May 082017

Dear Members of the Committee,


You might appreciate this addition to your deliberations:

Popular belief in the U.S. is that the vaccine manufacturers cannot be sued for injuries caused by their products.   As with vaccines in general: the belief is in the process of being disproven.   Which has implications for you.

Bill 87 is coercive: it effectively removes the “choice” element of the vaccination schedule. Which then makes the Government of Ontario responsible for injuries.

Through Bill 87, the Legislature is, to me, clearly putting the foundation in place for:   setting up the Government for very significant lawsuits, AND, very angry tax-payers who will be paying the bills for compensation.

One of the problems for you: you likely don’t have a clue about the amount of injury we are talking about.   The media doesn’t talk about it. Big Pharma has a lot of money; its interests are served if you are uninformed.

The indemnity in the U.S. is through the 1986 Childhood Vaccine Injury Act. More than $3 billion of American tax-payers’ money has been paid to injured parties, on behalf of the vaccine manufacturers (the Government pays). The Vaccines Injury Court makes the determinations and pay-outs. $3 billion is the tip of an iceberg. It doesn’t cover all the parents who were not able to access, or did not know about the Court (intentionally not publicized).   It only includes parents who found the Court AND who could afford to hire a lawyer.   In many cases, the awards received were decimated by the legal bills. Families and the injured, sometimes dead, child face a lifetime of trying to cope with the aftermath of the “injury”.

Some astute people realized: Adult vaccines are not part of the 1986 federal law. The law shielding vaccine companies only applies to childhood vaccines.

Right now, in process, lawyers and their clients are suing Merck, the manufacturer, for injuries incurred from Merck’s shingles vaccine, Zostavax.   Among the claimed injuries: contracting shingles; blindness in one eye; partial paralysis; brain damage; death. The Merck shingles vaccine is only for adults.

I recently talked to a friend: she and her husband got the pneumonia vaccination.   They both then came down with pneumonia. That is not an uncommon occurrence with vaccines. In some cases, live viruses are used. This woman was extremely angry and said, “Never again.”

I phoned the Ontario Legislature Library and offered to send a copy of current literature coming out of the U.S., along with on-line access – – MPPs or staff could access it through the Library.   The offer was forwarded to the Acquisitions Committee, as I understand.

(UPDATE:  May 25.  It has been arranged – I will mail the Vaccine information to the Legislature Library.)

Best wishes in your deliberations.

Sandra Finley

Vancouver Island


Forced injections (vaccinations) are not only an issue of

  • HEALTH  (safety of the vaccines, the number, the age at injection, the ingredients, the combined effects)
  • INFORMED CONSENT  (the information that should be provided is not)
  • They are
  • a HUMAN RIGHTS issue.

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