Sep 162013

I highly recommend listening to the podcast (20 minutes) at this link.  Phil Zimmermann interviewed by Jian Ghomeshi:

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(Who is Zimmermann?  See

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This, about the CBC interview:

In the wake of the Snowden affair and revelations about Gmail privacy (or lack thereof),  internet pioneer and cryptography expert Phil Zimmermann  joins Jian to  discuss the future of online privacy and why he fears the spread of  government surveillance.  

Zimmermann is the inventor of Pretty Good Privacy, and one of the founders of  Silent Circle, which offers a variety of secure communications services. But the company recently shut down its email service, and deleted all its clients’ data, over concerns they couldn’t guarantee its security. 

Zimmermann explains just how easy it is to collect data from popular  email services, why he believes everyone has  something to hide, and why he doesn’t buy the justifications for  widespread snooping.

The problem is that the way things are going now with surveillance, the government doesn’t distinguish between criminals and the rest of us,” he said.

When you feel resigned, that is exactly where they want you to be.”

Are you concerned about governments and corporations scanning your email? How far would you go to protect your privacy?

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