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http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WeanAuZK_DY&feature=player_embedded    (11 minutes)

“Poison in the Mouth”   Includes how mercury is treated after it has been removed from the mouth (with hazardous material “haz mat” handling procedures).


  • Dr. Lars Friberg (WHO)
  • the work of researchers at the University of Calgary (the sheep and monkey research) Dr. Murray Vimy and Dr. Fritz Lorscheider ; the research from U of Southern California (Dr. David Eggleston) regarding accumulation of mercury from amalgams in the brain;  and Kentucky researcher Boyd Haley on Alzheimer’s connection.  Mercury crossing the placenta. Etc.

Millions of people have dental amalgam silver fillings implanted in their teeth. Dental amalgam is the most commonly used material to repair cavities. Amalgams are a mixture of the toxic metals mercury, zinc, tin and copper. Amalgam fillings contain 50% mercury and only 20 to 35% silver. Mercury is highly toxic and causes many health problems!


Mercury vapor escapes from amalgam fillings, is inhaled and swallowed. This causes low level mercury poisoning in the body. The amount of mercury in the brain is directly linked to the number and the size of amalgam fillings. Mercury passes through the placental barrier and even enters the mother’s breast milk! Mercury affects the body chemistry and disrupts organs.
(Link no longer valid)   http://wholebodymed.com/thescience.php

Symptoms of mercury poisoning include:
Auto-immune diseases, mental disorders, migraines, cancer, insomnia, arthritis, depression, oral lesions, infertility, birth defects, stomach pains, memory loss, autism, developmental disorders, ADHD, anxiety, mood changes, asthma, allergies, etc.

More videos about Dental Amalgam:

Dental amalgams were first introduced in 1833 but many dentists refused to implant them due to the mercury. In 1843, the American Society of Dental Surgeons declared the use of dental amalgam a malpractice(!) and forced its members to abstain from using amalgams.

Proponents of amalgam continued to claim that dental amalgam was safe because it was supposedly inert in the filling. Since dental amalgam was less expensive and easier to work with than gold fillings, it wasn’t long before dental amalgam was routinely used by most dentists.

In 1926, Dr. Alfred Stock showed that mercury vapor escapes from amalgam fillings and that this could cause significant health damage. The American Dental Association (ADA) vigorously defended dental amalgams its widespread use was continued.

In 1986, the ADA finally admitted that mercury vapor escapes from the amalgam fillings but remained adamant that amalgams were safe, and in 1986 it changed its code of ethics, making it unethical for dentists to inform patients of the health risks of amalgams or to recommend removal of amalgams…
(Link no longer valid)   http://wholebodymed.com/historypolit.php
(Link no longer valid)   http://wholisticresearch.com/info/artshow.php3?artid=20

In 2008 the FDA admitted that dental amalgam can cause health problems.

Norway, Denmark and Sweden have ended use of mercury fillings and many dental schools no longer teach mercury placement. Germany, Canada, and California require mercury toxicity warnings to be given to pregnant women.

There are healthier alternatives to dental amalgam such as composite resin (white) fillings, porcelain, and glass ionomers but make sure they don’t contain added fluoride! Gold is not a healthy alternative as it will produce electrical currents within your mouth.

Improve your health by having your amalgam fillings removed!

Amalgam removal should be done SAFELY! Use a dentist who specializes in safe amalgam removal. Mercury vapor escapes during the removal process.
It is essential that you are protected!
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Safely remove mercury and other metals from your body with Zeolite, a 100% natural mineral.
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Don’t use a dentist who still implants amalgam fillings in other patients as this causes second hand mercury vapor.

Mercury-free & mercury-safe dentists:

“My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge.”
Hosea 4:6 (KJV)

More information:
(Link no longer valid)   http://y2khealthanddetox.com/mercfillings.html

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