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Nov 132022






            THE TRUCKERS  (aka FREEDOM) CONVOY and



             CITIZEN ACTION DOES NOT SPONTANEOUSLY COMBUST OUT OF THIN AIR                                                                                                      

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I intended to submit this to the Commission of Enquiry into Invocation of the Emergency Act.  But did not.


On October 18 and 19th, 2022 the Commission heard from Police:

we will do better next time. 


AND on state radio (CBC) the following day (Oct 20), an “authority” pronounced:

There will be more and larger mass demonstrations.

– – – – – –

Without some CONTEXT, and without the VOCABULARY for processing the information, it is more likely that YES, there WILL BE more and larger mass demonstrations.   And

each time that the Police  “DO BETTER”,  it will be WORSE for Canadians and for the Police.

If thwarted above ground, aggrieved people go underground.           (elaboration under “CONTEXT”).


The work of the Commission is preventive – – understand what happened in order to avoid repeat performances.  There is also potential for Truth and Reconciliation.


The REASONS WHY the demonstrations will grow MUST BE addressed. 

Otherwise, There will be more and larger mass demonstrations.

However,  Canadians should not create more space on the Planet for the fermentation of angers, resentment, hatred and violence.    

– – – – – – – – – –

What’s missing in the pronouncement by the “authority”?   

There was no mention of the Unimaginable  Number of people worldwide who are pitching in to help Canadians (and each other) fight the erasure of Rights.

Are we going to continue the fight against the wrongs that have been done over the last 3 years?  Is the Government going to come to the Table, or are they going to out-source their job to the Police?

The determination that our Constitutional and international Rights will not be taken from us is shared around the globe.  We stand by each other in this resolve.

The “authority” does not know, nor do you or I, the power of the friendly and smart Mass.

It is easy for the talking “authorities” to credibly predict more and larger mass demonstrations because few people (other than the protesters) are doing anything about removing THE CAUSES of the protests.  Quite the opposite.

The Police say, “We will do better next time”.  I understood this to mean they will do better at PREVENTING the protesters from getting near the Legislators.    . . .  But what if the actions are not illegal?  – –  rather, they are part of what citizens do if they want to keep the rights that have been fought for, defended and entrusted to them by their forebears?  What if they will defend their Constitutional Rights – – to the death?

The Government needs to dump its corporate masters.  Stop lying if they ever expect to be trusted.  STOP THE PROPAGANDA.  And put an end to the fear-mongering.  That’s for starters.


CHARACTERISTIC        (a descriptor used by the Commission)

I am 73-years-old, born 4 years after the end of WW2.

I am from The Prairies (Luseland, SK), small town rural and distant from the city, of a different time.

I have a decades-long interest in the building (and conversely the destruction) of strong, healthy communities.

Which is tied to unending curiosity:  how ever could Germany have descended into naziism (fascism)?  The standard responses have never been fully satisfying.

(ASIDE) Whose brilliance was the trade-off:  you, the Government of Canada, can have an Emergency Act.  But if so, citizens get a Requirement for Public Enquiry, if the Act is ever invoked.  The clause is Salvation, as I see it.  Thank-you!

I am enamoured of freedom with its attendant responsibilities.

I have been twice to the Museum of Non-Violent Resistance at Checkpoint Charlie on the Wall that divided West from East in Berlin, Germany, during the Cold War.  The first time was in 1999 on a day when we were busy dropping bombs on Kosovo (not far from Berlin if you measure distance as it is on The Prairies).

I view healthy communities and de-centralized governance as

the best defence against subjugation and corruption. 

I was an elected member of the Senate of the University (SK) for 6 years in the 2000’s.  The Senate is the “voice of the community” in the governance of the University.  Activists from southern and northern Saskatchewan got themselves elected to the Senate to challenge the commandeering of a public institution (“theft”) to serve corporate entities and enrichment.   At the expense of the public good.

The final characteristic.  My writing turns off some people.  It’s the way my brain works.  It seeks the connections, the relationships.  If that is uncomfortable for you, if more linear suits your brain, I recommend that you pass this submission to someone else for perusal.   Thank-you.

– – – – – – – – – – –

Informed public discourse is an aim of the Commission.


What am I classified as in the data banks? . . .    a protestor?  – – insurrectionist?  – – dissident?   revolutionary – – subversive – – an insurgent – –  a resistor (of tyranny)?  – – rebel – – an old lady?

. .  it is hard to imagine any insurgency meeting its goals without undermining aspects of the legitimacy or power of the government . . . . subversion includes measures short of violence, which still serve the purposes of insurgents.

Ironically, myself and tonnes of others have worked for a very long time, and still work,  to STOP the takeover of our Government.   We have lost regulatory power.    Our sovereignty has been given away.  Now we have a frontal attack on Rights.

Citizens do not hear or learn the proper vocabulary for this discussion

because it is seldom used in public in Canada.

The Trucker relationship with the Police  – – with the Police because the Government won’t meet with them – – will be rocky because the word “protest” and its alternatives have been successfully stigmatized.

Insurgents are not us, may the Gods forbid! They are foreign and to be feared.  

Whereas the evidence is that we are fighting side-by-side, as hard as we can, against the covid mandates.

The refusal of the Government to come to a table to even hear, let alone fix, the WHY’s – –   – –  WHY would these people travel these thousands of kilometers, and camp outside in Canadian winter – – WHAT is SO important to them that they voluntarily stepped forward  to carry a message that was visibly supported by untold numbers in the world, but stifled by propaganda, manipulation, coercion and worse?

If the Governments, Big Pharma and their Collaborators are allowed to remove the autonomy we have over our own bodies, rule our everyday movements, freeze bank accounts & credit cards without independent adjudication, to imprison without charge,  . . .  if this is not stopped, Canadians will learn soon enough WHAT is important enough.

The Invocation of the Emergency Act.  What is that?  . . . How would you classify it, if not as an act of counter-insurgency to the Truckers and their Supporters (insurgency)?  What else (vocabu;ary) fits?  CAN it be discussed fairly and intelligently, if we don’t know the right word for the Govt actions?

If the trend of more and larger mass demonstrations cannot be reversed by citizens, i.e. if we are not successful in establishing civil Government, especially in a high-surveillance state, then a police or corporate (fascist) state is ensconced in Canada.  The flagrant irrelevance of Rule by Law is a shout-out warning.

Many have concluded that big business is running the show.  Corporatocracy, not democracy is the accurate portrayal.  On this one, I don’t care what you call it, so long as the word “democracy” as a stand-alone is not accepted because that’s not what we have.   “Remnant democracy” maybe.


If the reality is a corporatized state, there has been a coup d’état by stealth in Canada (and in the U.S.)

“Military historian Edward Luttwak says, “A coup consists of the infiltration of a small, but critical, segment of the state apparatus, which is then used to displace the government from its control of the remainder”   Quislings in Canada have and continue to play a significant role.

(2010-09-13   RCMP identify coup d’etat as threat to Canada, Ottawa Citizen.)


The tools for reclaiming the levers of Government evolve with the times and technology. 

The patient, Canadian democracy, may not survive without even greater mobilizations of its defenders.  More and larger mass demonstrations may be a necessity.  Maybe the “authority” I heard on the radio will be proven right.

Prior to this Commission, my bets were with “the authority” who predicted “more and larger mass demonstrations”.   The characteristics of a police and surveillance state, clear disdain for the Rule of Law, knowledge of people who have left Canada because the writing is on the wall . . . Time will tell whether my bets change.

– – – – – – –



  • (From the Commission)  Tell us how your ideas might apply in the future. . . How would they apply to different protest activities about other matters?

The VOID I wish to address:   What about the past?

I am guessing that few Canadians who are younger than 40 will know about the massive mobilizations in the USA in 1999.   Thousands of Canadians crossed the border to join them.    A film was made about the nation-wide insurrection, “Battle in Seattle”.  Woody Harrelson was one of the actors.


The “Battles to Protect the Commons” are decades-long and arduous.  “The Commons” is comprised of a list of components upon which creation and human society are dependent for survival and health.   Big Pharma is not on the list of components. 






Or,  re-stated using the Vocabulary:

Non-violent Resistance to the erasure of Rights  

makes the Truckers, Farmers (Coutts) and Supporters into protestors or Insurgents (or other words)   and

Government response is Counter-Insurgent.  (Government goes to any end to be the Dictator – invoke the Emergency Act, trample Rights, freeze people’s money, property, prosecute, fine and put them in jail)



A TRUISM, AS FAR AS I KNOW:   VIOLENCE BEGETS VIOLENCE.   You’re on a dead-end train.


I did not know to what depth resentment descends.  A couple of experiences made it palpable.

  • We were 15 years in Nova Scotia. I followed the Acadians from N.S. to Louisiana.  There, a new (1999) lovely little Acadian community museum describes the “genocide” by the English.  The Brits removed the French from N.S., their home. The memory of injustice is strong enough 250-years later to drive community construction of this place.  250 years later! They want their kids to know and remember.
  • 150 year memory. Their sons were killed in the U.S. Civil War that started in 1865. Atlanta, GA, on a tour in the historic section.  The telling of the stories was truly as though the injustice of dead sons had happened maybe 30 years ago.  It was 150 years ago.
  • Think of the Middle East, the Balkans, . . .
  • Women Who Run With the Wolves, Excerpt below.

(the preceding is from  2002-11-21 (2 of 3), on Non-violent resistance      (


A to-be-expected destination of violence is more violence and then deaths.


The CONTEXT for The Trucker Convoys across Canada, 2022, includes Battle in Seattle, also MONTEBELLO, 2007.

2008-11-28 Follow-up on Montebello, Police provoke Violence at SPP protest (2007) 

Three police officers from the Quebec Surete were trained to be provocateurs – – turn peaceful protest violent.  The protest was Legitimate – – heads of corporations and top Government officials (the USA, Canada and Mexico) meeting behind closed doors to make policy decisions that belong in the House of Commons.  

As I say,  Police officers trained, deployed, disguised as protestors to turn the protest violent.  Their Police-issue boots gave them away.  Protestors pulled down their bandanas, others video’d their faces.  A short documentary was made, with the head of the Quebec Surete caught red-handed later explaining, “The police were doing their job”.    The media nor anyone else ever called them to account, in spite of all the attempts to do so.

In the 15 years since 2007, “the corporate guys” have made great strides.  We were looking at 3 countries and numberous big corporations in 2007.  In 2022,  the covid template was rolled out around the world.  2007 looks like Mary Poppins in comparison.     


