Nov 112011

Approximately 25 people chanting and waving signs protest policies enacted by former President Bush during a visit to Palm Desert.
An Occupy Coachella Vallye protestor holds a sign reading “Citizens: Arrest Bush” during a visit by former President George W. Bush to Palm Desert. Friday, Nov 11, 2011.
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About two dozen members of Occupy Coachella Valley marched along sidewalks and in crosswalks in front of the JW Marriott in Palm Desert on
Friday morning.

The peaceful demonstration was a protest against former President George W. Bush, who spoke earlier in the morning to a private group at the hotel. 

“We’re protesting the presence of the top 1% and President Bush, who started the polices that have bankrupted this nation,” said a person
in a Guy Fawkes mask who called himself “Anonymous”, but was later found to be Jayel Aheram. 

“We’re protesting two budget busting wars, the fat bailouts and the Patriot Act and things of that nature. For the most part, the fact that he put this country into massive debt,” Aheram said.

With chants of “Bush lied, soldiers died,” and “Shame on Bush”, the group received honks and approving waves from a handful of vehicles passing in front the Marriott.  Only one person was seen making a negative gesture toward the group. 

The former President was speaking as part of an Ernst & Young Strategic Growth Forum, which was not open to the public.  Attendees, which Occupy Coachella Valley claims represent the 1% of people that control political power and wealth, paid $3,695 to register for the five-day event. 

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Former President George W. Bush is visiting the Coachella Valley Friday.

He’s speaking at the 25th Annual Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year Awards Ceremony. The event is being held at the JW Marriott Desert Springs Resort & Spa in Palm Desert.

The event is part of the annual Strategic Growth Forum, which takes place from November 9 through the 13, with the awards ceremony taking place on the final night, hosted by Jay Leno.

According to Ernst & Young’s website there will be more than 2,100 CEOs and senior executives from America’s top high-growth, market-leading companies at this year’s sold out Forum.

The event is private and closed to the public.

Protesters from the “Occupy Coachella Valley” movement will be demonstrating outside the hotel.

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