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Our network started with a battle to protect the South Saskatchewan River.   We won.

(2006-04-27 Water. Wrap-up statement, Proposed Meridian Dam. Battle won.)


The Meewasin Valley Authority is the Mother to that River, the most endangered in Canada.


Many thanks to  Susan Lamb:

Hi Sandra,

. . .    The province is threatening to cut its funding which would end the Meewasin Valley Authority as we know it.

There is a grassroots group starting a social media campaign.

I have attached their info plus how to get involved on Facebook, twitter, and change.org.

If there is anything you can do by signing on these sites and passing this information along to your contacts, please do.  . . .

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For sure, Susan!




For Immediate Release

June 29, 2016

Meewasin is favoured by users – walkers, runners, cyclists, bird watchers, tourists, environmentalists, families and people of varied backgrounds and interests. Reader’s Digest Magazine recently named the Meewasin flagship – the Meewasin Trail – one of the top 10 trails in Canada. Visitors to the Meewasin Valley have said that in addition to healthy lifestyles, the top impacts are tourism, marketing/publicity, and economic. Meewasin has received numerous international awards for conservation, and remains a leader on the world stage for the work it does in our community.

This stellar reputation is now under threat and any decrease in provincial level funding will undoubtedly lead to erosion levels that will be difficult at best to rebuild from. In fact provincial funding at higher levels is required to maintain, sustain and enhance this prized asset.

Meewasin’s support from citizens is unparalleled:

  • 88% of residents believe that Meewasin is key to their quality of life.
  • 87% of residents believe Meewasin is a good investment.
  • Meewasin is among the most popular and well-used metropolitan trails in North America.
  • Meewasin gets more than one million visits each year.
  • Meewasin doubles (through private fundraising) every dollar granted by the provincial government.

The goal of the KEEP MEEWASIN VITAL campaign is three fold:

  • Engage citizens in demonstrating openly their value of and support for Meewasin.
  • Encourage our provincial government to sustain and in fact increase funding levels to Meewasin.
  • Motivate Meewasin enthusiasts to get involved by spreading the word, adding your voice and making donations.

Todd Brandt, CEO of Tourism Saskatoon says “Our river, its valley and the associated land resources of the three Meewasin Partners form the critical basis of our destination’s brand. We attract 2.8 million people annually to share and celebrate at our many festivals, events and attractions. Meewasin is a provincial, national and international treasure and needs to be treated as such. Our cultural and economic future is dependent upon it.”

“The Greater Saskatoon Chamber of Commerce supports the community effort to sustain the educational programming and riverbank trail support services currently delivered by the Meewasin Valley Authority.” stated Kent Smith-Windsor, Executive Director of the Greater Saskatoon Chamber of Commerce.

Meewasin is a major contributor to tourism, education, economic development; and the health and vibrancy of our community and citizens and we encourage you to help us keep it intact.


Media for more information

contact Lorna Shaw Lennox   306-380-5447




Get on board with the KEEP MEEWAIN VITAL campaign:

    1. Contact your MLA and tell them how important Meewasin is to you. Visit the KeepMeewasinVital Facebook page if you need information on how to contact your MLA.
    2. Sign the Letter of Support at https://www.change.org/p/show-your-support-for-continued-provincial-funding-for-meewasin
    3. Upload photos, thoughts and ideas about Meewasin to the “Keep Meewasin Vital” Facebook page. Tell us what you do on the Meewasin Trail, in the Meewasin Valley parks, the Meewasin Rink and the South Saskatchewan River.
    4. Join the movement on Twitter @KeepMeewasin
    5. Spread the word to friends, colleagues and neighbours about how important it is to show support for Meewasin by connecting online, signing the letter of support and contacting your MLA.
    6. Organize events – walks on the Meewasin Trail, picnics in Meewasin Valley parks, festivals along the riverbank, canoe treks and more. Tell us what you are doing through Facebook or twitter and we’ll share that information throughout social media.
    7. Contact the chair of the Meewasin Board of Directors and tell her what you think. Contact details below:

Toddi Steelman

Executive Director and Professor

School of Environment and Sustainability

(306) 966-1499



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