Violence, the weapon of choice.  Don’t fix the problem.  Look at CONTEXT – –

  • The Oka Crisis (1990)
  • Ipperwash (1995)

    . . .   I don’t see it said that the Stony Plain people had been trying . . . FOR FIFTY YEARS.  The blockade at Ipperwash was after 50 years of lawyers and mediators and Government officials getting big salaries and perks to resolve the problem. With ZERO accomplishment. An unarmed Dudley George was shot dead by police, with provocation from Ontario Premier Mike Harris.

    Linden did not take long to determine that “Ipperwash” belonged to the Chippewa. Something that all those lawyers and politicians and “officials” and mediators could not accomplish in 50 years.  It took a dead man.  (and another two decade after that, for the land to be returned, as set out in the Agreement with the Canadian Armed Forces, that the land would be returned – – it was on temporary loan to be used during WW2.)

  • The Battle in Seattle (1999)
  • Montebello (2007)
  • the G20 Summit (2010) . . .
  • Trucker’s Convoy (2022).

That’s a fraction of the action.

No one was killed during the Freedom Convoys across Canada in 2022 and the invocation of the Emergency Act, thanks to the leadership of the Truckers, and some (many) among the Police.

Given what is known, Did the Government WANT the conflict over covid settled?

The announcement by the head of the WEF, Klaus Schwab, that they had “Trudeau and half the Canadian cabinet” in their pocket – –

Chrystia Freeland is on the WEF (World Economic Forum) Board.  I was alarmed by her connection to Larry Summers  – – – bringing that kind of corruption into the Canadian political system will scuttle any ship of state.

2017-05-25 Chrystia Freeland – Larry Summers – Dominic Barton connection. “Inclusive Capitalism Initiative” as “re-branding”. Summers bad news (corrupt) (Wall Street vrs Main Street  2007-08 fiasco), Canadian financial matters, advisors to Liberals.

The alarm was warranted. The track record of the Trudeau Jr Government is well-known.  Just one egregious example:  political interference in the decisions of the office of the Attorney-General (Jody Wilson-Raybould) (prosecution of SNC-Lavalin).  Not bad enough, the Cabinet got rid of AG Wilson-Raybould.  There’s the Wi Fund-raising; Canadians know the litany.

In my view, CORRUPTION is the single most important threat to peace, order and good governance in Canada.


Women Who Run With the Wolves, by Clarissa Pinkola Estes 

Excerpt from 

(The “young woman” is the naive in all of us, men and women.  Read this as “gender-inclusive”!)

“.. though the young woman attempts to follow the orders of the predator, and agrees to be ignorant about the secret in the cellar, she can only comply for so long.  Finally she puts the key, the question, to the door and finds the shocking carnage …  And that key, that tiny symbol of her life,
suddenly will not cease its bleeding, will not cease to give the cry that something is wrong.  A woman may try to hide from the devastations of her life, but the bleeding, the loss of life’s energy, will continue UNTIL SHE RECOGNIZES THE PREDATOR FOR WHAT IT IS and CONTAINS IT.

When (women or men) open the doors of their own lives and survey the carnage there, in those out-of-the way places, they most often find they have BEEN ALLOWING SUMMARY ASSASSINATIONS of their most crucial dreams, goals, and hopes. …    

… when such a gruesome discovery is made… we can be sure the natural predator … has been at work methodically destroying a (woman’s or a man’s) most cherished desires, concerns, and aspirations.

In fairy tales, the animal groom character is a common motif that can be understood to represent a MALEVOLENT THING DISGUISED AS A BENEVOLENT THING.  This or some proximate characterization is always present when (a woman or a man) carries naive presentiments about something or someone.  When (a woman or a man) is attempting to avoid the facts of (their) own devastation, (their) night dreams are likely to shout warnings to (her or him), warnings and exhortations to wake up! or get help! or flee! or go for the kill!”



You say – – but Canada is not East Germany before the fall of the Berlin wall.

Nor is it South Africa, Robben Island where Nelson Mandela spent 18 of his 27-year imprisonment.  I went there, too, to try and figure out a bit of what and  how things happen.

My hypothesis:   TIPPING POINTS are a factor.   In a dynamic system (Governance in this case), given feedback that the system is failing, there has to be a mobilization by citizens to correct their system of governance.

If the system is to be returned to civil government there are two requirements:

  1. The Mobilization has to be TIMELY (corrections have to be implemented PRIOR TO arrival at a  tipping point after which the system is beyond retrieval).
  1. The corrections have to fix the ACTUAL CAUSES of the failings. Otherwise the system will continue into collapse.

If mainstream Canadian Media was doing its job, Canadians would know that imprisonment without charge, terms of bail that mock democracy, and other outrages are pushing us closer to a Tipping Point.


  • North America has had its own monumental struggles.  The Truckers Convoy, a.k.a. the Freedom Convoy, was sparked most directly after two years of futile petitioning by citizens.To me it was a novel, high-risk initiative of very uncertain outcome coming from a place that was predicted by NO ONE.  Some Truckers, for God’s sake.(From The Museum of Non-Violent Resistance)

    “… nonviolent resistance as a political force is still young, its possibilities not yet well enough known, and is thus seldom an incitement to the masses and is seldom encouraged by the media.


    For all that, those striving for human rights are dependent on our solidarity and the feeling is growing of an ever increasing threat through the power of dictatorships, the armaments race and the immobility of bureaucrats.    (I photographed these words in 1999)

    Gandhi presented the principles of nonviolent resistance to the world, but the methods – corresponding to the various hierarchies – have to be very different, should they lead to success.


    Through the multiplicity of nonviolent resistance, so rich in ideas,  (INSERT: a Convoy of Truckers?!)   it can be demonstrated that the most powerful effective opposing forces can be mobilized against every form of violence

The following poem, also from the Museum, describes exactly the happiness and joy I experienced in concert with an estimated 14,000 – 15,000 people, January 29th, 2022 at ONE of the protest locations on Vancouver Island.   The mainstream media blacked it out, as we had come to expect would happen.  A strategy that back-fired.  We understood the importance of being responsible for communicating with everyone we knew.  January 29th was a day like no other.  Exciting and fun while serious and sad.

From the Museum of Non-Violent Resistance, the pen of an unknown East German:

 “The red-painted tyranny was not

The worst about our tyrants

The worst thereby were we ourselves

All our cowardice and servility

And that we also were the evil ourselves

Just that is the chance and our luck

You see: It works! We also take back

The everlasting human right ourselves

Now we breathe again, we cry and we laugh

the stale sadness out of the breast

man, we are stronger than rats and dragons

– and had forgotten it and always knew.”


Spread over a number of years,

  • coup d’état  –  corporatocray infiltrates democracy, takes over the reins of government by stealth using money, revolving doors, quislings and other means
  • revolution or insurgency  –  (the words carry innuendo of “bad guys”)   Citizens come to see: business interests and values are appropriate in the commercial sphere.  They are horribly corrupting in the sphere of governance.
  • counter insurgency  –   corporatocracy wants to hold onto power and control.   They mobilize  “a counterinsurgency force” against the forces fighting to restore democracy.


In Canada the counter insurgency, some links  (you may add your own examples – there are lots more to choose from):

The Police tactics at Montebello and the G-20 Summit in Toronto were extensions of the counter insurgency against citizen mobilizations over the  World Trade Organization (WTO) which is the Corporatocracy,  the SPP,  in different garb.     

When I try to see what is happening in my own country,  it is more difficult because of the built-in bias.   But after working with our network for more than 20 years, battle after battle, what becomes obvious is the corporate power behind-the-scenes with the accompanying corruption of governance and valuesThe values said to be our values are NOT our values.    Corporatocracy’s coup d’état over democracy, insurgency and counter insurgency, are the right words to describe the Canadian (and American) situation.

Our ability to focus on one thing by simultaneously excluding “large-as-life” activity that crosses our field-of-vision.  A mind-blowing old video:

Perception, an illustration of our fallibility and our gullibility. Dan Simons. Basketball.


2012-05-19 TO: MP Blake Richards re his private member’s bill to make it a crime to wear a mask at protests. Remember Montebello, it was the police who wore the masks.

In October 2011, Blake introduced Private Member’s Bill C-309 in the House of Commons. The bill if passed would make it a new Criminal Code offence to wear a mask or to otherwise conceal one’s identity during a riot or an unlawful assembly. The bill has garnered the support of police chiefs in major Canadian cities, including Calgary, Toronto, Vancouver and Victoria.

Dear Blake Richards,  . . .

EVENT:   SPP meetings in Montebello, Quebec.  Peaceful protest.

DATE:  2007

The only protesters who wore masks were POLICE OFFICERS.  They were trained and assigned the role of turning the protest violent.

It is all on video, along with the later statement by the head of Quebec Police (Surete) that yes, the “protesters” were actually police officers.

Peaceful protesters (unmasked, no need to hide their identity)  tried to stop these “violent protesters” from using rocks against the line of uniformed police officers who were holding shields and wearing riot gear.

An observant person noticed that the “violent protesters” were wearing police boots and shouted it out.   The legitimate protesters then reached in and yanked down the masks so that others could catch the revealed faces on video.

Through video footage, the officers were later identified by civilians.  The head of the Quebec police was then forced to make a public statement, admitting that the masked “violent” protesters were police officers.  He excused their actions.

Links to the video of the Montebello footage and the Police response are contained in

For at least 15 months, demands for a public inquiry went unheeded.   An inquiry was eventually announced.  As far as I know, it was never held.  No one was ever held to account.

It is illegal to incite violence.  When it is masked police officers who are doing it, under the direction and blessing of their superiors, then implicitly sanctioned by the Government (no action to correct), we have descended to a police state.

The documentary film, Battle in Seattle, (huge WTO protests) makes it clear that in some cases it is a police (National Guard) strategy to ALLOW violence to get out-of-hand BEFORE they step in with tear gas and rubber bullets.  (Violence discredits the protesters AND makes citizens reluctant to protest).  Montebello is ample evidence that in some cases it is the police themselves who instigate the violence, who are the provocateurs. Was it provocateurs at work in Seattle?  I don’t know.



Governments and Police officials took lessons from “The Battle in Seattle”.   (It took place in the U.S. but remember that Canadian and U.S. military and police are now “integrated” and have “compatible doctrine”.  Also note:  The WTO, the SPP and the SPP successor organization have a common base:  transnational corporate interests.)

