Dec 212017
2017-12-19   Green candidate Jill Stein asked to hand over documents in Russia investigation, The Guardian Stein says she’s cooperating with investigation into Russian interference 2016 presidential hopeful attended 2015 dinner with Putin sponsored by RT Jill Stein ran against Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton as the candidate of the Green party and received about 1% of the vote. Photograph: Dominick Reuter/Reuters The Senate intelligence committee has asked for documents […]

Apr 142014

Note: To work backward click on:   2014-04-05   Next step, six-year effort to get Govt of Sask to abide by court rulings on Election Deposits Scroll to bottom to see communication to other Provincial Green Parties about the same issue.   From: Colin, Jennifer OCEO Sent: April-14-14 1:15 PM To: Sandra Finley Cc: PeterCEN2 Rosenthal; VictorGRN […]

Apr 052014

Note:  to work backward through the details of the six-year effort,  click on    From: Sandra Finley Sent: April-05-14 1:10 PM To: ‘’ Cc: Brent Nadon OCEO; Peter Rosenthal; Victor Lau GPS; Robert Cosbey GPS Subject: Question re Election Deposits. TO: Michael Boda, D.Phil., Ph.D. Chief Electoral Officer Province of Saskatchewan   Dear Michael […]

Jun 162013

NOTE:  There are updates beyond this.  Click on “Green Party” under categories.   In particular, see  (2014-04-14)   Yeeeay! End of six-year battle, unconstitutionality of Election Deposits  Refund of Election Deposits: December 18, 2007:  First letter from Green Party to Saskatchewan Attorney General.  See 2011-07-21 Green Party Sask legal action, Govt of Sask: Refund of Election deposits. Law is unconstitutional. […]

Jun 102013

(1)     This CBC footage explains the Keeling curve and puts it in context. (Starts with two short ads.  A small portion has voice but no picture. But it corrects; the clarity of information is worth the minor annoyances.): 8:23 Duncan McCue visits an observatory that was set up 5 decades ago to measure carbon dioxide […]

Jun 092013

Jim writes: “Andrew Weaver the first Green MLA (MPP) in Canada being sworn in in the BC legislature on Thursday in Victoria! Once sworn in, Andrew wasted no time in making his voice heard:  

Apr 042013    Canadians would vote for cooperation candidates, support     electoral reform according to new national poll     Toronto, ON — April 4th — A new national Environics     poll shows that Canadians think our democratic system is broken,     overwhelmingly favour proportional representation, and are willing to vote     for cooperation candidates to defeat Conservative MPs […]

Feb 062013

SOCIOPATH: lacks a sense of moral responsibility or social conscience. NOTE:  There are the robocalls from the Federal Elections (awaiting court decision). Now there is this new round of Federal robocalls related to the changing of electoral boundaries in the province of Saskatchewan. Past postings on robocalls can be found by going to the right-hand […]