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I am very sorry to hear that you have migraines, Beth.

But happy to hear that you are staying in bed.


I don’t know if it can be of any use to you:

We struggled for many years with my daughter who had recurring migraines with aura.

My son also had them.


My daughter is free of them, now.

The thing that seems to have been the “removal of cause” was the careful removal of dental amalgams (the “silver” fillings that are 50% mercury).   Also did some very slow de-tox following removal.

Following Kelly’s success, my son then had the mercury fillings removed from his mouth.   I haven’t asked him recently for an update.

A few years back I had a series of health issues that I thought I had cleared up.  But then struggled for a year with pain in the back side of my neck, numbness in one arm, and intense pain in it whenever I sneezed (like a thousand little needles all going in at once – the pain didn’t last, fortunately.)   I thought I had a pinched nerve, had massages, chiropracty, etc

Then, I happened to hear an interview on CBC Radio with Dr. Jock Murray from Dalhousie University who I kind of knew from the 15 years that we lived in Halifax-Dartmouth.   He had moved into specialization on MS.   Near the end of the conversation he mentioned in passing, that there was a symptom they could not figure out:  pain in the neck.

I immediately googled “MS symptoms”.  And found a very good description of what I had been dealing with for the past year.   I immediately booked an appointment and started the removal of mercury fillings.

There was immediate relief from symptoms.  I could sneeze with abandon!  The numbness stopped.

I did not lose another night’s sleep because of neck pain, although it did take some time before there was complete alleviation of sometimes low-level ache.

Anyhow – if you happen to have any mercury fillings in your mouth, you may want to consider removal.

Mercury ain’t good for you!!

I have posted a lot of the science on my blog.  There’s a group of people centred in Radisson who work on it.  We organized a “Mercury Jamboree” at the University and brought in resource people.   But the Dental College declined to attend, as did Toxicology, Hydrology, and Medical College.

In January 2013 through the UN, the 5th and final round of negotiations on stopping the use of products that contain mercury set out the Agreement for member countries for the phase-out of mercury fillings (among other things).

I discussed the Agreement with President Busch-Vishniac of the University of Sask hoping that there might be some pressure brought on the intransigent Dental College.     At the last meeting of Senate I had a conversation with Ken Sutherland, Acting Dean of Dentistry.   They continue to defend the use of mercury fillings (I think because of liability issues).  HOWEVER!   He said he’d been in the U.S. and in conversation with dentists down there, he understood that the International Treaty meant that IT IS THE LAW:  the dentists HAVE TO stop using mercury.   He was fine with that:  we have to comply because that is the law.   Nothing to do with “the science” of mercury fillings, even though this is a University!!  But never mind – I don’t care HOW they get there, just as long as they arrive!

Take good care,


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  1. Hi Sandra,
    Anita & I had our amalgam fillings removed last year. Anita’s sister and her husband had theirs done years ago and her migraines ceased.
    One very important thing to consider is that there needs to be a special protocol to removing amalgams and our dentist, Ed Mahan of Lake Square Dental is the only one in Saskatoon that does that (that we’re aware of) otherwise there definitely is recontamination of the patient and the dentist and staff too. The process involves an ascorbic acid intravenous drip set up and monitored by a registered nurse; a vacuum suction of the facial area during procedures, etc. Very professional.
    We haven’t noticed any dramatic changes in our health because of the mercury removal but we are surely preventing further disease, especially as we age and our bodies are less able to bounce back.
    All the best.
    Marc Loiselle

  2. Thanks for your input Marc.

    You make the case for REMOVAL OF THE CAUSES of what become chronic health problems (dis ease). Slow, insidious attacks, accumulating, on your immune system. Remove mercury from your body and from the environment – – there will be less disease. Guaranteed.

    It is a bit of a tricky game because you have to have faith in the intelligence of your decision. In the end, you didn’t get the disease – – but can you prove it was because you removed the mercury from your mouth?!

    The Health Establishment says, “Oh yes, PREVENTION! We support PREVENTION!”, but what they call prevention is only “early detection” of symptoms.

    It is very easy to doubt yourself: it is difficult to KNOW cause-and-effect. And we have been conditioned to trust professionals, not ourselves. You and Anita protect yourselves and the kids from agricultural chemicals, for example. Your immune systems are more protected than many; will be able to stand the assault from the mercury for a longer time.

    I don’t think you can predict in what form the disease manifestations from a variety of interacting toxins will eventually appear. (MS – – are you kidding?!) We adapt to declining health, especially if it’s slow – almost imperceptible. And THEN, when it becomes obvious, it is called “old age”. Some of it may be age-related. But MORE is caused by pushing the immune system past what it can handle.

    What you know – – the toxins are insidious because they are most often invisible. And all it takes is miniscule doses.

    Good to hear from you Marc.
    Best wishes to you and to Anita.
    The kids must be getting all grown up!

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