It seems to me that the Officials took two things away from Montebello:

  1. Disguised police officers planted in a crowd must not wear police boots  OR,  maybe it is safer to CONTRACT OUT such work.
  2. They can do whatever they want:  Canadians are dumb, uninformed and without backbone.  Canadians won’t stand up for ANYTHING.  The talk about defending what the veterans fought and died for in World War Two (democracy) is meaningless rhetoric.

Another brief point:   Media portray “the Quebec protests” as student protests over tuition hikes.  They fail to note that the largest protests in Quebec happened on Earth Day and are about the failure of Governments to protect the Environment.

Failed protection of the environment, the SPP and its successor organization, corporate influence in Universities, failing democracy, widening income gaps – – the ROOT is the same:  large corporate interests being served by Governments and public institutions.


  • Protests will continue to escalate because NOTHING is being done to address the root cause:   the Government, Police Officials and Universities have become tools to serve corporate interests.
  • Montebello is misleading VIEWED IN ISOLATION.  The mistake of “officials” is to add insult upon insult. Growing protest tells me that Canadians know the dangers;  they are standing up – with much more to come, unless Government officials start to aggressively defend
    and serve the public interest.


I think of supporting your call to make it illegal to wear masks at protests (unmask the police).


  • it should also be illegal for officials to contract out their Police work (they will do that if they are “unmasked”).
  • there also needs to be extremely strong whistle-blower protection for police officers.


Nov 132022

On April 25, 2022, the Government of Canada established the Public Order Emergency Commission to inquire into the circumstances that led to the declaration of emergency that was in place from February 14-23, 2022, and the measures taken for dealing with the emergency. Justice Paul Rouleau was appointed Commissioner.  

October 13 until Friday, November 25, 2022

– – – – – – – – – – –

. . .  an egregious revelation of which all Canadians should be aware.  From the live-stream.

Public Commission of Enquiry into the Invocation of the Emergency Act in Canada on February 14th, 2022.

In the lead-up to February 14th:

During the Monday, November 7th, 2022 livestream of the Hearings into the Invocation of the Emergency Act:

a CSIS communication to the Federal Cabinet was displayed.

CSIS advises the Cabinet NO to invocation of the Emergency Act.  

The job of CSIS is National Security:  to investigate activities suspected of constituting threats to the security of Canada and to report on these to the Government of Canada.

Earlier in the Enquiry (around Oct 17 or 18),  a communication coming through the Police collaborations (Municipal, Provincial and RCMP) going to the Federal Government recommended NO to Invocation of the Act.

I was greatly troubled when the Police communication became known.   The revelation re the CSIS communication was shocking to me:

the Federal Cabinet invoked the Emergency Act

in spite of Police and CSIS reports to them that said “don’t do it”.

The questioning by lawyers of testimony given at the Enquiry, leaves no doubt but that the reports were received and viewed prior to Invocation.


From the CSIS information

found and tabled by the lawyers for the Freedom Convoy,

and through the questioning of the testimony,

CSIS re Invocation of the Emergency Act:

it would motivate yet more Canadians to join the supporters of the Freedom Convoys.   And radicalize more who are already among the supporters.

(me speaking:  Radicalization:  the grievances are long-standing and serious.  Governments will not come to a table for discussion about resolution (the one demand of the protestors –  TALK with us.  That’s your job.).  Radicalization:  Peaceful, gigantic protest does not work, not even to get an audience.   What’s next . . . .  ?)

I see as evident:  Government lies and corruption have fostered serious distrust of Government.  “Trust us” is a joke.

CSIS knew more, of course, had more “intel”.   They monitor social media.  They have specialists to deal with political protests.   Surveillance, drones, . . .  They know that the protesters (Freedom Convoys) do not represent a single grievance, but many different ones related to covid mandates.

The unifying factors for the protestors would be freedom, peace, the rule of law, and stop lying (truth).  The Freedom Convoy has millions of supporters across Canada – – not said by CSIS, but credible tallies have been made.  CSIS will have its own estimates.

Before advising the Government (do not invoke the Emergency Act), CSIS would have established who the protestors are: largely peaceful and under control – – with the exception of provocateurs who turn up at every protest – – normal and expected;  there is no evidence of foreign funding, not even in Go Fund Me or Give Send Go;   support for these Canadian protestors is international;  they have international media on their side;  internationally the Canadian Government on this issue is mocked.   We recommend that you do not invoke the Emergency Act with its powers for the seizing of assets.

The Hearings will continue to November 25th.   The Report from the Commissioner is due in February 2023.      . . .

My greatest concern at this point is that Canadians know:  the Federal Cabinet invoked the Emergency Act in spite of Police and CSIS reports to them – – NO, don’t do it.

continue if you wish . . .

– – – – – – – – –

I have been watching the daily livestream.   Commissioner Rouleau is a Judge from the Ontario Court of Appeal.  He and Commission staff have gained a degree of public confidence.  This is after initial skepticism: Rouleau made a donation to the Liberal Party sometime in the past.   I observe the Enquiry to be competent and fair so far.  Through the process of enquiry,  a more balanced view of what happened in Ottawa with the Trucker (Freedom) Convoy at the end of January into February 2022 is emerging.

The body language of participants in the Enquiry is interesting and telling; I will spare you that!

Myself (and probably millions of Canadians who support the Freedom Convoy) are thankful for the wisdom of the people who drafted the Emergency Act.  A clause in the Act requires a Government that invokes the Act to hold a Public Commission of Enquiry afterward.  Thank God.

The CSIS and Police communications to the Federal Cabinet (Emergency Act – – don’t do it) would otherwise be scarcely known.  The information is buried in thousands upon thousands of documents.   It is to the credit of the lawyers for the Freedom Convoy that the documents were discovered.  As I understand it was through simple logic (a little outside the box these days?!):  who in Canada would have files related to the Convoy and National Security?   They sliced through all the red herring documents right to the heart of the matter – – CSIS  Bless them.

The lawyers for the Convoy to Ottawa have drawn out (cross-examination) that the Freedom Convoy protesters did not breach their resolve to maintain peaceful protest, a right of citizens.  No actual evidence of violence by their supporters has been presented by the Police or by other interests.   In essence, the criteria for Invocation of the Emergency Act did not exist.  If it does, it has not been presented thus far.

(Repetition:  The Hearings will continue to November 25th.   The Report from the Commissioner is due in February 2023.)

Numerous times during the testimony, it has been said that mainstream media is acting as a purveyor of the Government message, and not with journalistic integrity.

I have firsthand experience of the January 29th Convoy from Campbell River to Victoria, the thousands of protesters by the roadsides waving their Canadian flags.  14,000 to 15,000 people attended the Rally at the Legislature in Victoria on that memorable and amazing January 29th.   It is something to experience.

Do you know that there were large protests right across Canada on Jan 29, 2022?   Did Canadian media do its job, critical to democracy?  Protests have been continuous from well before Jan 29th and remain on-going.  Speakers, rallies, literature, social media.  The determination remains to fiercely hold onto our Rights and the Rule of Law.

Far beyond what has been told to the Commission so far, Protests have been on-going right across the country.  Vancouver Island, the Okanogan – –  just for example – –  have not been mentioned as far as I know.  The protestors in those areas number in the thousands.

If mainstream media fails, as it has, will politicians know the lay of the land?  They feed the propaganda machine but it’s not in their interest, any more than it fills the public need for reliable info.

Honks call out to supporters of the Freedom Convoy.  Supporters bond with these people who are giving voice to their long dark night. A ray of light breaks through.  The bond forms – – hope restored, love.  There is determination that together and ridded of divisive Government policies and rhetoric, we will regain lost ground in Canada.

I would not have a sense of the dynamic,  had I missed the live experience of it.  January 29th was the largest and best.  People of every size, shape and colour, happy together.  Embracing each other.  With clever home-made signs to make their point.   Self-policing, with Police in attendance.  Joy.

In response to my question, why did you come to this protest?,  I heard some very sad and unnecessary stories arising out of the covid mandates.  The release of tears helps people.  You know they will find their way forward in time.  And on that day they will know a measure of happiness and joy.  Others embrace them.

Nine months later, the damage done by covid mandates and lock-downs to people, families, and communities – – – which is the major grievance of the protestors – – – is yet more evident.  While many in the affluent society remain oblivious. Somehow.  Some in lonely disdain.

Mainstream media is fear-mongering, mis-representing and worse.  To the extent that they are covering the Commission of Enquiry, they are forced to – –  alternative media is filling the void Mainstream has vacated.

Live-streaming of the Commission’s hearings:

I wish to hear the testimony first-hand.  The Commission’s website tells you where to find it.  Mainstream media doesn’t carry it, as far as I know.  Rebel News does.   I find the commentary by lawyers Keith Wilson and Eva Chipiuk excellent.  Lawyer Brendan Miller for the Freedom Convoy is excellent. Tom Marazzo provides excellent commentary.  Another advantage of Rebel News:  their ability to connect with video footage what happened across Canada, not just in Ottawa.  AND they follow the court cases arising.

Alternative media is David versus Goliath who has all the money.  CBC receives more than a billion dollars in public funding with another  $400 million announced this week.  I used to tune in to Radio, but no longer.   The quality of the journalism is off-putting.  There are some very good local programmes and hosts on CBC Radio, but insufficient to balance off the propaganda.

The straw that broke the camel’s back, igniting the Freedom Convoy:

The Government declaration, effective January 15th, 2022 that Truckers now had to be vaccinated or submit to testing and quarantines when they cross the border.

The determination of two truckers (Chris Barber and Brigitte Belton) to “do something” ignited the kindling.

Their submissions to the Govt through the prescribed channels, and over years,  have not been heard.  (Also a common experience of mine.  I have the advantage of age.  I have known a different time when the public was not deliberately manipulated, when they could not be so manipulated.  Coming out of WW2, the educational system taught and practiced skills necessary for public participation in democracy.  To ALL children.  It started in grade 4 in my case.  My Mother, age 95, recounts her senior high school classes.)

The only way that much more than $10 million dollars was – – could be – –  donated in support of the Freedom Convoy  is because of the widespread  disaffection with the Government.

It has been established that the majority of the donations came from Canadians.  There were some large donations ($5,000), lots in the $100 to $500 range; most were small.  It is the sheer numbers of people who contributed, and are still contributing,  that make the fight to hold onto Rights possible.

The crowd-funding was frozen early on and remains inaccessible to the Freedom Convoy.  But People have never stopped finding ways to help the Freedom Convoy.

