Nov 192018

Scroll down to  THE EARTH CHARTER   PRINCIPLES.   HISTORY   In 1987 The World Commission on Environment and Development (known as “the Brundtland Commission”) launched Our Common Future Report with a call for a “new charter” to set “new norms” to guide the transition to sustainable development. Following that discussion about an Earth Charter took […]

Nov 192018
2018-04-01  It's only natural: the push to give rivers, mountains and forests legal rights,  The Guardian

It seems logical to grant protection to nature by treating it as a living entity. And the law might be catching up. Jane Gleeson-White Sun 1 Apr 2018 03.33 BST Last modified on Fri 3 Aug 2018 15.43 BST Comments   232 The mouth of the Margaret river in Western Australia. Photograph: ajupp/Getty Images On 20 March a […]

Nov 182018
2015-12-04    Third International Rights of Nature Tribunal, Paris

  The current ecological crisis requires that we transform our international and domestic legal systems to nurture, rather than allow the destruction of the Earth community.     The third International Rights of Nature Tribunal was held concurrently with the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC COP 21) at Maison des Métallos in Paris, […]

Nov 022018
2018-10-10   Venezuela and the US: Contrasting Worldviews at the UN, teleSUR

(UNGA = United Nations General Assembly) Venezuela and the US: Contrasting Worldviews at the UN By:Nino Pagliccia US President Donald Trump and US Ambassador Nikki Haley at the 73rd UNGA, 2018. | Photo: Reuter   Without compromise, continued divisions in Latin America can devastate the whole region, writes Nino Pagliccia. The 73rd United Nations General […]

Oct 052018
2018-09-17    Drone assassins are cheap, deadly and available in your local store,  from c/net

Sci-Tech Drone assassins are cheap, deadly and available in your local store You don’t need the military to pull off an attack of the drones. They’re capable of incredible destruction and now available to everyone.   by Jennifer Bisset September 17, 2018   AeroScope  Aug. 5, 2018. In the heart of Venezuela’s capital, Caracas, Nicolás […]

Sep 082018
2016-11-07  How Bill and Hillary raised and earned millions from Canada’s corporate elite, G&M

Mr. Giustra (Canadian businessman) and his charity have donated more than $66-million (Canadian) to the Clinton Foundation.   . . . Bill and Hillary Clinton have been paid a total of $12.4-million (U.S.) for giving speeches in Canada since leaving the White House in 2000.   (As at Nov, 2017). From: Sandra Finley Sent: January 5, 2017 […]

Aug 302018

Return to  INDEX, Salish Sea OCTOBER 20TH MUNICIPAL ELECTIONS: (Might be slightly different in different communities?) Candidates have until Friday, Sept 14th to file their papers (open for nominations Sept 4). Town /City/RDN  staff update an on-line list of candidates, as candidates file their papers. The information, for one town,  for example:   REGIONAL […]