Mar 242012

In light of

  • robocalls
  • vote fraud in the U.S.

the project for E-voting in Canada is in need of hard scrutiny.

I sent a follow-up to my Sept, 2011 email to Marc Mayrand, Chief Electoral Officer, because of grave concerns about electronic voting.   People in the U.S. have done an excellent job of documenting and videoing the “real world” of electronic voting machines.   (See under “Categories” in right-hand sidebar:  “Electronic Voting ” under “Democracy requirements”.)

NOTE:   Elections Canada replied to my first email about e-voting, click on:   2011-09-07  (4) E-voting:   Letter to Elections Canada and reply

BUT,  I don’t believe I ever received a reply to the follow-up, below (it’s on my “to-do list” – –   write them again!).  The documentation of the problems and corruption are too compelling to be ignored.

– – – – – –  – – – – – – – – – – —

SENT:  March 2012

TO:  Chief Electoral Officer of Canada, Marc Mayrand

Email sent from Elections Canada webpage:

CC:  Mr. Mario Lavoie, Assistant Director (Partnerships) of Alternative Voting Methods   infosvr  AT

Dear Chief Electoral Officer Mayrand,


REQUEST UPDATE  on the current status of the project to conduct an electronic voting test-run in a byelection by 2013, as reported in 2009.

And response to TWO QUESTIONS:

1.         Is Elections Canada conducting the Alternative Voting Methods project on a “partnered” basis?   (reference job title, Assistant Director (Partnerships) of Alternative Voting Methods from email appended.)

2.         If “yes”,  what are the names of the companies with which Elections Canada is partnered?

Thank-you for your consideration,

Best wishes,

Sandra Finley

== = = = =  = ==


From: infosvr [mailto:infosvr  AT]

Sent: October-04-11 12:13 PM

To:  ‘sabest1  AT’

Subject:  Elections Canada_2011-018853_Internet voting pilot project

Dear Ms. Finley,

Attached, please find a letter from Mr. Mario Lavoie, Assistant Director (Partnerships) of Alternative Voting Methods, in response to your e-mail, dated September 3, 2011, regarding the status of the Internet voting pilot project.


Enquiries Agent  . . .




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