Mar 102009

Many thanks to Robin:   the event is sponsored in part by The Calgary Chamber of Commerce.

I phoned the Chamber: (403) 750  0400

– Told the fellow who answered the phone my concerns.

– He put me through to the organizer of the event, Geoff Pradella Vice President, Public & Government Affairs (403) 750  0406

– Got Geoff’s message manager.

–  Left a message to tell him that I have sent 2 emails out regarding Bush, the International Criminal Court, and sent an email to the RCMP regarding their responsibility to arrest Bush, if the Border people fail to keep Bush out.

– I sent a copy of the emails to the Chamber.

Email: chinfo  AT

You might want to lodge input to the Calgary Chamber of Commerce.  It’s easy through their staff directory.  The Executive Director is Heather Douglas.  (Link no longer valid


Robin also sent this for your information:

Just say no to Bush

Friday February 20, 2009

By Yukon News

I presume that since Michelle Magnans Calgary Herald story of February 13 (Bush Picks Cowtown For Debut), Calgary Chamber of Commerce vice-president Geoff Pradella has heard something other than positive interest regarding the chambers courtship of former US president George W. Bush.

If not, please consider this note to be the spoiler.

Theres no need to explain ones opinion of Bush and everything he stood for and continues to stand for.  Political events of the last decade speak for themselves. Rather, this letter is a challenge to the Calgary chamber and the Calgary Herald.

I would like the Herald to publish the list of Calgary businesses that hold chamber memberships. Let their staffs, colleagues, customers, friends and families see how these businesses support Bush by virtue of their chamber membership. Consumers could either patronize or boycott these businesses accordingly.

If everyone loves Bush there should be nothing to worry about.  But this experiment in democratic capitalism won’t happen, for the chamber will undoubtedly deny this request and so apply the same mean deception for which Bush is renowned, which depends on consumer ignorance.

I, for one, will never knowingly transact with any Calgary business that supports Bush.  If I were a chamber member I would resign my membership immediately, or demand new leadership and a cancellation of Bushs March 17 address.

Graeme McElheran


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