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August 1 update:  see appended note I sent to the Reporter, Kevin Libin.    And his appreciated reply.

I removed the copy of his article from this posting (I would have had to pay $250).   To view the article,  please copy and insert into your search engine:

Statistics Canada makes a shrewd power grab – while it can.  National Post, Kevin Libin 

Should that not work, there is a back-up copy at

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From: Sandra Finley   Sent: August 1, 2016 1:46 PM   To: Kevin Libin    Subject: RE: Your article on StatsCan


Dear Kevin Libin,


I appreciated StatsCan “… shrewd power grab”.


I draw to your attention:



“In fostering the underlying values of dignity, integrity and autonomy, it is fitting that s. 8 of the Charter

should seek to protect a biographical core of personal information which individuals in a free and democratic society

would wish to maintain and control from dissemination to the state.” 

2.    Mandatory long form census, submitted to Minister Navdeep Bains   (Click on the link)  

(The opposition to what is happening at StatsCan began in 2003, when the role of Lockheed Martin Corp (with sub-contractor IBM) at StatsCan became known.)

3.   Does Lockheed Martin Corp have a role in the 2016 Census?  

(Comprehensive argument against long form census, includes links to letters sent to other Ministers Responsible. Plus Prime Minister J Trudeau’s strong statements in support of Charter Rights.)

4.    Consider: StatsCan has ONE master data base on citizens. Your name is on your record. Censuses are once every 5 years.   But Surveys are being conducted relentlessly. StatsCan tells citizens that Surveys are mandatory (“It is the law”) (which it isn’t).   A citizen hired a lawyer (Nov 2015) to challenge StatsCan’s harassment; StatsCan backed down, long enough to stop the court case.

See     Surveys are Mandatory then Voluntary then Mandatory, along with “The Law” on Surveys


Please feel free to use the information.    A general page re StatsCan/Lockheed Martin with links is at:

If there are questions I might answer, please call.

I hope you don’t mind:   I added your article to the file.

Thank-you. (?!)

Sandra Finley

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From: Libin, Kevin   Sent: August 4, 2016 9:54 AM   To: Sandra Finley  Subject: Re: Your article on StatsCan


Thanks. I recall that the one recent case of a citizen being tried for refusing the census was protesting the Lockheed Martin link. That isn’t my issue, but I respect her right to decline (and yours) for any reason you choose. Feel free to add the article to any personal files. Just be sure not to publicly reprint it without my employer’s express permission.

Take care


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