Aug 292018

French environment minister quits live on radio with anti-Macron broadside Angelique Chrisafis in Paris Emmanuel Macron’s climate commitment to “make this planet great again” has come under attack after his environment minister dramatically quit, saying the French president was not doing enough to meet environmental goals. Nicolas Hulot, a celebrity environmentalist and former TV presenter, […]

Aug 252018
2018-08-06   Comment on "Estimates of exceedances of critical loads for acidification", includes connection tar sands - nuclear - university.

THE REPORT is at: 2018-07-13   “Estimates of exceedances of critical loads for acidifying deposition in Alberta and Saskatchewan” (water and land, nitrogen and sulphur from oil sands)   COMMENT:    I  conclude this is a good news story, taking place over 12 years! Serendipity:   In June 2006 I sat beside a water scientist who told […]

Aug 192018
2017-10  Book, Oil's Deep State, How the petroleum industry undermines democracy and stops action on global warming - in Alberta, and in Ottawa, by Kevin Taft   –  Who’s in Charge? Oil’s Deep State How the petroleum industry undermines democracy and stops action on global warming – in Alberta, and in Ottawa By Kevin Taft   About the Book Reviews & Awards Author Biography Customer Reviews Why have democratic governments failed to take serious steps to reduce carbon emissions despite dire […]

Jul 112018

You may have guessed:  I am making plans now, to attend the following. Please help spread the word.  And let your MP know your position (not necessarily the same as mine!).     Thanks!  Sandra – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – CORRECTION:   I did not write the notice […]

Jun 172018

I was curious about which Canadian banks have been payrolling the expansions of the Tar Sands (Ft McMurray, AB)  and Kinder Morgan, especially after the largest international bank, HSBC, pulled out?   The data is in another posting. TD Bank is the largest, with more than $700 million  in loans and commitments to Tar Sands and […]

Jun 172018
2016-11-01  Saskatchewan Party received millions in donations from Alberta companies  (Oil and Gas in particular).  CBC

TWO ARTICLES:  Critics call Brad Wall’s actions in Alberta undemocratic and unethical Drew Anderson, Robson Fletcher · CBC News · Brad Wall said he’s not considering changes to Saskatchewan’s political donation rules. (Adam Hunter/CBC)   EXCERPT Oil and gas money After compiling the data, using publicly available political donation records dating back to 2006, […]

Jun 172018

June 17, 2018   In this week’s report from the Hill, Elizabeth May’s staff wrote: “Midnight sittings in the House continued this week. Seizing every opportunity to speak before the summer recess, Elizabeth made almost three dozen interventions on climate change, pipelines, carbon pricing, the Fisheries Act, the Environmental Protections bill, and cannabis legalization.” In […]

Jun 152018
2018-06-07   The Petro-State.  Provincial Auditor Saskatchewan: abandoned oil & gas wells, $4 billion (Alberta will be many times more).   Revolving door:  former premier Brad Wall now at Osler Law Firm (help for Kinder Morgan).  Before that, Dwayne Lingenfelter to Nexen.

The total number of inactive wells in Saskatchewan has increased by almost 90% between 2005 and 2017 to about 30,000. – – – – – – Tax-payers across Canada – – maybe we should start tightening our belts ?   The SK Provincial Auditor is talking potential $4 billion cleanup costs for abandoned wells Alberta […]

Jun 152018
2018-06-01  Every Canadian Unknowingly Gives $100 a Year to Big Oil, Study Reveals,  Motherboard

And that’s before the Trudeau government blew $4.5 billion on the Trans Mountain pipeline. Stephen Leahy Jun 6 2018, 6:00am Image: Shutterstock While paying near record-high gasoline prices, Canadians will be thrilled to know every woman, man, and child in Canada also “donates” around $100 ($77 USD) to profitable, and often foreign-owned, oil and gas […]