Nov 232013

All I needed to assess the need for this petition was the link to the CBC Report, from the Footnotes for the Petition:

Inside Canada’s top-secret billion-dollar spy palace, CBC News  (


This is very serious.   But we can fight it.

Please sign on, and alert your friends: 

NEW: The government has just announced a shameful plan to use bullied kids as a front to ram through an unpopular online spying plan.1 Send a message to Justice Minister Peter MacKay now —>

Government dragnet collection of our sensitive private information is secretive, expensive, and out of control

  • SECRETIVE: The sensitive private data of law-abiding Canadians could be caught up in spying efforts by CSEC, an unaccountable and highly secretive government spy agency.2
  • EXPENSIVE: The government is about to spend $4-billion of our tax dollars to house new spying operations.3
  • OUT OF CONTROL: In recent years there have been over 3,000 breaches of sensitive citizen data, affecting approximately 725,000 of us.4

Online spying initiatives threaten to provide a range of authorities with access to your private data, at anytime, without a warrant.5

A broad-based Protect Our Privacy Coalition of citizens, experts, organizations, and businesses have come together to defend our right to privacy based on a common statement of principle.

Join us by signing on to this statement now

  2 Responses to “2013-11-23 SIGN STATEMENT: Protect our Privacy! (IMPORTANT)”

  1. This is Canada! It is time the politicians wake up and listen to the People!

  2. Please meake this into 2 bills one for bullying and the other for privacy protection.

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