May 262017

MANY THANKS for sharing this strategy with others  – –  to Jake  – –  who writes:

I am not sure if you remember our original correspondence from several years back but I will take a short moment to refresh your memory.

Our organization, North American Intertribal Missions, (NAIM) has for almost thirty years now provided ancillary services to and for Native American Children who are rendered to the custody of any entity outside of their tribal affiliations.  I personally am half NatAm (both parents were half) and affiliated with three tribes.

The ‘successes’ we have had are as a result of using the existing law(s) most often in a manner that they were not originally intended to be used; but we were successful in most cases by that method.

Recently, we have had several cases of children who we had found foster care for who were subject to the “Indian Child Welfare Act” and the “Indian Health Care Act” and the organization known as the “Indian Health Care Service” “IHCS” and its many avenues of services which most often need the same approach as listed above to be used to their fullest potential and benefit; and this brings me to a point that I felt MAY be of some service to you and your own program on the Forced Vaccination Resistance.

To sum it up WE took the existing laws that govern “Physician Liability” and  we think; USED THEM TO MAKE OUR POINT ON THE MATTER OF CHOICE……. AND IT IS SIMPLY THIS:


We crafted several very short, differently worded documents that essentially “request” that the “Doctor who is prescribing the vaccination that may or may not be required by law (most often for children) ASSUME FULL  RESPONSIBILITY FOR THE RESULTS OF THE VACCINATIONS PRESCRIBED—-WHETHER THEY BE SUCCESSFUL OR RESULT IN ADVERSE REACTIONS.

Of the FOUR cases that we have been involved with; NONE of the Doctors were willing to accept the ultimate responsibility whether it resulted in ‘success’ or ANY adverse reactions.

In each case the parent, had the document to show to the ‘demander’ (most often a school or other similar organization) that their “demand” was impossible to accomplish without the participation of the licensed Physician who is the ONLY professional that has the authority to ‘prescribe’ the vaccination; and was NOT willing to accept “personal professional responsibility”—-for prescribing something was being demanded by law. (*)

It stopped there (well for now) and we hope that the same concept can be expanded upon by others.

The irony is that the institutions that are demanding the vaccinations have no way to overcome the fact to the most simple of the counter arguments that we have used which is:

“If everyone else but a few, volunteer to be vaccinated, then THEY are the ones who will have nothing to worry about if that contagion becomes epidemic; while those who refuse the vaccinations are ‘willingly taking the risk’ and will not by law be able hold anyone else liable.

This approach MAY need some refinement ,and I am aware that you are in Canada with many differing laws, but the same approach with refinements may very well be the answer.

  • EVERY Lawyer we have revealed this to has said almost the same thing “Damn, that is SMART”……..”they’ll have some major difficulties getting that past the insurance companies that cover the liabilities for those Doctors.”

It may just be worth it to you and ‘yours’ to try the same approach with your own tailored method.

The Pharmaceutical  corporations are as dependent upon the Insurance industry as the medical field; and that being the case we think we found a way to cause them to be concerned about their “concerns” e.g. MONEY……..(it does make the world go round doesn’t it?) and when you can “grab them by the ——money bags; you get their attention”……..

Let me know what you think.

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