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WITH THANKS FOR THE ARTICLE, TO JAKE  (from the USA) who writes:

The questions that no one seems to be asking are the obvious ones.

Big Pharma and Big Agriculture have taken control of most of the governmental bodies of the USA and sadly it appears by all of the evidence that a majority of the population are allowing it to occur, or simply are too dumbed down to care.

“If the USA were any other criminal nation the ‘Americans’ would invade the USA to keep the world safe.”

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You observe: Big Pharma and Big Agriculture have taken control of most of the governmental bodies of the USA.   That is true here, too.   And add “most of the universities.”

Also true here:

The Financial and Banking Industry has just about been taken over by foreign transnationals, working with the Collaborators, as usual.

We are hard at it – – have to rally the troops fast, to stop the Canada Infrastructure Bank. If we can. Between it and clauses in the trade deals, the international Banksters take over.

If a country doesn’t control who is in charge of the money and financial structure, seems to me it’s game over – – pretty well the final nail in the democracy coffin, as I see it.

One by one the sectors have, or are falling. Taken over by Transnational Corporate Interests and values – –

  • Agriculture (heavy chemical loads poisoning land, water, and food; gmo monoculture causes loss of bio-diversity among other things; an industrial food supply that gives the opposite of health)
  • Governance (we’ve lost our regulatory capacity – the industries have “friends” in place in the structure. And THEIR money calls the tunes.)
  • Energy
  • Health
  • Education (universities). And speaking for Sask., industry interests supply some of the course material for the schools. Uranium/nuclear, for example.
  • Natural Resources
  • Money and Banking
  • There’s a huge battle to stop Water from going


UPDATE, May 18, 2017, Trump announcement: NAFTA is to be changed by the end of the year.

Canadians need to know the history of NAFTA. The Exemption for Water disappeared from the final text. There is currently a huge renewed threat. The Corporates want to make big money by privatization around water, make it a commodity like oil. They’ve made inroads since the original NAFTA.   I won’t think we can trust The Liberals, or The Conservatives to defend our Water supply – – not without big pressure from voters. Both have dirty hands on the issue.

Simon Reisman was the chief negotiator for Canada under Mulroney, the man responsible for giving away the free trade Exemption on Water.  On the other hand, Reisman addressed the Old Boys’ Club in central Canada, telling them of the riches to be had by selling water to the U.S.   His words were recorded in the book, “To the Last Drop”, 1986, by Michael Keating.  Keating was a Globe & Mail reporter with an international reputation for the quality of his work.

After reading  To the Last Drop, I contacted Keating when we were fighting to stop boondoggle dams in Saskatchewan (at first, oblivious of their role in water diversion plans).

Keating did not say these words. It is what I constructed from attempted conversation with him: Keating suffered terrible attacks because he revealed Reisman’s (the Government’s) servicing of “The Old Boys”.  Reisman’s address to the Club, which he obviously did not see being reported, spelt out a gross conflict-of-interest, and the betrayal of Reisman’s duty to Canadians.

The Canadian Establishment and the Corporate interests south of the 49th, were salivating over the “blue gold” released by NAFTA with removal of the Exemption for Water.    Four big international engineering companies had formed a consortium because the engineering requirements for the water diversions were enough to keep them all rolling in money.  The outrageously expensive infrastructure (large dams, canals, etc.) to deliver the water for “equity interests” and exploitation will be paid for by citizens.   Privatize the benefits, and hand-off the costs.  Keating spoiled the party.  They retaliated with a vengeance.

I am reminded of John Perkins’ The New Confessions of an Economic Hit Man (2016). Canadians are real dupes if they believe that the American Empire won’t / doesn’t do to us what they have done for decades in developing countries.  They get rid of people who won’t play ball with them.   As Perkins documents – – hell, they’ve circled around to include the USA in their line of fire, now.

I believe that the attacks had an effect on Keating’s health.   I won’t say more – – all you have to do is to look at their decades of assassinations, “plane crashes” of Presidents who resisted the exploitations,  the thuggery.

Re Goodale and the Liberals; The Highgate Dam on the North Saskatchewan River near North Battleford is part of the Infrastructure for diversion of water south from Lake Athabasca to the United States (L. Athabasca empties into the Arctic Ocean via the MacKenzie River).

It was the Liberals with Finance Minister Ralph Goodale who set up clever entities in Saskatchewan with access to Federal funding, to develop the Highgate.

Had we not had the experience of fighting and stopping the Meridian Dam on the South Sask, and been networked with Canadians over protection of water, we would not likely have stopped the boondoggle Highgate.

They are close to getting the Site C Dam in place at the head of the Rocky Mountain Trench (Columbia River system). The Trench has long been designated for water diversion to the U.S.   Step-by-step, a few setbacks, but there’s always a front on which progress can be made.

Beware the Canada Infrastructure Bank.

And beware the “tweaking” of NAFTA.   The very best news was when Trump promised to end NAFTA.   NOW, the Canadian “negotiators” can REALLY claim that they had to give away the farm in order to get a deal.

Oh dear! That sounds pessimistic!       /Sandra

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The Chickenpox Vaccine Mess

(the link is above – – there are a large number of Comments.  Text is captured below)

When I was a child, nearly everybody became ill with chickenpox.  Like nearly all kids, when I became ill with it, I stayed home from school about a week and fully recovered.

