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Related to the Trial of (Karen) Eve Stegenga over the involvement of Lockheed Martin at Statistics Canada. Eve refused to fill in her census form.

(To return to that posting, click on:  Huge victory. Lockheed Martin (U.S. weapons, surveillance, war) is OUT of the Canadian Census!)



You cannot defend yourself against something you don’t understand.

Understand the modus operandi of Lockheed Martin.They will have brought their ways and means with them to Canada.

The details in POGO’s The Politics of Contracting: Lockheed Martin tell the story.

Project on Government Oversight (POGO – U.S.) Reports (2009, 2007, 2003)

The Reports establish a clear pattern by Lockheed Martin. They reinforce the article, Wages of Sin.

The details in POGO’s The Politics of Contracting: Lockheed Martin tell the story.

As submitted to the Court, Lockhead Expenditures. The headings are:

  • Money Spent by Lockheed Martin to Influence Decisions and Secure Future Federal Contracts


  • Senior Government Officials Turned Current and Former Company Executives for Lockheed Martin


  • (Same, except) Turned Board Directors for Lockheed


  • (Same, except) Turned Registered Company Lobbyists for Lockheed

Source: http://www.pogo.org/our-work/reports/2004/politics-of-contracting-companies/gc-rd-20040629-1.html

The names and figures are as of 2004. POGO’s Reports 2007, 2009 show that nothing has changed:

April 2009, POGO’s Updated Federal Contractor Misconduct Database: Lockheed Martin Leads In Contracts and Penalties,



Lockheed also has the most misconduct instances with 50 instances of civil, criminal, or administrative misconduct since 1995.

2007   The Project on Government Oversight Report,  . .  (information overload)

2003  The Project on Government Oversight Report, .

The detail is very good. See scanned copy submitted to the Court: Lockheed – Project on Government Oversight    (The URL is no longer valid. )

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