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Hi All, 

The laws and the judicial system belong to us. 

–          Notoriously the laws are not enforced against the oil and gas companies, e.g. the Tar Sands. 

–         George Bush is about large American oil and gas corporations.   

–         The Iraq War was about oil and gas.

–         George Bush is a war criminal as a consequence of his actions in relation to oil and gas.  

–         Bennett Jones, a sponsor of George Bush’s visit to Canada has a number of oil and gas corporations on its client list. 

Will George Bush, war criminal, be welcomed into Canada, in contravention of our laws? 

Well …  it depends upon us.  We have the power to take back our judicial system.  We have the power to make sure that laws are enforced. 

The letter below encompasses:

–          A request sent to the Law Societies of Alberta and Saskatchewan for them to circulate information regarding Bush, his crimes, and his March 17th visit.

–         A letter to the Supreme Court of Canada to do what they can to see that the justice system works, in this case of Bush.

–         The RCMP Security Force in Alberta and the RCMP War Crimes unit have received copies of the letter below. 

This is a serious matter for Canadians.

It is simultaneously an opportunity to let the powers-that-be know that there are lines drawn, over which they may not step. 

Absolutely, there are many people inside Bennett Jones, in the Law Societies, among the Judges and prosecutors, and the police, who know George Bush is a war criminal.   By contacting them we liberate their voice. 

I encourage you to contact the Law Society in your province.  You are free to use my letter as template, and to change to suit yourself.  

If you know a

  •  lawyer
  • prosecutor
  • judge
  • police person
  • security person
  • or a student of law

please forward information to them. 

The Law Schools are critical because it is they who are teaching the next lawyers and prosecutors, some of whom will become the judges. 

Remember that the RCMP War Crimes unit asks you to report what you know about war criminals to your nearest detachment.

” Anyone who has Information concerning persons in Canada who may have participated in or conspired in the commission of war crimes or crimes against humanity are invited to report their concerns to the nearest office of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police …” 

When you talk to them, the action they should take is to refer your concern to the War Crimes section of the RCMP.  Ensure they are going to do that.

(Link no longer valid:    

Ultimately we need to focus on the Department of Justice because it is them who will make the decision.  But it may be that persons who are “inside” (the judges, lawyers, prosecutors, etc.) will work inside to ensure that the Canadian judicial system is impartial as to perceived status of the person committing the crime.  

The magnitude of the crime committed by George Bush in illegally dropping bombs on the people of Iraq is so far in excess of what any criminal on our streets could do – – think of what we’d do if Clifford Olson was known for his deeds, but was left free to enjoy his morning freshly-squeezed orange juice and newspaper and indeed celebrated on the stage of the Telus Centre in Calgary?  

When people responsible for the carriage of justice in Canada KNOW that everyone else knows, that they are in receipt of all the information they need to arrest George Bush, it helps to ensure that right decisions will be made.  That’s why it is so important that you send the following to every person inside the system, that you know. 

This issue is worthy of every bit of our strength. 


TO:  Law Society of Saskatchewan

Executive Director

Tom Schonhoffer, Q.C.

Regina, SK   S4P 0R7

(306) 569  8242

Email reception   AT 

TO:  Christine Haynes

Chief Federal Prosecutor

Public Prosecution Service of Canada 

Dear  Tom and Christine, 

Tom – If possible, would you mind circulating this to your membership?  It is a serious issue in need of discussion. 

The following has been sent to the Supreme Court.  Embedded in it is a letter to the Law Society of Alberta. 

Christine –  it has also been sent to the RCMP Security Forces in Alberta and to the War Crimes unit of the RCMP. 

Best wishes, 

Sandra  Finley


Dear Personnel of the Supreme Court, 

I am sorry to bother you.  This is an issue of whether the laws apply to persons seen to be influential.  I think that is a matter of concern to you. 

My letter to the Law Society of Alberta explains the problem: 

If any group of people should know about International Law and the Rome Statute, it is lawyers.  Bennett Jones Law Firm (Calgary) has lawyers whose specialty is International Law.  And yet they are sponsors of George Bush’s visit to Calgary on March 17th.  George Bush is a war criminal.  If he enters Canada he should be arrested.  The law is clear on that.

The legal argument has been submitted to the RCMP, War Crimes Unit regarding application of law and its enforcement in the case of George Bush’s visit to Canada.  Please see attachment. 

The issues around this need to be discussed by the Law Society.  The optics are not good when a prominent member of the Society is sponsoring a criminal.  The rhetoric around Bush being a former president of the U.S. does not address the fact that Bush’s actions warrant the application of law, equally as in the case of Al Bashir , president of the Sudan. 

EXCERPT FROM LETTER I SENT TO THE INTERNATIONAL CRIMINAL COURT (ICC) IN THE HAGUE, following the issuance of a warrant for Al Bashir.  He is to be prosecuted for crimes against humanity related to Darfur: 

In order for the people in less fortunate countries to have faith in the ICC, they must see that rogue heads-of-state are prosecuted, regardless of the country they represent. 

Former president George Bush of the USA launched an illegal war on the people of Iraq.  In fairness, George Bush must be prosecuted for his crimes. 

A highly-respected former American prosecutor, Vince Bugliosi,  made a presentation to the (American) House Judiciary Committee in the U.S. in July 2008.  (See YouTube video:   

Mr. Bugliosi calls for the prosecution of George Bush in domestic courts.  Mr. Bugliosi’s call has merit, but the crimes of George Bush are an international issue, equally and maybe more so than those of Omar Al Bashir.  

George Bush is scheduled to visit Calgary, Alberta, Canada on March 17th.  Please see the attached request to the Government of Canada to deny him access to Canada.  The documentation may serve the ICC well in its pursuit of charges against George Bush. 

Bugliosi’s testimony before the Judiciary Committee is based on his most recent book, “The Prosecution of George W Bush for Murder”.  It may also be helpful to you. 

Thank-you for your consideration of the need to pursue legal action against George Bush.

My sincere thanks to you for doing whatever you are able.  Laws must be enforced equally and fairly.  


It is a very serious issue for the judicial system in Canada if some people are above the law.  Again, I refer you to the attachment. 

I am hopeful that there will be interventions.  The protests in Calgary are going to be huge on March 17th.  Bennett Jones and the Calgary Chamber of Commerce (a co-sponsor) are very disconnected from the real world if they don’t know the level of abhorrence Canadians have for George Bush as a consequence of the illegal war on Iraq and other atrocities like Abu Ghraib and Guantanamo Bay.    

Canadian Security Forces will be called in to protect George Bush.  They will be working against the honourable protest by the citizens of Canada.   Maybe, if enough people will do what and whatever they can,  Bush will be stopped from coming here.  

Best wishes, 

Sandra Finley

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