Jan 172019
2019-01-16  Canadian military claimed a report didn't exist — even though it 'clearly' did, Ottawa Citizen

Details of the incident emerged shortly after a court heard about alleged attempts by officers to hide records needed by Vice Admiral Mark Norman Judge Advocate General Commodore Geneviève Bernatchez, who endorsed a recommendation by one of her staff to tell DND officials that the report didn’t exist, according to a briefing document.David Kawai/The Canadian […]

Jan 172019
2019-01-15  “Cash-for-access dinners have made a return to Ontario politics and it’s a bad sign for democracy. ... “At $1,250 per-plate to buy the ear of the premier, this is not a ‘government for the people.’ It’s a government for big banks, big developers, big nuclear, and big oil.”

“Cash-for-access dinners have made a return to Ontario politics and it’s a bad sign for democracy. Pay-to-play politics is good for those with deep pockets, but not good for the people,” said Schreiner. “At $1,250 per-plate to buy the ear of the premier, this is not a ‘government for the people.’ It’s a government for […]

Dec 192018

Return to INDEX A paste-together of information about a superb book.     RELATED:  I happened to read “The Haida Gwaii Lesson; A Strategic Playbook for Indigenous Sovereignty” (2017), by Mark Dowie.  It’s short, and very interesting.  Read about it at: 2004-11-18 Supreme Court of Canada decision, Haida Nation v. British Columbia, Terri-Lynn Williams, Haida […]

Dec 142018
2019-01     How a World Order Ends And What Comes in Its Wake,   Foreign Affairs Magazine,   January/February 2019 Issue

Comment    By Richard Haass A stable world order is a rare thing. When one does arise, it tends to come after a great convulsion that creates both the conditions and the desire for something new. It requires a stable distribution of power and broad acceptance of the rules that govern the conduct of international relations. […]

Nov 082018

There are good pictures but I don’t know how to copy them, and I don’t know where to find this on-line. Can’t give you a URL.  Maybe you have to be on Instagram? Hey Jammers! What does Design Anarchy mean to you? This past Monday, bright and early, Adbusters infiltrated the viscera of Vancouver’s prestigious […]

Nov 052018

(This was originally Item #2  in 2010-02-11   Manipulators without conscience. This is your food. Bayer’s GM rice. Triffid (U of S) GM flax.  Jane Jacobs on separation of commerce and governance.)   THE PROBLEMS WE GET INTO WHEN WE DO NOT HAVE A SEPARATION OF POWERS BETWEEN THE STATE AND COMMERCE: JANE JACOBS The GM […]

Nov 022018
2018-10-30   Will the Trudeau government 'recycle' Parks Canada 'assets'?  by Brent Patterson, C of C and rabble.ca   ("asset recycling")

Banksters: Index   This article by Brent Patterson falls under  “Beyond Banksters“,  the dissed Canada Infrastructure Bank vs the Bank of Canada – –  financing of public projects. Background for new people: (2017)  Canadians are to purchase from $180 to $188 BILLION DOLLARS worth of infrastructure, over 12 years.   The plan for how we are to […]

Oct 312018

(The   Banksters: Index  is updated to include this posting.)     COMER — Committee on Monetary and Economic Reform  EST. 1986   Home Page About COMER ER Archives Bookstore Projects Participate Contact Us Links Supreme Court of Canada Dismisses Constitutional Bank of Canada Case, Claiming It Is a Political Matter Toronto, May 31, 2017 – […]

Oct 182018

FURTHER to: 2018-10-12    Here’s how I think we can Keep Monsanto milk out of Canada (bovine growth hormone (rBGH / rBST), Trade Deals UPDATE:  the rBGH Petition to Prime Minister Trudeau, as of Oct 19th noon on the West Coast,  is 60 signatures short of 21,000.  (Nov 11:  more than 33,000 have signed.) Note:  to […]

Oct 142018

“In his new book, Stephen Harper warns that standing up for the environment makes for bad politics, especially in a populist age when parties are looking for the votes of ‘ordinary’ people.” Susan Delacourt quotes a new book entitled Right Here, Right Now: “Political parties, including mine, have won elections just by opposing a carbon […]