Jul 172018
2018-07-17    New “foreign interference” laws in Australia.   I suspect that collaboration with international organizations (350.org, Beyond War, Whistleblowers, hundreds of others) will be illegal?

Scroll down to VIDEO – – listen to the first part. Australia is a member of “FVEY“, a U.S. – U.K. – Canada – Australia – New Zealand  coalition on surveillance, “integration” of military, and so on.  For more info, enter “FVEY” in the search button at top right of this blog page. I am […]

Jul 162018

 For a more critical report on the same, Australia’s new laws, see: 2018-07-17 New “foreign interference” laws in Australia.  I suspect that collaboration with 350.org, for example, would be illegal.  Plus many other collaborations with international organizations, e.g. with “Beyond War”. = = = = = = = = = = = =  https://www.bbc.com/news/world-australia-44624270 Australia’s […]

Jun 012018
2018-05-31  Did Canada buy an oil pipeline in fear of being sued by China?   Bruce Livesay, The Guardian

https://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2018/may/31/justin-trudeau-kinder-morgan-pipeline-china-did-he-fear-being-sued Did Canada buy an oil pipeline in fear of being sued by China? The logic to Trudeau’s action may lie in an obscure and overlooked 2014 agreement to ensure China got a pipeline built Bruce Livesey Last modified on Thu 31 May 2018 19.02 BST Justin Trudeau in Toronto, Canada on Tuesday. Photograph: Canadian […]

May 032018

With thanks to Marjaleena: Hello all, This in yesterday’s (May 1) Vancouver Province, unedited, but also edited in Saskatoon Star Phoenix and Regina Leader Post. (Unfortunately, the latter two saw fit to edit out an important paragraph, which I have italicized below.  Too strong a statement?) It would be great if you could put your comments […]

Mar 272018

I posted the official news of this earlier:    2018-03-06   Significant. European Court of Justice rules on ISDS (Investor State Dispute Settlement) clauses. The importance of this article:  community-based publications operating to put important information like this into the hands of everyday people.  AND! some repetition is good for my memory!   With thanks to Janet […]

Mar 062018

With thanks to Janet E:   Today the European Court of Justice (ECJ) ruled . . . From  “client earth”: For immediate release – Tuesday, 6 March 2018 New ECJ ruling could spell the end of 200 intra-EU investment agreements and would be a big win for environmental protection in Europe   Today, a landmark […]

Feb 162018

The article below is about our sovereignty.    There is so much more on the table than money CLOSELY RELATED:  About Summits. Cost, # Police, # Protesters, # Arrests  &  WHY?   Tearing up NAFTA? Please start with Chapter 11  https://ipolitics.ca/2018/02/15/tear-nafta-lets-start-chapter-11/ By Michael Harris. Canada has been sued 41 times under the investment provisions in NAFTA, […]

Jan 292018

Many thanks to Janet E for her continuing updates. A NAFTA tribunal held Canada liable for rejecting a bid by Bilcon (an American company) to build a gravel quarry in the ecologically sensitive coastal area of Digby Neck, N.S.  It is estimated that Canada would have to pay more than $500 million, just for protecting […]

Jan 202018

To maintain my calm and good nature (ha ha!),  I wrote after listening to  – – – (CBC, The House)   Montreal NAFTA talks could signal beginning of the end    (9 minutes) RELATED POSTINGS: 2017-11-01   NZ joins the trend for countries to say no to ISDS (NAFTA and other trade deals) 2017-07-28    A monster payday in […]

Nov 042017

EU on brink of historic decision on pervasive glyphosate weedkiller  (Monsanto, roundup),  The Guardian. Oct 24, very good article.  Update, Oct 25, the EU temporarily dodged the bullet (again). AVAAZ and other organizations have successfully campaigned, mobilizing millions of people to stop the poisoning.  We have been active on this file through the years. There […]