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    2016-04-04   The Panama Papers: world reacts to huge offshore tax files leak, The Guardian. (With links to more))

Dear Sandra,

We have a chance to turn public outrage about the Panama Papers into lasting changes that make sure the super-wealthy pay their fair share. Share the campaigning calling for a comprehensive review of tax loopholes.


Yesterday, a global group of investigative journalists released the Panama Papers. It’s a truly unprecedented release of data that exposes the shocking use of offshore tax havens, implicating more than 72 current and former heads of state in corruption and money laundering. The leak also names the Royal Bank of Canada and hundreds of Canadians who have money tucked away in offshore tax havens.[1]

Tax havens and other forms of tax evasion cost Canada billions of dollars every year in lost revenue – billions that could be invested in protecting and strengthening our hospitals, schools, child care, and afforable housing.

Earlier this month, when the KPMG “sham” tax scheme broke, thousands of you called on the government to close tax loopholes and stop tax dodging in the March 22 budget. The budget included nearly half a billion dollars to crack down on tax evasion – congrats! – but there’s more work to do to close tax loopholes.

Right now, because people are paying attention to the Panama Papers, we have a chance to turn public outrage into lasting changes that make sure the super wealthy pay their fair share. We’ve updated the campaign to ask the Parliamentary Finance committee to call KPMG officials to testify, and to carry through with a comprehensive review of tax loopholes. Share on Twitter

Share on Facebook This is the moment to act. At a time when our new government is boldly running a deficit to keep campaign promises and make key investments, the billions we lose to wealthy tax dodgers could go a long way towards improving our fiscal strength while paying for infrastructure and social services.  Thanks for all you do, Amara, on behalf of the Leadnow.ca team

[1] How offshore banking is costing Canada billions of dollars a year: http://www.thestar.com/news/world/2016/04/04/how-offshore-tax-havens-are-costing-canada-billions-of-dollars-a-year.html

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