Feb 192019

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David writes:

Below is an email I just sent to Lois Eaton on a recently published poll in the US. I thought the poll results relate directly to her presentations (on climate change) at our local councils. I think the implications for blocking water export are clear. People–even those on the right side of the political spectrum–are increasingly concerned about climate change. The uncertainty regarding the break down of our climate strengthens the argument in favour of protecting water from for-profit export.


Hi Lois,

Below is the URL for a podcast I heard a few days ago. The URL has the written transcript too. Here is an excerpt:

“Climate change concerns are more bipartisan than some political elites would like you to believe, according to a new poll…. Among the biggest findings are that 74 percent of voters believe climate change is happening and 62 percent believe that human activity has caused it. Further, about two out of every three voters, or 67 percent, are worried about climate change and its potential impacts. Also notable, some 88 percent of those interviewed by the researchers say they support growth of the renewable energy sector via funding research, while 81 percent say they support a congressional Green New Deal.” 

On the assumption that the poll is a reasonable reflection of public opinion it is important to note that voters who are on the ‘conservative’ side of the spectrum are shifting their positions. It is reasonable to assume that these poll numbers reflect similar shifts in the Canadian voting public. The implication for our community, efforts by active groups, and your direct presentations to councils are pretty significant, I think. People are increasingly worried.


Here is the link to Yale’s public page on the poll.


Here is the URL to the podcast and pod cast transcript:


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