The sometimes-butchered name of a Saskatchewan friend has come up in testimony and serves as example: How did the Ottawa Convoy pay for the hotel rooms?   The answer is that Joe Bourgault travelled to Ottawa, saw there was no accessible money and simply paid the hotel bills.  Un-asked.  Individual initiative is a characteristic of the Freedom Convoy and their supporters – –  movers and shakers when called upon. People do whatever they can to help out.  It makes everything possible.

Without the huge and immediate crowd-funding,  the Freedom Convoy would have been no real threat to the powers-that-be.  Convoys are not new.  But a million bucks in pocket suddenly catapulted The Cause onto a more level playing field.  Immediate widespread attention and solidarity, enough to carry the Freedom Convoy past the inaccessible funds.

Lawyers for some of the governments-police interests represented at the Enquiry have been determined to establish:

–        It is impossible that two truckers, Barber and Belton who didn’t know each other prior to the Convoy, could have mobilized, organized, communicated, gained an international following, and raised the money (well in excess of $10 million) without having foreign interests behind them.   They and Tamara Lich were on the road to Ottawa 10 days after they determined to do the Convoy.  Word spread through networks and social media like wild fire.  The GoFundMe account jumped by a million dollars over night.

–        Well, what happened IS inconceivable.   But, it happened.

Canadians are obviously well-connected. Have an attitude (empowered).  And deep-seated grievances.

A constant message to supporters is  PEACEFUL PROTEST and RESPECT FOR POLICE.   If not, you’re out.

Throughout, it has been Convoy members themselves who have assumed responsibility for working with the Police, communicating with them from the day they set out on the journey from the West.

You know that Police and CSIS will have tried to trace backwards from the two originators (Barber and Belton)  to large nefarious forces.  In my realistic view, CSIS said “NO” to the Federal Government on Invocation of the Emergency Act, because they could not uncover anything;  there was and is nothing to uncover.

People came together voluntarily; it is often referred to as “organic” organizing, or a “leaderless” mass.  In other contexts, I think that “self-organizing” is the same or similar phenomenon.

In my view, a difficulty for authorities is that their modus operandi conventionally requires the designation of “leaders” to whom “fault” can be assigned and prosecuted.   They HAVE TO punish to set an example to others, to discourage others from standing up for the Rule of Law. 

At the Enquiry I hear,  “Who told you . . .”, or “Who led . . .”, or “Do you know (one of the people jailed for being seen to be a leader)?/  Did you have conversations with…?  When did you first meet . . .?   Who introduced you . .  .?  Who are the leaders?  (We want to put them in jail, fine them, castrate them.  Give us the evidence we need.)  Make sure there is a long memory of what happens to anyone who is involved in protest, no matter how legal it is.

Bank accounts and cards, access to money was frozen without notification or explanation.  Try that one on.  Neither was there notification or explanation when the frozen was unfrozen.

My hope is that we all learn more about ourselves, about the cancer of corruption in Canada, through Covid and the Invocation of the Emergency Act.

Nov 112022

My tribute to Remembrance

1.   Taps (Il Selencio), trumpet solo, 4 minutes to touch your soul: 

2.   Video   (Entering a URL does not always work.)    Start typing into a search:     Trucker

Two young fellows went to the Coutts blockade in Alberta, at the end of January, 2022.  This is their video.

Coutts, Alberta Canada – – Sweetgrass, Montana USA border crossing.

In the same time frame as the Freedom Convoy (Ottawa).

The video captures slices that could be overlaid on WW2

Lest We Forget.

IMPORTANT:  Random men in the crowded local pub became a dominant voice at different times,  as the rebellion moved into February.  You can pick them out.

Marco is the last person captured in the dominant role before the end of the video.  He is now on trial.


Oct 232022

Wow!   An awesome interview.

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The Globalist Criminal Mind: WTF Are They Thinking?! | John Leake



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True crime writer, John Leake, co-authored the book, The Courage to Face Covid-19 with Dr. Peter McCullough. The book is an in-depth chronological account of the systematic censorship and vilification of anyone, especially qualified medical professionals such as Dr. McCullough, who speak out against the Covid narrative.

Will and John go beyond the book…

  • How do we reach the fence sitters and show them the truth that they have been lied to?
  • What is John’s opinion as a crime writer on the thought process of globalists committing heinous crimes against humanity?
  • How has the globalist agenda affected the thinking of regulatory officials, especially within the medical profession?
  • Will we ever return to ‘science’ being a term that refers to facts and solid data, rather than a dogmatic expression which requires no substantiation?
  • What does John believe their next steps will be, and how can we counter them


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Hold Our Government Accountable | Sign the Petition



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Sign our petition to Justice Minister David Lametti to have the Peckford case heard!


Currently, a case is before the federal courts to find the federal government guilty of violating our Charter right to freedom of movement under the travel ban placed on unvaccinated Canadians.

The case is currently on hold as government lawyers are moving to have the case declared moot as the travel bans have been suspended (not cancelled). The hearing to have the case declared moot was heard before Justice Jocelyne Gagné on September 21st. She has yet to render her decision but is being pressured by government lawyers to drop the case against our government for violating our rights.


There is little time to act. If Justice Gagné decides to uphold our rights by moving ahead with the case, the date for resuming the hearing is October 31st. If not, the case will be cancelled.


Please sign and share this important petition and let Justice Gagné know we want our government held accountable for their actions.


Declaring this case moot would be no different than declaring an assault case moot because the assault is no longer in progress. The Canadian people allege that a crime has been committed by our government and we have a right to demand justice.


All petition signatures will be emailed to the office of David Lametti, Minister of Justice and Attorney General of Canada.


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We rely on donations to fund our ongoing efforts to fight the mandatory vaccines, masks and lockdowns. As our organization expands we find that we are now having to hire contractors to handle some of the workload. This is in addition to our many other expenses such as a dedicated server, site security, brochures, email costs and much more.


Thank you for contributing to our efforts. We will win back our rights and freedoms, but it is likely to take some time to achieve. With your donations we’ll have the staying power to see this through to the end.


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Oct 232022


The US District Court for the Western District of Louisiana issued a ruling, ordering Dr. Anthony Fauci and White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre to respond to document requests by the New Civil Liberties Alliance in conjunction with the Missouri and Louisiana attorneys general on behalf of plaintiffs in State of Missouri ex rel. Schmitt, et al. v. Joseph R. Biden, Jr., et al.

Judge Terry A. Doughty made the order, which has great importance for the millions of Americans experiencing censorship on social media – which is allegedly at the pressuring of government bodies and officials and would therefore be a violation of the .

We obtained a copy of the order for you here.

= = = = = = = = = = =

There are other articles of high interest from Reclaim the Net.  It comes from the U.K. but I find it relevant to international citizens.


I usually give up on trying to send you Reclaim the Net news.   Postings are most often unsuccessful.

If you are interested,  I recommend you go to     and sign up.   I receive straight news without promotional material.    /Sandra

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From: Reclaim The Net
Sent: October 22, 2022

Subject: Fauci to be deposed as part of censorship collusion lawsuit

Ordered to testify.

Dr. Anthony Fauci, the president’s chief medical advisor, and nine other top White House officials will be deposed as part of an ongoing lawsuit that was filed by Louisiana and Missouri attorneys general Jeff Landry and Eric Schmitt, alleging collusion between the federal government and social media companies to censor certain viewpoints.

We obtained a copy of the order for you here.

The depositions will require the defendants, including former White House press secretary Jennifer Psaki, to testify about their interactions with social media companies. The plaintiffs argued that written communication between federal officials and these companies showed that the officials used oral communication to pressure platforms to censor content.

“After finding documentation of a collusive relationship between the Biden Administration and social media companies to censor free speech, we immediately filed a motion to get these officials under oath,” Missouri Attorney General Eric Schmitt said in a statement.

“It is high time we shine a light on this censorship enterprise and force these officials to come clean to the American people, and this ruling will allow us to do just that. We’ll keep pressing for the truth.”

Social media companies were subpoenaed and the plaintiffs acquired evidence of communications with federal officials, which the plaintiffs allege is a “censorship enterprise.” On October 10, plaintiffs added 47 more defendants, bringing the total number of defendants to 67.

“[P]laintiffs argue that even if Dr. Fauci can prove he never communicated with social-media platforms about censorship, there are compelling reasons that suggest Dr. Fauci has acted through intermediaries, and acted on behalf of others, in procuring the social-media censorship of credible scientific opinions,” wrote Judge Terry Doughty of the Western District of Louisiana.

“Plaintiffs argue that even if Dr. Fauci acted indirectly or as an intermediary on behalf of others, it is still relevant to Plaintiffs’ preliminary injunction motion. The Court agrees.”

New Civil Liberties Alliance (NCLA) joined the lawsuit back in August, representing epidemiologists Dr. Jayanta Bhattacharya and Dr. Martin Kulldorff, alongside Dr. Aaron Kheriaty and Jill Hines.

NCLA attorney Jenin Younes said in a statement to Reclaim The Net that she looks forward to hearing the answers from the deposition.

“For the first time, Dr. Fauci and seven other federal officials responsible for running an unlawful censorship enterprise will have to answer questions under oath about the nature and extent of their communications with tech companies. We look forward to learning more about just how far these government actors went in ensuring that Americans heard only one perspective about Covid-19: the government’s.”

= = = =  =  = = =  = =


Oct 202022




  1. 2021-04-19 U.S. Military WOULD BE more resistant to forced vaccination. History forgotten (deliberately?). Forced Anthrax vaccination wrongly labeled “Gulf War Syndrome”

= = = = = = = = = = = = =

2.   2017-04-30 The Anthrax Vaccine and Gulf War Illness


In October 2004, U.S. District Court Judge Emmet G. Sullivan ruled that it was “illegal” for the federal government to mandate anthrax vaccinations, which by then had been given to more than 1.2 million troops since 1998.19 

Judge Sullivan issued an injunction banning the Pentagon from forcing military personnel serving in Iraq, Afghanistan, South Korea and parts of Asia and Africa from being required to get anthrax shots without their informed consent until the FDA adequately reviewed and licensed the vaccine.

