Sep 162011

Dear Councillor Hunt, 

I left a phone message for some Councillors, spoke with Councillor Bose, and THEN received the news:  Bush’s Toronto appearance cancelled  (the Toronto Star).  

 The cancellation of Bush’s Toronto visit happened because:

–        Three young people and a professor stood up and said “no”. 

–        An employee resigned over it.

I ask you to stand with Canadians.    It is easy enough to cancel Bush’s visit to Surrey/Vancouver.   I presume that you only need a majority vote of Council.

People in Canada DO care about morality and about the rule of law.   

 We DO care that people responsible for an illegal war of aggression , for the deaths of more than a million people, for the absolute destruction of a society, its homes, hospitals, schools, museums, infrastructure, and environment should get off scot-free.  And worse yet, be feted and congratulated and celebrated.    

 If an American administration did to us in Canada what they did to Iraq, I cannot in honesty know that I would not hate the Bush Administration.  If I then saw the citizens of other countries welcoming and enriching the source of the destruction of my world,  would I not loathe those people, too?     

An illegal war, injustice of any kind, creates hatred that lasts for centuries.  The stories are handed down.  

We seem to have lost our moral compass.  People in Toronto have taken a step toward reclaiming it.  In February 2011, the people in Switzerland caused Bush to cancel a speaking engagement in Geneva, for fear that he would be arrested. 

Please, let us celebrate the people of Surrey for helping to re-establish who we are.   Bush’s visit needs to be cancelled.  


Sandra Finley

 What is my interest?:   Bush came to Saskatoon (my home) in 2009.  I researched the law and the evidence against Bush.  There is no doubt that he needs to be tried for war crimes.  Please see my blog  ( ).  There is a chronology of the work that is being done around the world to see that Bush is brought to justice. 

Please call if you have questions.  I am happy to provide assistance, if I can, 306  373  8078 .

  One Response to “2011-09-16 (Arrest Bush in Vancouver) A version of this email sent to all Surrey Councillors”

  1. Hi Sandra,
    Is there a group that will be formed to meet in Surrey to protest this event? It would be nice to start a group if there isn’t one already. Please let me know and if I can help.



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