Sep 182017

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B.C. Premier Horgan and the NDP government are planning to pass Ban Big Money legislation.

From the beginning, this has truly been a grassroots movement. When we launched the Ban Big Money campaign, the media ignored us and politicians told us it couldn’t be done. But tens of thousands of everyday British Columbians came together to say “enough is enough.” And now, here we stand, on the edge of something great.

Last week we asked for your input into what you thought the gold standard should be for Ban Big Money laws.

2,179 of you took the time to make your voices heard, and we can’t thank you enough. Here are the results.

Already our volunteer teams are out knocking on their MLAs’ doors and phoning their offices, presenting them with the results of our survey. They are making sure elected officials know, after decades of living in the no-holds-barred Wild West, British Columbians won’t settle for anything less than the best.

Please stay vigilant this week — watch the announcements and look at the details. We want to make sure this law meets our standards. If it doesn’t, contact your MLA and let them know their job isn’t finished yet. And if it truly is ideal, celebrate.

Let’s drive this home,





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