Jul 122022

From Reclaim the Net, July 11, 2022   Court delays Trudeau government having to answer for forced Covid vaccine passports   The Federal Court in Canada has postponed the trial date for the Justice Center for Constitutional Affairs’ case against the Government to remove the mandatory Covid vaccine passports for air travel. The trial date […]

Jun 072022

https://drtrozzi.org/2022/06/07/dr-ryan-cole-lipid-nanoparticle-a-gene-is-a-nuclear-bomb/ 20 minute interview with Dr Ryan Cole, from Bright Light News. The covid injections produce no benefit. They are extremely dangerous and leave many people dead or injured, with more to follow. The injections are criminally administered by some of the most ruthless and untrustworthy people in the world. Persecuting honest doctors, arresting freedom […]

Jun 042022

” . . . the attackes on masculinity and the attacks on feminity . . .”  leading to what end? The 12-minute video begins in the educational system and ends looking dystopian relationships between men and women in the eye. Biologically, socially and culturally we kinda have to have dynamic relationships between the sexes,   […]

May 292022

FOR RECLAIM CANADA,   May 27, 2022 ACKNOWLEDGE THE REALITY OF CORRUPTION The following is not a criticism.  It is my input, intended to be helpful. Canada will not be Reclaimed if any one of the political parties infiltrates,  or takes over the reclamation attempt.   I think you know that Canadian governments and bureaucracies at […]

May 292022

Say the same thing, use different words:   From the viewpoint of God: “The supremacy of God”   From the viewpoint of human beings: “Human beings are not Gods” (We get into trouble when human beings think they are Gods.)   To me,  the two statements are different sides of the same coin. They mean […]

May 202022
2022-05-19  Louisiana Governor Reverses ‘Insane Mandate’ Requiring COVID Vaccines for Students, CHD

Louisiana’s Democratic Governor, John Bel Edwards, Wednesday reversed the state’s vaccine mandate requiring students to be fully vaccinated beginning the 2022-23 school year. By  The Defender Staff Miss a day, miss a lot. Subscribe to The Defender’s Top News of the Day. It’s free. Children and students attending daycare, K-12 programs and college in Louisiana, […]

May 052022

I have an interview of Bashaw which is worth listening to.   If I find it,  I’ll post it here. A win on one side of the 49th parallel  is a win for people on the other side.  And the strategies to be learned from court decisions  are valuable regardless of where you live. New (forgotten?!) […]

May 042022

God!  I like good news! You might not be familiar with PERK?  I watched an interview of the woman at the helm, Amy Bohn.   She is excellent.  I see the interview on their home page  https://www.perk-group.com/   – – – – – – – – California Scores Two Big Wins Against Public School Vaccine Mandates   Children’s […]

Apr 052022

RECOMMEND:   the interview of Amy Bohn is most important. If you have time for more,  listen to other parts of   Episode 261:   ——- Original Message ——- On Monday, April 4th, 2022 at 9:07 PM, The HighWire <info@thehighwire.com> wrote:     THE HIGHWIRE INSIDERS REPORT    FULL LENGTH EPISODE EPISODE 261: CALIFORNIA SCREAMIN’ California’s 10 […]