Oct 172012

Typical: personal experience with mercury poisoning from dental amalgams drives people to action so that others might be spared.   Randall Moore was moved to action by his Father’s alzheimers.

Hi Sandra,

I want to introduce to you Randall Moore who is a professional film maker.  His father passed away from Alzheimer’s and he is committed to ridding the world of amalgam.

In our session with Zoe, there was talk of an impactful film.  I am telling you this is it – You Put What In My Mouth?.

Randall is a very talented film maker.  He met his $60,000 kickstarter target and is looking for another $60,000 to secure among other things, a high level narrator such as Morgan Freeman or Johnny Depp.    If you know of people that want to get into this venture please contact him.

Randall has posted his trailer on a website called kickstarter.  The link is here.. http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/mercuryexposure/602295127?token=ae5d3c7d

People will be extremely impressed.  Randall is a man of integrity and he is on a mission to get the word out with a viral film.

Thanks for your consideration on this..





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