   Friday October 28, 2011 Former Prime Minister Paul Martin tells us about a concept called natural capital, an idea that would see our water, forests and […]

Oct 292011

Rifkin’s most recent books:  The Empathic Civilization and The Third Industrial Revolution. The interview makes one painfully aware of the lack of enlightened political leadership in Canada.  The back-up plan:  we have to become informed ourselves.  Drive the change from the bottom-up, if it’s not coming from the top-down. The Third Industrial Revolution — an interview with […]

Oct 282011

Just click on the link – Jeremy Rifkin.    (A short first part is in French. Then it goes to English.) Valuable for Canadians, and if you’re in Saskatchewan, it is critical information for voting in Nov 7 Election.    Be clear:  a vote for the status quo means we will have “small” nuclear reactors in Saskatchewan […]

Sep 242011
Excellent article uses the Poisoning of Minamata (mercury) to explore complex web of poisons

The Poisoning of Minamata     by Douglas Allchin It started out quite simply, with the strangeness of cats “dancing” in the street–and sometimes collapsing and dying. Who would have known, in a modest Japanese fishing village in the 1950s, that when friends or family members occasionally shouted uncontrollably, slurred their speech, or dropped their […]

Aug 302011

STORY PUBLISHED IN LEADER POST: Greens look past record  By Angela Hall, Leader-Post August 26, 2011    A Regina man with several criminal convictions – including charges related to an incident in which he disrobed and entered the mayor’s office – plans to seek a seat for the Green Party in the upcoming provincial election. […]

Jul 212011

SENT:  Wed 7/20/2011 TO:  (Green Party Sask)    Larissa ; Amber; Penny CC:  (Green Party Canada)  Johan; Robert NOTE for Federal Party:   “FYI”. For Saskatchewan Greens, the failure of the Government to refund election deposits is a cost of about $10,000 between the 2007 and 2011 elections.    The Government keeps the money when it should be […]

May 012011

Hi Kendra, These are interesting questions and ideas.   I have responded to all but a couple.  I do not wish to respond to questions I haven’t thought about, unless there is a principle that is easily apparent and therefore provides direction.  My thinking on religion has gone through a number of different stages over the […]

May 012011

Hello Ken, Tara, Linda M, Varya, Linda H, Karen, Brenda, Tracy, Claudette, Ashton, and Miranda,     This is altogether funny!  Usually I am sending petitions such as the one you sent me regarding the CBC.   Now here I am on the receiving end!  It is wonderful to be living amongst so many people who care so […]