Jun 042018

A major discontent among the people of Ontario in the Election (June 7) is the price of energy.   i.e  Nuclear Energy.    They call it a “hydro” problem!

Excerpt from Global News:

WATCH: How big is Ontario’s hydro problem? And can the Liberals, NDP or PCs fix it?

The Progressive Conservatives have done their best to fan the flames of voter resentment by blaming the premier, the CEO of Hydro, and Hydro’s board of directors for rate increases.

Whatever the technical and legal justifications, paying the CEO of Hydro $6 million a year (Doug Ford’s “six-million-dollar man”), along with the board members voting themselves generous fee increases, has been like rubbing salt in the wounds of angry consumers.

READ MORE: Hydro One board members approved $25K raises for themselves

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I documented the West to East success in Canada of opposition to the nuclear industry and a sampling of the corruption between the nuclear industry, the Government and the University, Saskatchewan:

2018-03-19   Does Environment Minister McKenna KNOW that Natural Resources Minister Carr is pushing nuclear energy in the UN climate talks, Bonn Germany, May 2018?   My letter to the Minister.

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Here they are, pushing the industry again – – gotta hang onto the gravy train.

(BACKGROUND ON SMRs, Small Modular Reactors:  http://forum.stopthehogs.com/phpBB2/viewforum.php?f=20)


Subject:   BIG NUKE Conference – Saskatoon – June 3-6, 2018 –  SMRs are on the Agenda . . . .


 Saskatchewan speakers include:

 – Hon. Tina Beaudry-Mellor, Saskatchewan Minister for Advanced Education

 – Mike Marsh, President and CEO, SaskPower

Conference Background

The peaceful application of nuclear science and technology has contributed clean, safe and resilient energy to mitigate climate change challenges; diagnostic and therapy tools that improve individual health; and means that enhance security of the global community.

It is anticipated that enhancement of these benefits through research and development will continue well into the 21st century, accompanied by an increase in public confidence and acceptance of nuclear science and technology.

The Canadian Nuclear Society (CNS) will host its 38th Annual Conference at the Sheraton Cavalier Saskatoon Hotel in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada, 2018 June 3-6. This conference provides a forum for communication of new ideas, information exchange of progress and achievements, and a forum to discuss energy‐related issues in general. Technical topics of interest are listed on the following page.


The CNS 38th Annual Conference will feature:

  • Plenary sessions with invited speakers to address such topics as large scale refurbishment projects, options for future new-build, etc.
  • Technical sessions with subject‐matter experts from utilities, suppliers, the regulator, academia, federal laboratories and agencies to present the latest advancements in nuclear science and technology.
  • An embedded topical meeting on Small Modular Reactors (SMR) with focused plenary and technical sessions dealing with the potential of and challenges to licensing and deployment of SMR in Canada.
  • Exhibits with industrial leaders showcasing their latest nuclear products and technology.
  • A Student Conference with student posters
  • Social events (such as opening reception, lunches, conferen cebanquet , wine-&-cheese reception , coffee breaks and conference banquet) that facilitate discussions and networking on subjects of common interests

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