Congress has prohibited the administration of investigational drugs to service members without their consent,” Sullivan said. “This Court will not permit the government to circumvent this requirement.” Sullivan wrote, “The men and women of our armed forces deserve the assurance that the vaccines our government compels them to take into their bodies have been tested by the greatest scrutiny of all—public scrutiny. This is the process the FDA in its expert judgment has outlined, and this is the course this court shall compel FDA to follow.19 

In 2006, the Pentagon resumed mandatory anthrax vaccinations of troops after the FDA pronounced BioThrax vaccine as “safe and effective,” including against inhalation anthrax.20

Proposed Pediatric Anthrax Vaccine Trial

In March 2013, BioThrax manufacturer, Emergent Biosolutions, and the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) proposed to conduct clinical trials of anthrax vaccine on American infants and children. According to an article in Nature, “Interest in a vaccination campaign was spurred by a 2011 modelling exercise, ‘Dark Zephyr’, which found that a release of anthrax spores in a city the size of San Francisco, California, would compel officials to vaccinate 7.6 million people—including 1.7 million individuals under age 18.”

The Alliance for Human Protection, along with NVIC and other health safety groups, opposed the trials, citing the vaccine’s poor safety record, including many documented cases of brain and immune system damage suffering by military personnel in the Gulf War.21 

Within a week, bioethicists with the US President’s Commission for the Study of Bioethical Issues, also advised against proceeding with the proposed pediatric clinical trials, stating that until a bioterror attack occurs, tests of anthrax vaccine or other anti-bioterrorism “countermeasures” should not pose risks greater than those that a child might encounter in daily life or during a routine pediatric checkup.

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

3.   2017-03-06  Vaccines Syndrome. Helpful footage on youtube, Bob Lee. (Anthrax)


The U.S vaccine program is constructed on U.S. policies that impair science and provide huge profits to the vaccine manufacturers with zero liability.  When you have something like that it becomes a money machine that’s very hard to stop.  It fuels lobbyists and it fuels congressional campaigns   . . . 

So mandatory vaccine programs are inherently dangerous.  They go out to a very large number of people with very little tracking and there’s very little recourse if you are injured by a vaccine.

What is required is informed consent.  Informed Consent requires that patients be told upfront what the risk of a disease is and what the risk of a vaccine is, what is known about a vaccine has to be (–?) and a patient must always have the right to say no.  It’s not a question of no, it’s not for me because of a religious basis.  It’s more of no, because I believe it’s not right for me.  Until we can actually understand how each person’s innate immunity interacts with a new antigen it becomes very prudent to always have the ability to say no to a vaccine.  Removing that right is tantamount to fascism by vaccine.

= = = = = = = = = = = = =

4.   2017-01-17 Vaccines. No doubt, serious fraud at the CDC. Brian Hooker, William Thompson. How are vaccines made? Henrietta Lacks. Attenuation. Anthrax.


psychopaths can’t peddle their wares in western countries, they dump in poor countries, and continue to do so.   Thank goodness the doctors, scientists, lawyers and parents in Vaccines Revealed  are also connecting with people outside the U.S.   Without that, between bombing and vaccinating there won’t be a lot of love left for America, otherwise.  Citizens REALLY need to take responsibility for their Governments.

I talked yesterday with a friend.   People WANT to be told “Oh yes, but in Canada it’s different.  In Canada we now use the newer flu vaccine that doesn’t have the mercury in it”.

Is ALL the flu vaccine in Canada mercury-free?   I don’t know, but it’s a moot point.   It’s not the right question.


When you know that, you will be in a better position to make informed choices about vaccines.   The answer also helped me understand a question I have long wondered about:

When I first heard the phrase rotavirus vaccine  I wondered:  what is rotavirus? it must be something terrible because they are vaccinating all the babies against it.   I’d never heard of it.

Well, the virus causes diarrhea,  the relatively few infants who die from it in the U.S. die because the parents don’t know to keep the baby hydrated.  Usually, the babies die from dehydration,  and they are immune-compromised to begin with.   But – – vaccinate the whole population of babies.

Then came the news that more than a million babies in the U.S. alone had received a rotavirus vaccine contaminated with a pig virus.


How could vaccine enough for a million babies ALL get contaminated with a pig virus?   I thought maybe the story was a hoax, so went to the manufacturer’s website.   They had posted a response.  The story is not a hoax:

I was pretty incensed, for not least reason:  the head doctor for the pediatricians’ organization in Canada was pushing the stuff.   The diarrhea symptom is a call to boost the baby’s immune system through clean water, good food, love, care and protection from the pharma predators.     (Who happen to be the same people who killed those kids in Nigeria through surreptitious and illegal human-testing of their drug Travon:   Patients became unwitting guinea pigs for a new, untested antibiotic and many of them either died or were left with permanent disabilities.   It’s the story told in John le Carré‘s The Constant Gardener and a movie by the same name.  The book pre-dated public knowledge.  A Lawsuit brought by the Government of Nigeria against Pfizer, was settled out-of-court with confidentiality clauses … of course.

So how are the vaccines made?   Besides the info in one of the presentations (Vaccines Revealed) , a book  The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks  by Rebecca Skloot  is excellent and contributes to understanding.    Henrietta, long dead, became immortal because cells from her body are still multiplying in labs and production plants around the world.

Roughly speaking (I do not claim to have more than a sketchy understanding) – and with CLARIFICATION:  Henrietta Lacks is a cancer story not a vaccines story) – –    vaccines are a combination of genetic and other material – –  animal, human and other.  Invisible organisms.  Grown and multiplying (as cells do) under tightly-controlled laboratory conditions.

There are millions of airborne microscopic organisms everywhere that can contaminate the stew – so development of some pharmaceuticals is done inside sealed vacuums.  Anyone who enters has to be de-contaminated.  If contamination does happen,  the unwanted organisms just grow and multiply along with the intended ingredients.

A pig virus can infect a million doses of vaccine because, as with Henrietta Lacks’ cells,  they become inseparable from the stew.

A big problem – –  if you don’t know there’s a contaminant in the stew  why? and for what would you test?  (the pig virus example).

(You need a known protocol for testing for the particular organism, if what we learned from getting the City of Saskatoon to test for the presence in the River of a carcinogenic chemical compound being put down drains to dissolve tree roots – – is valid with vaccines.  There are lots of chemicals that when mixed in other compounds nobody knows HOW TO test for the presence of.  Anyway, you have to know what the contaminant is before you can test for its presence, and if you suspect its presence – –  before you can test, you still have to have a known protocol for testing.)

Another process in the production of vaccines is ATTENUATION.  Understand it, in order to understand the risk factors.  Attenuation is:

A dilution, thinning, or weakening of a substance, especially a reduction in the virulence of a pathogen through REPEATED INOCULATION, growth in a different culture medium, or exposure to heat, light, air OR OTHER WEAKENING AGENTS.

Vaccines contain the pathogen, in one form or another,  that causes the symptoms.  You cannot do “repeated inoculation” on human beings starting with the fully virulent pathogen.   So how is the attenuation done?

As I understand from Vaccines Revealed,  one way is to do the repeated inoculations to a series of monkeys, in which case the blood with the weakened pathogen in it, carries organisms found in animals into the human being.

(I thought the lesson from the transmission of mad cow disease to humans in the form of Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease was:  you do not even feed cooked beef to humans, if the cattle received any kind of ground-up animal in their diets.

But more to the point: (from PDF, U.S. National Institute of Health website):

From 1955 through early 1963, millions of people were inadvertently exposed to simian virus 40 (SV40) as a contaminant of poliovirus vaccines;  the virus had been present in the monkey kidney cultures used to prepare the vaccines and had escaped detection.

(The simian (macaque) monkey virus is associated with cancer.)

Another method of attenuation is to add a weakening agent like borax.

I was curious about borax.  Mr. Google helped me:   Cripes!

(CTV News, July 26, 2016 ):

Health Canada is advising Canadians to avoid using borax to make kids’ arts and crafts, such as homemade “slime,” over concerns that too much exposure to all forms of boric acid can cause “developmental and reproductive health effects” in children and pregnant women.

. . .   in an update posted to Health Canada’s website this week, the agency says it is concerned about Canadians’ exposure to all forms of boric acid.

A recent draft risk assessment completed by Health Canada scientists found that too much exposure to boric acid has the potential to cause developmental and reproductive health effects.

“Since Canadians are already exposed to boric acid naturally through their diets and water, Health Canada is advising that exposure from other sources should be reduced as much as possible, especially for children and pregnant women,” the agency said in the update.

“The concern is not with any one product, but rather multiple exposures from a variety of sources.”   

(and might we add that some vaccines contain borax?   Did they order that any and all vaccines containing borax must be thrown out?)

April 15, 2017:   I did a quick look for a government website that documents the use of borax in vaccines.   This from  Australia, an alphabetical listing by component, with the vaccine name brand and the associated pathogen.  You see the different forms of aluminum (neurotoxic),  formaldehyde (no thanks!) – – but in a wide arrange of vaccines, MSG (another surprise),  polysorbate …  and this for Borax:

Appendix 3: Components of vaccines used in the National Immunisation Program

Page last updated: 06 March 2017

Borax/sodium borate:

Vaqta Hepatitis A (HAV) paediatric/adolescent
 All influenza vaccines

The end point is this:

    • knowing that the pathogens MUST be attenuated in the vaccine,  what do you choose to have injected into your body or your child’s body?
    • Injection of the vaccine bypasses the body’s immune systems.  (Th1 and Th2 arms of the immune system are explained in layperson terms in Episode 7, I think it was.)

Episode 6 had the story of the ANTHRAX VACCINATION.  Tragedy and heartbreak on a colossal scale.  (I had investigated the ANTHRAX story prior to seeing it in the docu-series.)

. . .    Our soldiers facing an order that they determined was illegal and immoral.  (Mandatory anthrax vaccination)  Witness the horror of human experimentation, all the while repeating; “This Vaccine is Safe”

I vented my emotional response by writing in the Comments:

You assembled and coordinated a large team of whistleblowers.  Bless you all.  Dig out the corruption.

News – – 12 people killed by terrorists. The American military leaders did several thousand times better than that. I still wonder if the number can be right – – 35,000 killed by the anthrax vaccination? It is so incomprehensible.  The military leaders are dangerous — the sometimes quick, sometimes long, strung-out deaths suffered by their victims are cruel. Slow torture.

If it’s terrorists – send some drones, drop some bombs, knock ’em out. And there’ll be some terrorists in the neighborhood, get them too. Helps keep everyone employed, paying taxes and saving the world for democracy.

I remember the footage of Hillary Clinton’s gleeful reaction to the news that the bombs had started falling on Libya. Frankly, I think there are more than a few badly-corrupted souls in high places.

But we don’t have to bomb them, just vaccinate them (and their neighbors) for “safety and security”.

The anthrax vaccination helps explain something else.

