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I happened to catch this on CBC’s The Current (Anna Maria Tremonti).   So did Elaine (below).

Propaganda is a disease in a democracy.  It weakens and aids the takeover of the system.  Rationalizing and making excuses for the corporatocracy by University personnel is not to be tolerated.

The quislings in our Universities must be called to account.   That starts with increased awareness.   Please circulate to your contacts.

I will post to the blog later, more “tips of the iceberg” in academic integrity that I have not yet circulated.


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From: Elaine Hughes Sent: November 2, 2015

Just the tip of the iceberg . . . . 

LISTEN:  Enbridge & U of Calgary relationship challenges academic integrity  (19.42 min.) 

November 2, 2015

It began in 2011 with a pledge of more then $2 million to the University of Calgary from Enbridge, for a research centre in its name. Now a trail of emails shines a light on their relationship raising uncomfortable questions related to the university’s academic freedom and integrity.


  One Response to “2015-11-02 LISTEN: Enbridge & U of Calgary relationship challenges academic integrity”


    From: linda
    Sent: November 2, 2015 10:54 AM

    I heard it too. About time someone digs into that cozy relationship and in ALL Universities. Not just Calgary.
    PhD researches, Post Docs all have to be approved by the sponsors !!
    Lots to expose when one has the freedom , time , access to media and money to tell it to the public!!

    CHeers, LInda

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