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FOR RECLAIM CANADA,   May 27, 2022


The following is not a criticism.  It is my input, intended to be helpful.

Canada will not be Reclaimed if any one of the political parties

  • infiltrates,  or
  • takes over

the reclamation attempt.


I think you know that Canadian governments and bureaucracies at high levels are corrupted by corporate interests.

It does not matter whether the Conservatives, the Liberals, the NDP, or a Coalition, forms the Federal Government:

  1. The party leadership has been bought.  True for the 3 parties.  Getting rid of one party and replacing it with another, changes nothing.
  2. The bureaucracy moulds and carries out the Government agenda, but is not held to account.
  3. The Politicians have to get re-elected and require money to do so;  dependency makes people very vulnerable to manipulation.

That said.

the current situation in Canada is urgent.

  • Realistically, there is not time for the building of a political party that can get elected in 2025 (probable date of the next election, barring the unforeseen).
  • Even if there was time,  the successes of that party will be manipulated by the Quisling Government to become “theirs”.  They have the resources to do it.  And we all have short memories;  when an older person dies (inevitably!)  the library in their head evaporates.
  • The idea of running “Independent” candidates in Canadian Federal and Provincial elections would be suicidal to Reclaim Canada.  And would not serve electors well.  No matter how ultruistic and qualified the candidate,  it is nigh on impossible to get elected as an Independent, and if you do,  you will not receive the supports that accrue to MP’s of Parties that meet thresholds for number of MPs elected.

Jodi Wilson-Raybould is an anomaly.  She ran once as an Independent and was elected.   She did not run a second time as an Independent, “. . . in part, because she is dismayed by the state of Canadian politics. She said that Parliament is focused on partisanship rather than achieving positive change for Canadians.”  I observe that, as an Independent she also lost her voice.  Independents are Invisible.

The experienced and well-respected MP, Dr. Jane Philpott, who stood with Wilson-Raybould and was expelled from the Liberal Party also ran as an Independent in the next Election and was not re-elected, in spite of being well-known and competent.

There are 338 federal ridings  (now called Electoral Districts).
Using Govt figures, in the Sept 2021 Election there were 27,500,000 Eligible Voters (out of a population of 38,000,000).

 On average,  81,360 voters per riding.   Voters would be hard-pressed to judge the claims of an Independent.

 There are creative strategies that should be employed, given the urgency.


Many of us have concluded that big business is running the show.   We have corporatocracy, not democracy.

If that is the case,  by definition,  there has been a coup d’état by stealth in Canada (and in the U.S.).


From  2010-09-13   RCMP identify coup d’etat as threat to Canada, Ottawa Citizen.

Military historian Edward Luttwak:

“A coup consists of the infiltration of a small, but critical, segment of the state apparatus, which is then used to displace the government from its control of the remainder”, thus, armed force (either military or paramilitary) is not a defining feature of a coup d’état.”


Like Dorothy in The Wizard of Oz,  pull back the curtain and deal with Reality (badly corrupted governance).  If that is not addressed at some point, Reclaim will be good intentions.   I want it to SUCCEED, in conjunction with all the other citizen efforts underway .


To have a discussion about the Reality, there has to be a commonly understood vocabulary.

2016-07-08 Democracy overtaken by Corporatocracy = coup d’état. Citizens fight to regain democracy = Revolution (insurgency) . Corporatocracy fights to hold on = counter insurgency.


The ONLY sector of our society that is tasked with guardianship of our resources is Government.  The Commercial sector is not.

There is separation of powers in a democracy.   We seldom discuss, teach the reasons to new generations, of the ramifications if we don’t.


Thinkers of the Day on the Unholy Alliances between Government (public institutions) and Industry

 There are 8 examples, one of which is:

From John Kenneth Galbraith’s “The Economics of Innocent Fraud – Truth for our Time“, published in 2004:

“… As the corporate interest moves to power in what was the public sector, it serves, predictably, the corporate interest. That is its purpose. …One obvious result has been well-justified doubt as to the quality of much present regulatory (and educational / research) effort. There is no question but that corporate influence extends to the regulators. … Needed is independent, honest, professionally competent regulation (persons) … This last must be recognized and countered. There is no alternative to effective supervision.

Read the others.  They are short and cogent.


More directly to Reclaim Canada’s situation: 

I have serious concerns about the potential takeover of Citizen organizations (like Reclaim Canada) by Political Parties.


I am originally from Saskatchewan, during long years of NDP reign.

The NDP then were master grassroots organizers.  It served well, in a time that has similarities with the present.  But that damn thing.  Organizations change.

To maintain power, the masters began taking over and controlling citizen organizations, commandeering the energy of the members, especially of the leaders and member lists.

The organizations eventually lose sight of their raison d’etre.   They are scripted to serve the narrative of the Political Party.  Departure from the Party Line is not an option, or risks destroying the Organization.

For example,  an agricultural organization, the National Farmers Union (the NFU),  badly needed policies regarding Genetically-Engineered or “GMO” crops.   But persons in control of the NFU, who had served the organization well,  wanted to be elected as NDP candidates.

The NDP Government and the University were huge promoters and funders of the GMO agenda, right down to the patenting of seed stocks.  You can imagine the conflicts created.

People who are non-partisan or of a different political stripe are shunned by the organization.

It becomes very effective censorship.   You show your solidarity by volunteering in work to ensure the gospel of the Political Party.

Like over covid mandates!

/Sandra Finley

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