Sep 152011

This is so amazing!     Bush’s Toronto appearance cancelled  !  

The cancellation happened because:

–        Young people and a professor stood up and said “no”. 

–        An employee resigned over it.

Too cool!

NOW!  We have to get Bush stopped in Surrey (October 20th).

Earlier we circulated   2011-08-01   The Swiss caused Geo Bush to cancel his visit to Geneva.  Can we do the same?  Bush speaking in Surrey, B.C. (Vancouver) Thursday, October 20th, 2011.)

Darn right we can do what the Swiss did!   Torontonians already did it.   Now for B.C..

Yesterday I started phoning Surrey City Councillors (Contact info:   

The conversation with Councillor Bob Bose was great.   I sent him the link to the information we have collected, the on-going work in Canada, the U.S., and Europe to get Bush arrested and tried at the International Criminal Court. 

We talked about people in the Vancouver area who would want to be involved in the work to get Bush arrested when he arrives in Vancouver.   I was happy that I called the Councillor;  I met another remarkable Canadian.

If YOU know anyone in Surrey,  please let them know about the effort.   The Municipal Election is in November.   Electors may want to think twice about voting for Mayor Dianne Watts who is one of the people behind bringing Bush to Surrey.

Gail Davidson, a major driver in the effort to uphold the rule of law, writes:

Please step up your opposition to Bush’s scheduled visit to Surrey BC on October 20th.

The September 20th visit was apparently cancelled in response to student opposition.   


Insist that Bush be barred from Canada as an accused war criminal or arrested on his arrival in accordance with the law.

Send LAW”s letter (click on  our letter ) outlining Canada’s legal duty to ensure that George W. Bush, being a person suspected on reasonable grounds of torture and other grave crimes, will not receive safe haven from prosecution for torture (and other crimes) in Canada, to your MP and MLA.

Click on:   Email Addresses for Canadian MP’s 

We’re on a roll!!

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  1. I 100% agree with the above comments and believe very strongly that he should be arreted for crimes against humanity

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