All that changed in 1995, when the FDA licensed and approved the live attenuated chickenpox (varicella) vaccine in persons aged >12 months.  After the vaccine began to be used by most children, the incidence of chickenpox rapidly declined.  However, due to continual outbreaks of chickenpox, a second dose of the chickenpox vaccine was added to the childhood immunization schedule in 2006.

Is the chickenpox vaccine effective at significantly lowering the incidence of chickenpox?  Yes.  Due to the vaccine, there is a significantly lowered incidence of chickenpox.

However, the most important question to ask is, “Has the chickenpox vaccine (along with the other 70 doses of vaccines given) improved the lives of our children and the rest of the population?  The answer to that question is easy:  No.

Yes, our children have less chickenpox due to the vaccine.  However, shingles, a painful reoccurrence of chickenpox, has become an epidemic illness affecting both children and adults.  The rapidly increased incidence of shingles is directly related to the use of the chickenpox vaccine.  You see, we need chickenpox circulating in the environment to tweak our immune systems in order to stay alert.  With the effectiveness of the chickenpox vaccine, our immune systems are no longer stimulated with the varicella virus (the virus that causes both chickenpox and shingles) which allows the reactivation of the chickenpox virus—shingles– to develop.  Studies have shown that we spend more money treating shingles than the savings due to the lowered rate of chickenpox.  And, shingles can develop into a chronic, debilitating disease and can cause death.

I keep hearing the mantra that vaccines are safe and effective.  That is simply not true.  Vaccines are associated with a host of adverse effects.  In the case of the chickenpox vaccine, a recent study looked at the adverse effects of this therapy.

The study concluded, “We identified no new or unexpected safety concerns for the second-dose varicella vaccine.” (1)

However, when the entire study is read, a different picture is formed.  The authors found 14,641 reports (from 2006-2014) to the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) after the second dose of the chickenpox vaccine.  VAERS is a voluntary reporting system designed to collect information about adverse effects from vaccinations. It is estimated that only 1-10% of all vaccine-related adverse effects are reported to VAERS since it is a voluntary system. (2)   Since it is a voluntary system, there is no doubt that VAERS underestimates the adverse effects due to vaccines.   I would venture a guess that most doctors who administer vaccines are unaware of VAERS.  I know that is true from quizzing many doctors about whether they are aware of VAERS.

According to the study, 3% of the adverse reactions were classified as serious.  Serious adverse reactions included anaphylaxis (83), meningitis (5), encephalitis—inflammation of the brain (16), cellulitis (52), chickenpox (6), shingles (6), and death (7).

Keep in mind that only 1-10% of all adverse reactions to vaccines are thought to be reported to VAERS.  So, the numbers of adverse reactions may be multiplied by 10-100 to achieve the true numbers.  The CDC estimates that around 100 people died per year due to chickenpox infection before the vaccine.  However, the vast majority of those that died had other serious medical issues.  When you factor in the under-reporting to VAERS, the chickenpox vaccine does not look so good.  In fact, it is a perfect example of the metaphor, “Robbing Peter to pay Paul”.

There is no question that the chickenpox vaccine has lowered the incidence of chickenpox.  However, the vaccine is not 100% safe as the study’s data shows.  However, the real problem with the vaccine is that it does not provide life-long immunity.  Therefore, it is logical to assume that we have created a whole generation of young adults who have received the chickenpox vaccine who are not immune to chickenpox.  The benefit of getting natural chickenpox infection as a child is that the child is immune for life;  not so with the vaccine.  Furthermore, a real danger of chickenpox occurs in pregnant mothers and newborn children.  Chickenpox in the first trimester of pregnancy can cause congenital varicella syndrome characterized by birth defects.  A newborn baby is particularly vulnerable to serous effects from becoming ill with chickenpox.  A mother that had a natural infection with chickenpox would normally pass short-term immunity to prevent the infection to her newborn baby.  The protection of her baby against chickenpox does not occur in a woman immunized with chickenpox as this passive transfer of immunity does not occur with vaccination.

We would have been better off letting over 95% of our children become ill and  recovering from chickenpox.  These children would have life-long protection against chickenpox and there would be no worry about congenital varicella syndrome or their newborn children becoming ill with chickenpox.

Folks, we have a mess on our hands.  We have immunized our children against a disease that they did not need to be immunized against.  There are many studies showing that the immune system is healthier when exposed to and recovers from common childhood illnesses like chicken pox (and measles).  Now, because of the chickenpox vaccine, we have an epidemic of shingles and a young population that is not fully immune to chickenpox. And, as I showed your earlier, the vaccine is not 100% safe.

If I knew my children were going to get chickenpox next week, would I recommend the vaccination?  No way.  I would ensure that they were nutritionally sound, eating a healthy diet and fully hydrated.  Then, if they became ill, I would have them stay home from school to rest and I would take care of them until they recovered.  And, I would use  a lot of vitamin C.  After recovering from the illness, my daughters would not have to fear becoming sick with chickenpox when they are pregnant.

There is a risk/benefit ratio for every choice in health care.  In the case of the chickenpox vaccine, I think the long-term risk is too high with the chickenpox vaccine.  The chickenpox vaccine mess should never have occurred.


(1)    Pediatrics.  Vol.139, N.3. March 2017

(2)    Note:  Serious adverse reactions are required to be reported to VAERS by doctors, hospitals, and other vaccine providers.  However,  it is still thought that only 1-10% of all adverse reactions are reported to VAERS and that includes serious adverse reactions.

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