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Here is the link to the article,  followed by letter I sent in response.   So I won’t have a heart attack!

Vanishing Canada: Why we’re all losers in Ottawa’s war on data”, Maclean’s Magazine. By     September 18, 2015


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UPDATE:   Sandy sent in  1940′s “U.S. Census was used to round up hundreds of thousands of patriotic American citizens at gunpoint”.  An excellent and eye-opening compendium.

Let me add this background for newcomers:

Census machinery, “Hollerith machines” and punch cards, were developed and implemented in the late 1800’s through the U.S. Census Bureau  and later transported by IBM, first to Germany and then to other European countries.   IBM perfected the collection and tabulation of data on citizens for the Nazis in the 1930’s.   Of course the American Census Bureau would benefit – – IBM supplied their Hollerith machines and punch cards, too.

The Nazis used the Census Data to round up Jews and others.

The Americans used the Census Data to round up Japanese and others.  In the lifetime of my parents, not in the misty past.

(Note: In present day Canada,  IBM is a sub-contractor to Lockheed Martin in the census contracts.  True in Canada, U.S., U.K., and I believe Australia and New Zealand (the “5 Eyes”).


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SENT BY EXPEDITED MAIL TO MACLEAN’S MAGAZINE with a hand-written cover letter

Currently, Citizens can choose whether or not to tell the Government (the Statistics Dept)  whether they are Muslim, Jew, Mexican, First Nation, Polack, Nigger, Slant-Eye, Freak, Gay, Bum Boy, Dwarf, whether they see visions, hallucinate  – – –  or whatever other target we WASP heterosexuals may use for the venting of our venom.

But, the Government should build detailed files on citizens. That’s the argument in Maclean’s Magazine, if the journalist understands what she is advocating for (a mandatory census long form).

If Harper cannot build a police state for us (Bill C-51 just one example), we will do it for ourselves.  Maclean’s Magazine, other media and influential people are determined to help us.

We will boot Harper out and elect people who will impose mandatory detailed files on citizens, IN SPITE OF the record of the Stasi in East Germany (detailed personal information on 6 million citizens),   We know that every sophisticated police state current and historical uses detailed files on citizens.   We want the same for ourselves.     Well thank you but I decline.


Nazi Europe.  NOT JUST in Germany.   Mechanized files on citizens were KEY.

Opaque subsidiaries of IBM working with Governments started doing “long form censuses”  WAY BEFORE World War Two.

The Nazis could not have targeted specific populations in Germany and other countries without the files and the collaborators.  (Ref:  “IBM and the Holocaust” by NY Times author Edwin Black.)  It’s why we have an enshrined Right to privacy of personal information.   . . .  what is so hard to understand about that?

THE EXTENT IN EUROPE of the build-up of personal files in the lead-up to the exterminations appears below as yet more evidence, if that will help.

I can have no patience with this ignorance by which we seem determined to enslave ourselves.   People who ADVOCATE for the collection of detailed data on citizens that is happening at StatsCan are badly misinformed.

God, Allah and All Saints help us.


Government/Corporate capability for surveillance today far outweighs what could be done pre-World War Two.  And far outweighs what has already been done through the U.S. military and NSA, with contracts to Lockheed Martin that also has its tentacles in the data base at StatsCan.

The following is an EXCERPT,  the dates for the beginning of the files on citizens in Europe.  It began innocently enough as censuses.  By the time of World War Two, for example, people of Jewish ancestry could be identified down to eighth-bloods.

The following document has been adapted from an IBM Intranet resource developed by Grace Scotte, a senior information broker in the organization at IBM’s EMEA headquarters in Paris, France. 

Some Key Dates in IBM’s Operations in Europe, the Middle East and Africa

(EMEA)  (The year in which the IBM census operations began in each country)

          1910   Germany

          1914   France

          1920   The Netherlands

          1927   Italy, Switzerland

          1928   Austria, Sweden

          1935   Norway

          1936   Belgium, Finland, Hungary

          1937   Greece

          1938   Portugal, Turkey

NOTE:  In the envelope to Maclean’s I included a copy of my  First attempt  to explain the dangers in their article.   If you are new to this issue you may want to look at it, yet another equally troubling perspective.

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2015.    1940′s “U.S. Census was used to round up hundreds of thousands of patriotic American citizens at gunpoint”.   

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