Jun 102013

(1)     This CBC footage explains the Keeling curve and puts it in context.

(Starts with two short ads.  A small portion has voice but no picture. But it corrects; the clarity of information is worth the minor annoyances.):

Duncan McCue visits an observatory that was set up 5 decades ago to measure carbon dioxide levels


(2)    Most of our communities have people who are working their butts off, to bring people together to find solutions. 


Please let people know:   Thursday, June 13, 2013 at 7:00 PM,  at the Theatre in the basement of the (downtown) Frances Morrison Library at 311-23rd Street East.

Global Warming:  Crisis, Solutions, Opportunities

Green Party 

—  Dianne Rhodes:    “Global Climate Reality and Living on the New Eaarth
—  Dr. Mark Bigland-Pritchard:  “Climate Chaos:  Canada’s Role in Keeping It Manageable
—  Prof. Patricia Farnese:  “No way, Freeway:  The Time Is Now to Take Action for a Sustainable Saskatoon
— Screening of Do the Math documentary


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