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UPDATE:  the outcome of this communication?  See  Citizens’ Assembly,  March 30-31, Saskatoon,  How are we going to get rid of dental amalgams (mercury)? 

Dear Drs. Nestor and Warwick, 

Would the Canadian Council of Oral Medicine and Toxicology (CCOMT), of which Dr. Nestor is President, be interested in doing a presentation at the University of Saskatchewan?    

At this point it is an idea;  I don’t know just how it would be executed. 

I was elected to the University Senate which is the voice of the community in the governance of the University.   Among other things,  I work with a group of people whose health has been severely compromised by mercury poisoning.   I believe that the status quo at the University (both in dentistry and in toxicology) displays gross negligence of the public service that is the University’s sole raison d’etre.

 I have posted your submission made to the Department of Environment, on behalf of the International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology (IAOMT) of which Dr. Nestor is Vice-President, to my blog and will circulate it by email, facebook and twitter.   Your efforts to protect people and the environment from mercury poisoning are greatly appreciated.  In my experience, your actions are relatively rare in professional ranks (not unknown, but not the norm).

 I, on behalf of my network, made a submission on dental amalgams to Environment Canada in response to their request for public input.  

You may have received the same reply as did I on Nov 18:  “the Response to Comments document for the proposed regulations of mercury-containing products has been published.”

(As at today, Nov 27, the link to this Government document brings up a “cannot display the page message”.  Perhaps it is temporary, I will follow-up.  It is not a problem to the extent that earlier I excerpted and posted relevant portions of the document to my blog.)  

It may be of assistance to you (and others):

I searched the “Response” document for the words “DENTAL” (amalgams) and “VACCINATIONS”.   The excerpts related to mercury in amalgams and vaccinations are accessible on my blog at: Mercury-Hlth-Canada-Rept-Nov-2011.  

Environment Canada listed the IAOMT among the organizations that made submissions. 

 I have cited the IAOMT and the laws in some European countries as evidence that the poisoning by mercury in dental amalgams (and vaccinations) is not the stuff of internet hoax.  This is in addition to a large file of other evidence and experience. 

I wanted to view your submission to Environment Canada but they declined to make the individual submissions on mercury available to the public.  So I went to the IAOMT and was referred to dentist Dave Warwick in Hanna, who referred me to you and sent a copy of your submission (appended).   I thoroughly enjoyed the exchange of information with Dr. Warwick (who happens to know my niece-in-law and her family from Hanna!).  

I asked Dr. Warwick how it came about that he doesn’t use amalgams in his dental practice.  As I understand, in the early years of his practice in Hanna in the 1980’s, some patients asked him to replace their amalgams.  They explained why.   He obliged and then saw their health recover.   His experience and further research convinced him that the mercury in amalgams is very damaging to health. 

 After about 30 years of practice in Hanna and being the only dentist, the majority of people coming into his office know about the toxic effects of the amalgams.   He also said that Hanna has the lowest rate of immunization of any community in Alberta:  people are also aware of the heavy metals in vaccinations. 

Many thanks for the information on the IAOMT website ( ).  

You will see a button on my blog:  Heavy metals in vaccinations, Mercury in dental amalgams, Fluoride in tap water     There is a supporting file of information collected in large measure by Grant Schoenroth. 

I will set up a link to  (and to VRAN – the Vaccine Risk Awareness Network).

 My question about the CCOMT coming to the U of S would be part of an effort to create an informed critical mass that would drive the needed changes in the “teachings” at the U of S.   In the past I have sent information to the Dean of Medicine (Dr. William Albritton) and to the CEO of the Saskatoon Health District (Maura Davies) with no apparent effect.

 I neglected to send information to the Dental College  or to the Department of Toxicology .  When I know your response, perhaps those are the first places I should approach.

 Many thanks for your consideration.

 Sandra Finley


  2 Responses to “2011-11-27 Mercury in dental amalgams, my letter to the International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology”

  1. I applaud your activism on behalf of all individuals who do not wish to have mercury amalgams used in their mouths. I feel strongly that we must take a stand on this issue, and leadership is of great importance!

    • Why thanks Miami Dentist! A person making a fully-informed decision would not choose mercury in their mouth! I worry about you, a dentist, who as part of your work is exposed to a lot of mercury. I hope you are careful to take all the possible precautions.

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