Episode 6 of Vaccines Revealed included the Worldwide Premier of the movie VACCINE SYNDROME.

After watching it,  I believe there is more to the arrival of the Veterans (4,000 of them) at Standing Rock.

The Gulf War Syndrome was more accurately the Vaccine Syndrome caused by the vaccine for Anthrax.   A million military and other first responders were forced to receive a number of injections of the vaccine,  with disastrous consequences for thousands and thousands.

When you know what happened, the deaths and the slow deaths – – lives, people and families totally ruined – – those people then ignored,  discarded in the gutter  – – you know that thousands upon thousands of people who would, under normal circumstances, be proud and patriotic supporters of their military buddies,  were no longer.   They went to Standing Rock with the original intention of taking up arms against the very forces they were once part of, on behalf of the Indians who were now their brothers.   (The Sioux Elders took the Veterans from violent means to non-violent resistance, which is the route to success – – people are “converted” to the view that the injustices inflicted by the Empire are shared and widespread.   They join forces against the regime.)

We have “conversion”, big time.

I posted an update on:

016-12-29 Role of Conversion in revolution. Four thousand veterans come to fight for the Indians against the U.S. Military at Standing Rock. Wesley Clark Jr., Chris Hedges.

Is it a sequence we know?

    • they did it to the Indians.   But we were not Indians.
    • they did it to the Soldiers.  The Soldiers recognized they were the Indians and went to help.
    • But we were not Soldiers OR Indians.

Guess what?   In the U.S.  there are currently huge fights against mandatory vaccination.  Some States have passed laws:  unvaccinated children are not allowed to attend schools.  Healthcare workers lose their jobs if they don’t get vaccinated.   Flu vaccinations from age 6 months on upward.  . . .  (as I say, in some States).

Simultaneously there are serious questions about vaccine efficacy raised by science and the historical record (epidemics that have come and gone without any vaccines,  the role of clean water and good food – – disease trends that were on the decline prior to introduction of the vaccine, but the vaccine is credited with the decline, and so on).

Vaccines Revealed reported that vaccines are not mandatory in named countries including Australia and Canada.   I notice in the Comments,  several Australians corrected the information:  it used to be the case.   It is no longer true in Australia.

The situation in Canada?   you can get a sense by doing an internet search on the phrase “vaccinations in Canada”.   The Provinces are divided on the issue.  There is a 2015 report of doctors lobbying to make them mandatory.

Especially with Big Pharma allowed to do “pull-through” advertising (which wasn’t allowed in the past) it is not a good idea to have those who make money from the vaccinations allowed anywhere near such decisions.

Officials “float” ideas, testing the water.   The best way to sink orthodoxy is with science that is not undermined by fraud, or obsolete in a rapidly-evolving world.

Learn about vaccinations and have conversations with fellow citizens, regardless of where they sit.  Officials will back off, OR a campaign to discredit the particular scientists will be mounted, OR there will be a large new propaganda campaign to promote vaccinations.

The way I see things, Big Pharma is transnational.  The countries most in their grip are the U.S., Canada, the U.K., Australia and New Zealand.   What gets rolled out in one of the FVEY countries gets rolled out in the five countries at least,  IF they can get away with it.   Rest assured they are trying.

If the Americans are fighting hard against mandatory vaccination (have been for a few years now), if Australians are realizing they have a problem on their hands,  my best advice:  get talking!

= = = = = = =  = =


Sent: January 16, 2017 9:50 AM To: Sandra Finley Subject: Re: Robert F Kennedy Jr video. Do not want to miss it!


Long time no chat. I thought I should share an experience with you.

I was quite moved by this video. I watched it to well beyond the 1:15 mark and then posted it with a note, which I’ll admit was a bit dramatized and calling for mothers of small children especially to watch it and be warned. I wanted to use this video, as you did, to act as warning and perhaps a prompt to learn more. RFK Jr. is someone, I feel, one should assume carries with him a certain ‘nobless oblige’, a strong leaning to carry on the legacy of his father as a champion of civil rights, and who is almost without question guided by a strong ethical compass.

The post caused quite a shit storm of comments in the thread that followed, including one fellow whom I know personally who identifies as being on the autistic spectrum, a more conservative relative and a more distant cousin, a number of other social activists and so on. And wow…it unlocked a lot of vitriol. I’d say 80% of respondents, absolutely dismissed the suggestion that vaccinations have contributed to the spike in autism, fact clips were posted categorically refuting claims that this might be going on in Canada, dismissing RFK Jr. as a crank etc. It got so nasty that I finally posted a note asking for respect and civility. When I went back to finish watching it it was no longer available to me, so I watched another video with all the same talking points. From his testimony, and from the content of his presentation I have no doubt that it is just as he says. I understand too, from a link posted by my autistic friend on the fb thread, that there are hundreds if not thousands of settlements already paid out of court.

I’m not going to go any deeper down this rabbit hole…I can’t take that on, but I’d appreciate any comments you may have about the comparison between the vaccines used to inoculate children in Canada, and those being distributed for use in the US. Could it be that the drugs here are so different than the ones the same pharmaceutical companies are selling to agencies here? That seems improbable, but the regulatory agencies responsible for reassuring the public respond to concerns by insisting that the risky components are not present.

Looking at charts, the start date and escalating rate of rise of autism since the late 80’s in Canada and the US are the same. The conclusions RFK Jr. draws related to the CDC in the US, but I wonder if the same collusion and corruption he insists are present and devastatingly problematic there are also corrupting our own institutions. For instance, has anyone done a comparative study, and really, why should they if everyone but the’ cranks’ refuse to acknowledge that there’s any validity to these claims. Just some thoughts shared…I know you are busy, so only reply if time allows.

Big virtual hugs to you.


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5.   2022-10-11 Meryl Nass, M.D. Testifies Against Maine Medical Board that charged Nass with Covid misinformation and suspended her license to practice medicine. Below is with thanks to CHD

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6.   2022-08-04 the REPORTING about blue jays player not vaxxed

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7.   2022-05-05 U.S. Army Lieutenant Convicted But Not Punished in First COVID-Related Court-Martial

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8.   2020-06-10 If I am making a choice about a vaccine, I want to know this.

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9.   2018-10-24 Vaccinations, Autism, reply to: I want “cause-effect” experimental data, not what someone “feels” or “believes”. Includes background on “Vaccine Court”.

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10.   2017-03-06 Reply to CBC: But it requires media cooperation for Big Pharma to accomplish the silencing of the CDC Whistle blower. Vaccines 


The horrific consequences of the anthrax vaccines for military personnel were known before the year 2000.   

Only a wacko nutcase would propose to inject children, let alone adults, with the vaccine.

But hey!   If you’ve purchased more than a billion dollars worth of anthrax vaccine from Big Pharma, 

you gotta get rid of it somewhere


Oct 202022
  • kenrdrysdale

A True Story, From One of Our (The True Facts, C-19) Subscribers!  

Many of you ask me on a daily basis: “What Can I do”? I received this poignant, email from one of our subscribers, in which she included a copy of her submission to the “Public Order Emergency Commission”. The submission not only tells her story, but also chronicles what had happened to many of us.

I though you might want to see it for yourselves.

TO:  Public Order Emergency Commission
DATE: October 7, 2022
FROM: L.     I am a 60 year old Ontario resident, retired law clerk after 35 years. I am a wife, mother, step-grandma, sister, aunt to an RN who was fired by LHSC during a “health crisis” and “hospital staff crisis”.

I lost an old friend, healthy 59 year old to massive heart attack 2 weeks after her “booster”.

I am the wife of a semi-retired family physician who has seen firsthand vaccine injuries for the first time in his 40 year medical career, having never had to treat a vaccine injured patient during his whole career until the rollout of the experimental injections in Canada.

I strongly opposed all senseless, discriminatory, draconian and illegal mandates and restrictions inflicted upon Canadians.

I attended dozens of rallies in my small town protesting against vax mandates forced upon Canadians. I was and am a strong supporter of the Freedom Convoy 2022, and for this my prime minister labels me a racist and extremist with unacceptable views and questions whether I should be tolerated.

From the beginning of the announcement from our government and unelected health authorities declaring a “pandemic” I was highly skeptical of the facts and data being presented to the Canadian public, given that anything provided to the citizens were predictions and modelling. When lockdowns, masking, distancing and further restrictions were ordered in what seemed to me to be in co-ordinated global lockstep, I truly could not believe what was happening before my very eyes.

The level of compliance with these restrictions by the populace was shocking to me. The blind acceptance however was predictable given the propaganda and brainwashing campaign foisted among Canadians by our government and corrupt media. I seemed to be one of the few asking questions and believing the steps being taken were just completely wrong, immoral, unethical and unjustified. I have never felt so alone or unheard. I wrote endlessly to my local politicians, my provincial and federal representatives and health authorities requesting justification and medical and scientific evidence in support of the restrictions.


I never received a reply.


Once mandates were put in place I truly could not believe this was happening in my own country. The sickening division, discrimination and hate spewed towards Canadians for not complying with mandates and restrictions coming from the mouths of our politicians, unelected health bureaucrats and media was completely shocking to me and caused so much anger and anxiety for me as in my heart this destructive behaviour was like nothing I have ever experienced or witnessed before. I felt completely hopeless and helpless. I did succumb to the blackmail, bullying and coercion of our government and took the experimental injections in order to travel.

My family had travel plans to British Columbia booked for the summers of 2020 and 2021 however due to restrictions we did not travel in either year. Approximately $30,000.00 in tourism dollars in those two years was lost just from my family alone. The economic consequences of the draconian measures taken by our government are incalculable. I could not in good conscience use my VAX PAPERS and therefore was banned from my gym, restaurants etc., being discriminated against for my personal choice. The evidence is clear: these experimental injections are neither safe nor effective. I feel extremely lucky and thankful that I did not and to date have not suffered a serious adverse reaction.

How many Canadians need to suffer severe adverse reactions or death from these injections before they are pulled from the market????? Continuing to promote these experimental injections is criminal and our government and health authorities need to be held to account.

For the first time in almost two years, there was a glimmer of hope! The Freedom Convoy 2022!! From the moment I heard about the convoy plans I thought, finally, I’m not the only one feeling hopeless!

