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The following is a paste-together of the original action followed by the outcome.   It was a partial victory.  I believe that  the Arms Bazaar,  CANSEC, eventually went ahead.  I didn’t get that update out. 

As I understand, from 1989 until 2009  (FOR TWO DECADES)  the citizens of Ottawa were successful in keeping the Arms Bazaar out of Ottawa.   But of course, the Corporations in the War Machine did not have all the profits from war that they have today, and they did not have all the lobbyists that they have today.  


SUBJECT:  “Stop Ottawa’s Arms Show.  (The first since the “No” Resolution by Ottawa City Hall in 1989 )”


SUBJECT:  Consider what comes with the Military Corporations  

Dear Councillor (Monette),    (a separate email sent to each Councillor and to the Mayor)

A wise resolution was passed by the City of Ottawa in 1989: “city facilities not be leased to ARMX or other such arms exhibitions.”  

I urge you to uphold the resolution.  Imagine Canada as Iraq.  Imagine that the USA dropped cluster bombs and bullets coated with depleted uranium on us. …  Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. There should be no tolerance for Arms Bazaars in Canada. 

The spread of the American military-industrial-government complex into Canada is insidious.  

Under “offset agreements” in the contracts between the Government of Canada and these people who make billions of dollars in the business of killing people and simultaneously destroying the environment, 75% of the contract value is spent in Canada. 

The exorbitant profits made possible by tax-payors become generous grants made by the corporations to Canadian universities (e.g. Dalhousie University – $2 million in May 2008 from Lockheed Martin Corporation).  There are strings attached to the grants.   

The Government should be sending tax-payors’ money directly to the universities, to serve the public interest.  It should not be filtered through the hands of the corporations, through exorbitantly-priced (military) contracts. 

But Canadian companies are the main beneficiaries of the spending throughthe offset agreements.  And so WE (stupid Canadians?) are financing the spread of the American military-industrial complex into Canada.  

The American economy is dependent upon going to war.  In the current financial news from the US, you will find that recession does not affect the fortunes of the military corporations (like Lockheed Martin and the others who will be at the Arms Bazaar).  

I am 59 years old.  If you have time for the 4 points appended, you will see that Canada is drastically changing its role in the world, from the years during which I learned Canadian values.  We are no longer peace-keepers.

Read the “Canada First Defence Strategy” released by the Government in June. 

Violence begets violence.  It does not solve problems.  It is a rather obsolete and stupid approach.  The mightiest generals have been Mohandas Ghandi, Nelson Mandela, Martin Luther King Jr.  They brought oppressive regimes to their knees using the weapon of non-violent resistance.  With little or no money.   Others, for example the East Germans have learned the ways of non-violent resistance and successfully brought down a ruthless Communist government.   

Please, NO military expositions. 

May we all fight to defend the heritage given to us by people of honour, integrity, intelligence and humanity like Canadian Prime Minister, Lester Pearson.  

Yours truly,

Sandra Finley



– In 2003-04 Lockheed Martin was awarded a contract to do work on the 2006 Canadian Census (in spite of large protests).  Lockheed Martin is the world’s largest weapons manufacturer.  They make cluster bombs, for example. For all intents and purposes they ARE the American Military.  In the international public record you will find that they have been convicted for bribery of officials, and paid millions upon millions of dollars in fines for other breaches of the law.

– January 2009, Lockheed was awarded a contract for fighter jets worth billions of dollars

– February 2009, the Canadian Govt signed a Troop Exchange Agreement with the US.  In the event of civil emergency in Canada, the Canadian Govt can call in the American Troops. 

– June 2009, from the new “Canada First Defence Strategy “.. the two nations’ armed forces will pursue their effective collaboration on operations in North America and abroad. To remain interoperable, we must ensure that key aspects of our equipment and doctrine are compatible.”

Canadian companies are assured that there is money to be made in the industry of war (financed by tax payors). 

The Project on Govt Oversight (POGO) in the USA repeatedly shows that the military corporations are awarded exorbitant contracts.  It is no different in Canada.  Corporations like Lockheed Martin (they manufacture cluster bombs among other niceties) get 80% of their money from the Government of the USA (tax-payors).  They have no business in Canada.

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

SEPTEMBER 24, 2008

This is so awesome!  I was doubtful we were going to succeed, BUT TOGETHER WE DID ! 

If you haven’t already, do take one minute.  It’s easy to join the petition to stop the NEXT Arms Show.  Your one little addition will make a difference.  Click on: 

I just scrolled through – there are 32 pages of signatures at the moment.  And the comments that people have made are enlightening.  

Thanks to Richard from COAT (Coalition to Oppose the Arms Trade) for the feedback: 

Dear friends! 

YES, an upcoming Ottawa Arms Show has been CANCELLED!! 

However, COAT’s campaign (including our online petition) CONTINUES against all other Ottawa arms shows.  For details on the cancellation and our continuing struggle, see the Coalition to Oppose the Arms Trade (COAT) website:   

Please sign COAT’s Online Petition to Stop ALL of these Arms Bazaars!   If you haven’t done so already, it is not too late to sign our online petition to ensure that “CANSEC 2009” and ALL other military trade shows remain banned from City of Ottawa facilities.  Please encourage your friends, colleagues and fellow activists across Canada to sign this important petition!

—–>   <—– 


“Secure Canada 2008,” the military trade show that was scheduled for Lansdowne Park, Ottawa (Sept.30 – Oct.1) has been “cancelled until further notice.”  So says the official website of “Secure Canada 2008.” 

Feast your eyes on their cancellation notice here:  (Link no longer valid:  

This indeed calls for celebration! However, we need to make sure that City Staff do not just sign another contract with the organizers of “Secure Canada.”   

And, more importantly, there’s an even bigger arms bazaar looming on Ottawa’s horizon called “CANSEC 2009.” This huge weapons exhibition is scheduled for May 27-28, 2009 and the City has been negotiating a contract with its organizers. This too must be stopped!!   

Join COAT in celebrating the cancellation of “Secure Canada 2008” by helping us to STOP “CANSEC 2009.”  

Now that they’re on the run, let’s drive them ALL right out of town!

Can we do it?    Yes we can!    Please join us! 

Thanks very much for your help in continuing this important campaign! 


Richard Sanders, Coordinator, COAT

Editor, Press for Conversion! 



SUBJECT:  “Stop Ottawa’s Arms Show.  (The first since the “No” Resolution by Ottawa City Hall in 1989 )” 

” For the first time in almost 20 years — since ARMX ’89 — the City of Ottawa is hosting arms bazaars at municipally-funded facilities.  We stopped them before, we can stop them again!  Please join us!”  (from Sheila in Ottawa)

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