Jul 042020

I like to be healthy;  I believe that what I eat affects the health of my body.

I made some ginger molasses cookies that I did not like;  I wanted something more like a “ginger snap”, so bought some, without paying attention to where (not local) and what they were made from.

The outcome of which was the following note to the owner of the food store:

The “GLUTEN FREE” banner is replacing the “organic” on food products.

It distracts consumers from what the product is made with.

MI-DEL Ginger Snaps (Panos Brands, New Jersey).

Canola oil.   . . .  The first GMO crop, Monsanto seed, engineered so it can survive spraying by Monsanto’s herbicide Roundup.  Other chemical companies followed with their versions of same.  Patented seed.  Vast prairie acreages, blanket spraying of crops.  Monoculture.  Lots of cancer.

Decades of resistance, the March Against Monsanto started by young mothers who wanted alternatives for their children, court cases,  the selling off of Monsanto products to Bayer (Germany) because of public opposition to all that the name “Monsanto” represents.

What’s the market for canola oil?   A large part is as a cheap oil for making french fries – – fast food restaurants, etc.    Basically high volume, industrial food production.

MI-DEL cookies might be “GLUTEN FREE” (the only choice of a ginger snap on the shelf) and in a natural foods grocery store.  They are made with GMO canola oil (have a look – – the canola oil is not labeled “organic” and it would not be – – over 90% of the canola grown in the U.S. is GMO (Canadian figures will be as high, or higher).  And the non-GMO canola seed is heavily contaminated with the GMO stuff – – you cannot visually distinguish between the two.

GMO crop production means heavy chemical applications, in addition to GMO status.  We cannot continue to poison the planet, as we are doing.   Let not “GLUTEN FREE” distract people from what’s in the food they are eating.



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