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Re Vaccines and Autism,  I have been challenged on the objectivity of the information I provided in:

 Request USA Dept of Justice to investigate the allegations of fraud  committed by two of its lawyers.

I am happy to reply (two rolled into one).

reply to: I want “cause-effect” experimental data, not what someone “feels” or “believes”.   Includes background on “Vaccine Court”.


I did not,  but should have also drawn attention to the neurotoxicity of the particular form of aluminum (Aluminum Hydroxide) that is used in many vaccines, as an adjuvant.

If you want current and good information,  scroll down to the first video on

(2018-01-10)   ALuminum as an adjuvant in vaccines.

Dr. Christopher Shaw at the University of British Columbia narrates a short video.

UPDATE (Oct 30):  Dr. Shaw is one of the three experts in  Robert F Kennedy challenges Offit to a Debate with Experts.

The “fatally flawed” research of Mitkus,  which is relied on to justify the use of Aluminum in vaccines, is addressed in the posting.

The first postings I did about aluminum were in 2011;  I had been surprised to learn that aluminum is used in vaccines when, for decades we’d been told not to use aluminum cookware because AL is neuro-toxic.  Was that information just wrong?   If it was right, you would not inject it, and especially not into babies.   A lot has been learned in the seven years since 2011.  ALuminum, in its various forms, is not a “one size fits all”  ingredient.

2017-11-28 High Aluminum Found in Autism Brain Tissue

2018-09-23 How to End the Autism Epidemic, by J.B. Handley

You may not have time for these, from 2011:

2011-02-02 Important update re vaccinations. Aluminum

2011-02-01 The Impact of Vaccines on the First Two Years of Life by Edda West, VRAN

2011-02-01 Aluminum and Vaccine Ingredients: What Do We Know? What Don’t We Know?

Filling in the gaps:   I also needed to post more information on a critical player,  Dr. William Thompson:

2016-10-19 the CDC Whistleblower, Dr. William Thompson (Vaccinations and Autism)


Canadian Ted Kuntz’ involvement:

Out of the Shadows, by Ted Kuntz


Lastly,  if you might, but haven’t contacted the Person in the U.S. Dept of Justice who should be leading an investigation into the alleged fraud committed by two Dept of Justice lawyers,  the phone number and email address is in    My letter in support of an Investigation into fraud and obstruction of justice, Link between Vaccinations and Autism.

It makes it difficult for the Person NOT to do their job, if the whole world is aware and demanding that they do.

An Investigation into the Dept of Justice handling of the vaccine issue has the potential to be a first in bringing white collar crime around this issue to account.   It’s worth a few minutes of your time to send an email.      /Sandra

  5 Responses to “2018-10-29 Fill in gaps on the Request for Investigation into Fraud & Obstruction of Justice, Vaccines and Autism”

  1. Where is Health Canada or has it been compromised by big pharma.

  2. BY EMAIL:
    From: Roxie
    Sent: October 30, 2018 7:14 AM

    Sandra, I’m with you on this one.
    But I am for the most part silent.
    I’ve gotten so attacked on social media for being critical of vaccines that I’m like a turtle with my head tucked in, for now.
    Thank you for your courage!

    • From: Sandra
      Sent: October 31, 2018 6:03 PM

      I know what you mean Roxie!

      I lose subscribers almost every time I go into vaccines.
      Vern, who also has a small network, forwarded some material into his network a few months ago – – and could not believe how he was attacked for doing so!

      Crazy – – it really is like a religion.

      Bless RFK Jr. He’s hitting home runs on the vaccine issue right now, I think.

      He started more than 10 years ago. So many pieces in place now. Yesterday he came down hard on Paul Offit. I’ve re-posted, but haven’t circulated it yet.

      So it goes!

      Thanks for all you do, Roxie. I want to get an update out on Nuke. But can’t get it done right away.



    From: marilyn
    Sent: November 2, 2018 4:28 AM

    Good morning Sandra.
    Very interesting…
    Our experience with the shingles vaccine: at our family Dr’s advice, I had the vaccine without event. Last fall Ron did, on the Dr’s advice and my encouragement. Shortly after, Ron developed acute pustular psoriasis. It has been a horror story. He did ask the Dr’s, if there was a connection. Possibly, was their response. A ski friend from G.B., developed psoriasis as a child after a serious accident. She strongly believed Ron’s situation was triggered by the vaccine.
    We have a tendency to elevate the medical community. Unfortunately.
    Thanks for this information!

    • From: Sandra
      Sent: November 2, 2018 1:51 PM

      Thanks for your input, Marilyn.

      Fortunately, new research with technology that wasn’t available in the past, is changing and simultaneously challenging the comfortable status quo.

      And fortunately people like RFK, with a solid army behind him, are coming into their full and awesome bloom, to put rein on the greed and corruption side that cements the very harmful status quo.

      There’s one more piece I’ll circulate before moving on. (done: (UPDATE (Oct 30): Dr. Shaw is one of the three experts in Robert F Kennedy challenges Offit to a Debate with Experts)


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