Nov 032015  Neil Strauss was a music journalist when he turned an assignment on pick-up artists into a controversial book. “The Game” was considered a bible for how to pick-up-women-for-sex. But after living The Game, he eventually realized it was Game Over.

Oct 132015

There is a Must Watch  video at the URL: Survivors of CIA torture are suing the contractor psychologists who designed one of the most infamous programs of the post-9/11 era. Salim, one of the three ex-detainees in the suit, is a Tanzanian fisherman who says flashbacks from his ordeal in CIA custody are a permanent […]

Jul 092015

Consider the current debacle in Canada over how women are treated in the military the RCMP on campus (Dalhousie dental students and other examples) in the kitchens of some restaurants. Consider in the light of the appended letter written in 1947. The letter is father-to-son, following the son’s marriage.   It is an inter-generational transfer of wisdom, including how the husband […]

Jun 222015

Derek left a Comment on the posting  Aware: In My Opinion most people are “aware” that something is wrong with the way we live. The awareness is unfocused. IMO again, I would say neoliberalism and the New World (aka American) Order- or unbridled capitalism  I think that covers the gamut, but others will see destruction […]

Dec 152014

December 11, 2014   TO:  Elizabeth Williamson, University Secretary   Dear Elizabeth,   I will appreciate if the attached Addendum to my August 19th submission is forwarded to members of the Board of Governors, in time for the next Board Meetings, Dec 15-16.   Tuesday’s release of the Report on Torture  from the U.S. Senate […]

Dec 152014
2014-12-15  The intelligent approach to violent behaviour.  Book review, Destructive Emotions.

In the wake of the U.S. Senate Report on Torture (Dec 9, 2014,  chair Dianne Feinstein),  I am reminded of the good work being done to understand and address violence in human behaviour.   One powerful example,  on-going meetings: Book Review: Destructive Emotions By Elizabeth Cushing Payne | March 1, 2004 | 0 Comments by […]

Jul 042014

The Current, CBC Radio, interview re psychology of wealth.   Worth a listen. (Add the URL) I responded: RE:  re-play of Tremonti interview on Wealth.  Add anecdotal to science: A predicament:  I had to get from Medicine Hat to Saskatchewan Landing on the South Sask River where my car was waiting for the arrival of a […]

Jan 142014 I think I’ll start raising my own pigs! This newscast reminds me that the Chinese have bought Smithfield Foods in the U.S. – one of the largest American meat producers, remembered from the battles over intensive livestock operations and the decimation of farmers. You can see this next wave in the industrialized food supply, […]