May 292022

Say the same thing, use different words:


From the viewpoint of God:

The supremacy of God


From the viewpoint of human beings:

Human beings are not Gods

(We get into trouble when human beings think they are Gods.)


To me,  the two statements are different sides of the same coin.

They mean the same thing.


But the latter way of expressing it, is more likely to foster humility.

And a more inclusive ethic   (necessary if Reclaim Canada is to reach its potential).


Not only is it trouble when “the bad guys”  think they are Gods;

It is trouble when “the good guys” become the arbiter’s of God’s will/word.

There is always Mystery.


I recall stories of Cree leaders going into treaty negotiations on the Prairies.

Most frustrating for the representatives of the Great White Mother:

the Indians would come at an agreed-upon time.  But they would not begin the conversations until they had received clear direction from their God.

If it took three days of communion with their God to reach clarification, so be it.

The essential requirement was to act under the supervision of God’s will.

The particular leaders had a deep understanding of their relationship to the Creator, the Spiritual.

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