One leg of the convoy departed from my small township, Plympton Wyoming. I drove with this convoy for an hour to its London, Ontario pit stop. At least 1000 people were in the crowd sending us off, people of all ages, families with children all waving Canadian flags and holding signs of support and cheering on the convoy in -10 degree weather. Every single overpass between Plympton-Wyoming to London was packed with hundreds of supporters, with many more waving and cheering from the side of the road. More vehicles joined the convoy along the way. I was experiencing hope and joy for the first time in almost two years. I had to show my support to the convoy and supporters in any way I could.

My sister and I headed to Ottawa on February 13th and remained until February 16th. Our journey was an 8 hour drive with well over an hour of that time spent just navigating a few blocks trying to reach our hotel on Cartier Street.

For no apparent reason to us, many streets were blockaded by police or barricaded with concrete barriers despite being many blocks away from downtown proper. Each day we continued to see empty streets in the downtown area either barricaded with concrete barriers or with police cars with flashers going and were mystified as to why these streets were being blocked off. We spent our four days in Ottawa personally thanking every trucker we saw, hugging and thanking all truckers and supporters who were there, including several veterans, singing, laughing and dancing and experiencing nothing but peace, joy and happiness with fellow Canadians from all walks of life.

I have never seen such a peaceful and happy gathering of people, waving Canadian flags and uniting and supporting each other. The unity, peace and love shared by everyone we met in Ottawa was heartwarming. My sister and I were featured on Fox News in a segment hosted by Sean Hannity on February 15th, waving our flags and holding our signs of support for the truckers.

We had to watch news from the United States to get accurate coverage of the convoy. Every block we walked where trucks were parked there was ALWAYS a free lane of traffic allowing for emergency vehicles or Ottawa residents to navigate throughout downtown Ottawa. I will forever be grateful to the convoy organizers, truckers and supporters and will never forget what our government did to its own citizens. All of this hope, excitement and happiness came to a crashing halt once the Emergencies Act was declared by our government.

What followed was a shocking and horrifying act of aggression towards a peaceful and legal protest of Canadian citizens. The brutality inflicted on peaceful protestors was a shocking and sickening moment in Canadian history. All we wanted was for our voices to be heard. Instead, our government ignored its own citizens and inflicted as much damage, hate, division and trampling of rights as it possibly could. While the convoy may have overstayed its welcome, what transpired showed us all and was proof of the lengths to which this corrupt government would go to to shut down and silence Canadian citizens.

It’s hard to imagine our government officials felt so threatened by its own citizens, peacefully protesting for their voices to be heard, that it felt justified using the strongest powers to silence them. Our politicians need to remember, they work for US. For weeks I experienced anxiety and stress wondering if and when my bank accounts would be frozen as I had PROUDLY donated to both the Go Fund Me and Give Send Go funds for the convoy. The fact that our government officials were gleefully reporting the seizure of funds of Canadian citizens was sickening. The use of the Emergencies Act was a gross display of government overreach. The use of mainstream media to spread division, hate and misinformation over the convoy was beyond shocking. All mainstream media tv and radio stations have been banned in my household. We have been and are dealing with the greatest miscarriage of medical science, attack on democracy and erosion of trust in our institutions that we have ever witnessed in our lifetime. The parties responsible for this injustice must be held to account. I am hoping that this enquiry opens the eyes of Canadian citizens to the corruption plaguing our government and health authorities. Not only is this enquiry into the use of the Emergencies Act necessary, but criminal investigations are also desperately needed to hold to account our politicians and unelected health authorities for crimes against humanity. Data for Ontario and British Columbia have been analyzed and reports completed by evidencing the fact there never was a pandemic of a virus in Canada.

Many grassroots organizations, doctors and scientists have amassed evidence of fraud with respect to the “vaccine” being forced upon Canadians. The silencing of doctors, nurses, scientists and medical professions is proof positive that massive fraud has been committed by those in our government and health agencies.

Many questions need to be asked of our politicians and unelected health authorities, a few as follows:

1. Canadians need to see the contracts between big pharma and our government. When will these contracts be produced to the Canadian people?

2. Canada spent millions preparing Prewritten Pandemic Response Emergency Plans to be used in the event of a pandemic. These plans were updated as recently as September 2019. Why were these emergency plans ignored? Colonel Dr. David Redmond presented the existing Emergency Management plans in an interview posted on on January 29, 2022. Dr. Tam was one of the contributors to the existing Prewritten Emergency Management Plans. Not one Canadian premier would speak with Dr. Redmond. Why not? Where did the emergency plans supporting the restrictions and mandates used in response to covid-19 come from?

3. When will investigations or financial audits be conducted to show where the billions of tax payer dollars were spent in the management of Covid-19?

4. When were our politicians and unelected health authorities made aware that the experimental injections being forced on Canadian citizens did not prevent transmission of a virus nor stop infection? Did they have this information at the time of signing the contracts with big pharma? Why would our government mandate a product that does not stop infection or transmission of a virus and is now proven to cause serious adverse reactions and even death? Examination and analysis of the Pfizer documents clearly show their products never stopped infection or transmission of the covid-19 virus and this was recently admitted by a Pfizer executive in the European Parliament.

5. Why does our government and unelected health authorities continue to push the experimental injections on Canadian citizens when scientific and medical evidence now shows the severe injuries and death being caused to Canadian citizens? Why are people still being mandated to take these experimental injections and why are people still losing their jobs for not taking these experimental injections?

For the future of my son and grandchildren, I pray for justice and the return of the True North, Strong and Free!

Sincerely, L

Thank you L for you efforts to rebuild Canada Strong and Free!

Oct 122022

The video of the hearing (Oct 11, 2022) is lengthy.   

Dr.  Nass nails the Board and the Prosecutor (the Assistant-Attorney-General for Maine). 

The hearing continued on Oct 12th;  I haven’t been able to find the continuation online.

With thanks to:  Children’s Health Defense (CHD)  – – and of course to Dr. Meryl Nass.   She is a remarkable person.

Maine Medical Board — Meryl Nass, M.D. Official Hearing

(INSERT:   2022-10-20.  I cannot find a video of the Oct 11 Hearing.  I was watching LIVE stream.  I assume it hasn’t been made into a video.)

Maine Board Licensure in Medicine Suddenly Withdraws “Misinformation” Allegations Against Dr. Meryl Nass

Augusta, ME — On Sept. 26, the Maine Board of Licensure in Medicine (Board) suddenly withdrew six accusations alleging misinformation against Dr. Meryl Nass. On Sept. 30, the Board withdrew more factual allegations regarding “misinformation.” The board has now dropped all charges regarding so-called “misinformation” on the cusp of the hearing set for Oct. 11, 2022, at 1 p.m. (EDT). With no patient complaints, the Board is now resting its prosecution on the prescribing of hydroxychloroquine, ivermectin and on picayune record-keeping issues that are well within the standard of care.

The Board suspended Nass, a physician of impeccable credentials, on Jan. 12, 2021, without even a hearing. The Board accused Nass, a scientific advisory board member of Children’s Health Defense (CHD), of “unprofessional” and “disruptive” behavior based on her public criticism of government COVID-19 policies and early treatment of COVID-19.

Prior to her suspension, Nass never had a malpractice case or a prior Board action against her in over forty years of practice. Between October and December 2021, there were four complaints to the Maine Board of Licensure in Medicine. Two from strangers regarding “misinformation” they saw on the internet, one complaint from a physician regarding prescribing a “deworming medication” (ivermectin) and one from a midwife regarding her prescribing hydroxychloroquine. Without a hearing, the Board ordered her license immediately suspended, demanded a neuropsychological evaluation and implied that she was mentally impaired or a substance abuser and incompetent to practice medicine.

Nass’s Maine counsel, Gene Libby and Tyler Smith, have moved to dismiss all charges and asked the Board to apologize to her for its unfounded case intended only to silence Nass and like-minded physicians who used effective early treatments for COVID-19 — as opposed to no treatment at all until patients were hospitalized.

Nass’s testifying experts will include Professor Emeritus in Epidemiology at Yale Harvey Risch, M.D., Ph.D., pulmonary and critical care specialist Paul Marik, M.D., inventor of mRNA vaccine technology Robert Malone, M.D., intensive care specialist Pierre Kory, M.D. and surgeon Steven Katsis, M.D. of the Oklahoma Medical Board.

You can read two of the Board’s recent notices withdrawing various complaints (second and third notices), Nass’s opening statement to the Medical Board, and defense counsel’s timeline of events that led to her suspension.

Children’s Health Defense is supporting Nass’s defense. “The Board’s attempts to censor physicians like Nass have no role in medicine or science; they present a grave danger to the health and human rights of all Americans,” said CHD president and general counsel Mary Holland.

Justine Tanguay will be providing live-blogging coverage (copied below)   of this hearing.

