Apr 062017

Big Pharma is under serious attack, along with all the corruption they spawn. The corruption and rot in the Centre for Disease Control (CDC, Atlanta) and some other health agencies has been blown open, as documented in earlier postings. Citizens’ groups are stepping up to the plate.   March Against Monsanto is the most recent addition to the resistance […]

Dec 242016

I can wish you peace because we have contributed to its happening! Thank-you for the joy I feel.   Sometimes our condition seems tragic, but when you take an overview, maybe it’s not-so-bad,  and against the odds of money and organized white-collar death crimes. The invisible bonds between us are exercised – – wow!  look at those biceps! Notes on a […]

Dec 092016

http://www.cbsnews.com/news/washington-state-sues-monsanto-over-pcb-pollution/ The Associated Press   SEATTLE – Washington has become the first U.S. state to sue the agrochemical giant Monsanto over pervasive pollution from PCBs, the toxic industrial chemicals that have accumulated in plants, fish and people around the globe for decades. The company said the case “lacks merit.”  Democratic Gov. Jay Inslee and Attorney […]

May 272013

 Last updated:  Partial update Oct, 2015.   BELOW:  Links to anti-GMO groups, centring around MAM (March Against Monsanto).  Emphasis on Canadian groups.  Scroll down to CANADA. Most are facebook groups, some are blogs (you don’t have to be on facebook).  If the link is facebook, you can tell from the URL.  For access to a F/B […]

Jan 012002

Published on Tuesday, January 01, 2002 By the Washington Post Monsanto Hid Decades Of Pollution   PCBs Drenched Ala. Town, But No One Was Ever Told     By Michael Grunwald   ANNISTON, Ala. — On the west side of Anniston, the poor side of Anniston, the people ate dirt. They called it “Alabama clay” […]