– – – –  – – – –

Justine Tanguay:Good afternoon. My name is Justine Tanguay and I will be live-blogging today’s hearing.
Justine Tanguay:As many of you know, the Maine Board of Licensure in Medicine (BOLIM) suspended Dr. Meryl Nass’ license to practice medicine without a hearing on January 12, 2021.
Justine Tanguay:Dr. Nass’s original suspension order included accusations of spreading “misinformation,” “unprofessional” and “disruptive” behavior based on her public criticism of the government COVID-19 policies and early treatment of COVID-19.
Justine Tanguay:A motion to recuse is a request that one remove oneself due to personal bias, prejudice, or interest that would make that person unable to maintain an appearance of or rule impartiality.
Justine Tanguay:Today’s hearing will focus on Dr. Nass’s prescribing hydroxychloroquine and ivermectin since the board on September 26, 2022 withdrew six of the accusations of spreading “misinformation,” and on September 30, 2022 withdrew more of its factual allegations related to “misinformation.”
Justine Tanguay:The board is voting on whether the Motion to Dismiss should be granted.
Justine Tanguay:The board is deliberating whether to vacate the board’s original suspension and order directing that she participate in a neuropsychological evaluation.
Justine Tanguay:Each board member is being asked individually whether they will recuse themselves. All declined.
Justine Tanguay:Attorney Libby has raised the issue that several of the board’s allegations have been withdrawn since the original suspension.
Justine Tanguay:It appears that some of board members were unaware.
Justine Tanguay:The question is why did Dr. Nass have to give a false statement to the pharmacist in order to have a life-saving treatment prescribed for her patient.
Justine Tanguay:Pharmacists are not supposed to ask WHY a prescription is being written for a patient.
Justine Tanguay:Without legal authority, the Maine Board of Pharmacy on September 28, 2021, issued a statement on dispensing Ivermectin. The statement noted that FDA had not approved Ivermectin for treatment of COVID-19. The statement instructed pharmacists to take appropriate steps to verify that the medication was being taken for “legitimate medical purposes,” however, no such approval is legally necessary. It was merely an attempt to scare the pharmacists and for the most part, it worked.
Justine Tanguay:The AAG’s line of questioning is an attempt to make it look like Dr. Nass did not keep good records for each patient. However, it must be noted that Governor Mills’ Executive Order issued on March 20, 2020 suspended Provisions of Certain Health Care Professional Licensing Statutes and Rules in Order to Facilitate Treatment and Containment of COVID-19. Due to the “highly contagious” nature of COVID-19, the ability of physicians to provide services via telemedicine or telehealth and to support the suspension of health care privacy and confidentiality laws to a limited degree necessary to provide these services.
Justine Tanguay:Specifically, the Executive Order stated, “The enforcement of state patient privacy, and confidentiality laws to the contrary are hereby suspended for the purposes of responding to the COVID-19 emergency.”
Justine Tanguay:To clarify, Dr. Nass met with all 3 patients (aka Patient 1, Patient 2, and Patient 3 respectively) being referenced via a telehealth conference.
Justine Tanguay:Patient 1 and Patient 2 were healthy patients who wanted to have Ivermectin prescribed prophylactically should they contract COVID-19.
Justine Tanguay:Stating the obvious… how can a physician take a patient’s vitals over the phone?
Justine Tanguay:Please keep in mind that Dr. Nass has NEVER had a patient complaint against her and she has been practicing medicine for over 40 years.
Justine Tanguay:The AG’s office is using the medical records of Patients 1, 2, and 3 against Dr. Nass to make it look like she did not conduct the proper the evaluation. Dr. Nass’s expert witnesses who are also physicians who testify later on that her consultation and prescriptions met proper the standard of care.
Justine Tanguay:On March 17, 2020, HHS OCR relaxed the HIPPA rules. Specifically, it exercised its enforcement discretion and would not impose penalties for non-compliance with regulation regulations under HIPPA Rules . . . in connection with the good faith provision of the telehealth during COVID-19 nationwide public health emergency.
Justine Tanguay:Dr. Nass is being faulted for speaking with the son of Patient 1 who was living in the home and caring for Patient 1 who had later developed COVID, was seriously ill and had chosen to have him speak on Patient 1’s behalf.
Justine Tanguay:As Dr. Nass pointed out, if the son had been in a different location, she would not have spoken to him without prior authorization from Patient 1.
Justine Tanguay:10 minute recess
Justine Tanguay:While the hearing is in recess, I want to point out the importance and sanctity of the doctor – patient relationship. Even the American Medical Association Code of Ethics opines that “in all professional relationships between a physician and a patient, the physician’s primary concern must be the health of the patient.” When Dr. Nass first became a physician, she took a sacred oath to “first, do no harm” and she is morally bound by the Hippocratic Oath and her desire to help her patients.
Justine Tanguay:Rather than applaud Dr. Nass for trying to save her patients, the board has specifically targeted her because of her viewpoints and her outspoken nature regarding the government’s COVID-19 policies.
Justine Tanguay:Hearing has resumed.
Justine Tanguay:Yes indeed, 42 years of medical practice allows Dr. Nass to know that her medical records for Patient 1 were adequate with regard to the telemedicine consult regarding COVID-19.
Justine Tanguay:The AAG seems to be confusing the telehealth consults versus in-patient evaluations.
Justine Tanguay:On to Patient 2.
Justine Tanguay:On September 2, 2021, Dr. Nass conducted a telehealth consult with Patient 2 when healthy. The purpose of the visit was to have Dr. Nass prescribe Ivermectin prophylactically should the patient become ill with COVID-19.
Justine Tanguay:Dr. Nass took a detailed consult and noted that the patient was at high-risk with several comorbidities, as well as weight and overall health. She also detailed listing all medications and supplements that the patient was taking at the time.
Justine Tanguay:Again, Dr. Nass is being faulted for communicating with the wife of Patient 2 who had developed COVID in December. Standard medical practice allows a husband and wife to consult with a physician together.
Justine Tanguay:Patient 2’s wife (although sick herself) was the spokesperson for her husband who was suffering from severe COVID-19.
Justine Tanguay:When the pharmacies in Maine refused to fill the life-saving treatment of Ivermectin, Dr. Nass reached out to a New York compounding pharmacy to fill the prescription for her patient.
Justine Tanguay:On December 11th, after Patient 2 became sick with COVID-19, he and his wife contacted Dr. Nass again.
Justine Tanguay:Since the PCR tests are not 100% reliable, Dr. Nass conducted a clinical evaluation by phone. A clinical evaluation is a process of collecting and assessing sufficient evidence to determine that Patient 2 was suffering from COVID-19. Dr. Nass recommended that Patient 2 get a chest x-ray to further confirm the COVID-19 diagnosis.
Justine Tanguay:After Patient 2 was admitted into the hospital several days later, the treating physician spoke with Dr. Nass (at Patient 2’s wife’s request) to discuss Patient 2. Dr. Nass tried to make suggestions to help Patient 2 survive.
Justine Tanguay:Patient 2 had to extubate (remove tube from his trachea) himself in order to leave the hospital.
Justine Tanguay:On to Patient 3.
Justine Tanguay:Again, Dr. Nass consulted with Patient 3 by phone for a telehealth consult.
Justine Tanguay:Patient 3 had a positive COVID-19 test and contacted Dr. Nass on September 21st for an Ivermectin prescription after her own physician refused to do anything. Although Patient 3 had asked for an Ivermectin prescription, Dr. Nass declined because it was not approved for pregnancy. Instead, Dr. Nass prescribed Hydroxychloroquine as it is a safe medication for pregnant women.
Justine Tanguay:Although Patient 3 did not complain, her midwife did, asserting that there was no attempt to coordinate treatment and that the midwife would have used a different approach. It is interesting to note that there is no obligation whatsoever to coordinate treatment for COVID-19 with a midwife, who is NOT a physician.
Justine Tanguay:A subpoena is a legal document ordering a person to testify as a witness in court or hearing, and/or (in this case) produce documents in a legal proceeding.
Justine Tanguay:Dr. Nass’s former attorneys complied with Administrative Proceedings Act (APA) and filed an action in court.
Justine Tanguay:The AAG is totally out of line asking if Dr. Nass intended to defend herself or be a spectacle for her audience.
Justine Tanguay:Short recess before Attorney Libby questions Dr. Nass.
Justine Tanguay:Attorney Gene Libby is an experienced litigator with over 30+ years of litigation. He is a former District Attorney in York County Maine and was listed in Best Lawyers in America back in 2003 and also named “New England Super Lawyer” by his peers. In 2010, he was named one of 100 top Maine trial lawyers by the American Trial Lawyers Association. He is the founder partner of the law firm Libby, O’Brien, Kingsley, & Champion LLC located in Kennebunk, Maine. His partner, Tyler Smith has also been named one of Super Lawyers of New England “Rising Stars” in the area of litigation.
Justine Tanguay:Attorney Libby is introducing Dr. Nass as well as her expertise as an internist.
Justine Tanguay:In the fall of 2021, there were early treatments for COVID-19, specifically Ivermectin and Hydroxychloroquine.
Justine Tanguay:HCQ has been available for over 60 years and is considered incredibly safe. Ivermectin is also considered extremely safe and has been available as a human medicine effectively since 1978.
Justine Tanguay:In addition to being a physician, Dr. Nass is a biological warfare epidemiologist who investigated and became an expert in anthrax. Dr. Nass has reviewed government sponsored anthrax research in the context of the Biological Weapons Convention and used it as a model for discussion of how to prevent biological warfare.
Justine Tanguay:Doe v. Rumsfeld was a landmark decision where the court ruled that military members must give informed consent before receiving the Anthrax vaccine. This means that military members also have the right to refuse the experimental vaccine.
Justine Tanguay:Dr. Nass has become an expert in Gulf War illness and played a major role in the creation of a coalition that has fought the Anthrax Vaccine Immunization Program.
Justine Tanguay:If anyone is interested in reading Dr. Nass’s blog, it can be found at, entitled “Truth in the Age of COVID.” You can also find her on Substack, along with many other censored physicians who have become experts in treating COVID-19.
Justine Tanguay:On June 15, 2020, the FDA revoked the emergency use authorization (EUA) for hydroxychloroquine based on doctored and erroneous information that the drugs may not be effective to treat COVID-19. The Maine Board of Licensure in Medicine also issued an order that the FDA has not authorized the use of Ivermectin for preventing and treating COVID-19. The problem though is that ONCE A DRUG IS LICENSED by the FDA it may be used for ANY OFF-LABEL purpose if a patient and a physician have a reasonable basis to believe that it will treat the patient’s condition.
Justine Tanguay:If you are interested in the details regarding the government’s suppression of HCQ and Ivermectin, please refer to Dr. Nass’s blog dated June 28, 2020 in an article entitled, “How a false hydroxychloroquine narrative was created, and more.”
Justine Tanguay:Coronaviruses have been around longer than you think…
Justine Tanguay:Coronaviruses are a large, family of viruses that can cause respiratory illness, such as Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS), Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS), as well as the common cold to both humans and certain animals. Although experts first identified coronaviruses in the mid-1900’s, it is believed that this diverse group of viruses has existed for centuries.
Justine Tanguay:Between October and December 21, 2021, the board received 4 complaints against Dr. Nass. Two of those complaints came from strangers who cited “misinformation” they read on the internet. One complaint came from a physician who accused Dr. Nass of prescribing “deworming medication” (Ivermectin) and another came from a midwife regarding Dr. Nass prescribing hydroxychloroquine.
Justine Tanguay:On January 12, 2022, the board suspended Dr. Nass’s medical license without a hearing for “misinformation,” “unprofessional” and “disruptive” behavior. However, on September 26th and September 30th, the board withdrew all of the allegations for “misinformation” and “factual allegations” supporting those grounds.
Justine Tanguay:It’s interesting that the board used allegations of “misinformation” to suspend Dr. Nass’s medical license without a hearing back in January, but now that information is irrelevant? WOW!
Justine Tanguay:Without the ability to give the appearance that Dr. Nass suffered from a mental illness through a series of allegations, the board could not immediately suspend her license nor could they order that she participate in a neuropsychological evaluation on January 11, 2022. Yet, that is exactly what the board did. Indeed, the board purposely targeted Dr. Nass in an attempt to intimidate her. Dr. Nass is courageous and cannot be silenced. And now the hearing is adjourned for today, but do stay tuned!